XXXTentacion's anti-rape event cancelled due to vandalism

XXXTentacion's anti-rape event cancelled due to vandalism

He should just change his name to XXXCuses. Because that's the only thing him and his fans can do.

Everybody so fake woke. We all know X doesn’t give a shit about women. Dude just did this event to look better in court and lower his sentence.

Lmao wtf

Yeah.....because he beats women. You X Stan’s are incredible.

Should have cancelled it due to rape

y'all glorify rappers who have straight up killed people. dre is a legend here and he beat women. two wrongs don't make a right, but don't act like you guys are morally superior when you pick and choose who to give a pass.

fuck x and fuck radicalized fans and haters.

Up you go mate, you're gonna Blast Off like you're a Migos member.

If it came out those rappers were currently beating women in 2017 they would be shunned to high hell

But they did it decades ago now.

It sounds awful but it's the fucking truth. People didn't know about the beatings back then and people didn't care as much.

Maybe it's cos his whole image is being an edgy degenerate.

It's pretty fucking ignorant imo to bring about a good cause that you don't give a shit about just so you can look good in spite of the shitty things that you've done.

The thing is with rappers who have a history of abusing women, they don't change, or at least they will not change easily. They are in a position where they can get away with shit, and they most likely grew up in environment of abuse, it fucks them up. It's like the story you keep hearing over and over again of ignorant motherfuckers who grew up in a shitty and poor environment and then ends up being famous or become an amazing athlete, and then they get into fucked up situations after they suddenly get all these social and economic power. Unless they grow the fuck up and reconcile with their shitty attitude and/or shitty upbringings, there's no chance in hell someone like XXX will just suddenly change their attitude about treating others like shit, especially for someone still as young as this mofo that still got a lot of growing up to do.

when your minecraft breaks involve whoppin the shit out out of a girl you lured from home and keep locked into your bathroom you don't deserve to have things go your way

glad people saw it for the empty gesture that it was.

This dude will always stay relevant cause of how much fkn drama surrounds him


Why is everybody giving OJ shit for looking for the real killer?? At least he’s trying

I just can't judge a person before I have all the evidence and they've made their case of defense.

I can. I'm a person, not a court of law. He has the perception he has all by his own doing.

Only difference is that there's evidence of it and his pregnant gf even got threats from fans and that scared her from even testifying. So basically it's Innocent til proven guilty? Nah, it's goin' be opposite "guilty til proven innocent."

i actually disagree. here's how i look at it:

this event was a domestic abuser's attempt at covering up his domestic abuse by reaching out to victims of abuse without giving up control of the narrative. it's good that this shit was called out, vandalized, and fucking cancelled

he's not growing. he's covering his own ass and belittling the victim at the same time, and people are rightfully calling him out for it.

This mans got iTz in his name like a Xbox 360 gamer tag lmaoooo gtfo

I was nineteen for a whole year and didn't mollywhop naan one bitch.

My guy, listen to yourself lmfao u mad that people don’t want to listen to your women beating ass rapper who’s music sounds like billy trench coat from 4th period made a hip hop album. Y’all are detrimental to the culture. Get you anime profile picture havin ass outta here.

Yeah it shouldn't be tolerated but I'm not going to sit here and boycott Dre for hitting women next to 20 years ago after he publicly apologized.

Comparing shit that happened in the 90s to today's current state of both hip hop and society is extremely stupid.

Honestly pointing fingers and calling people hypocrites for it is by far the WORST way to dissuade people from hating XXX and it's pretty disgusting.

"oh ur a hypocrite cause there were rappers in the past that hit women and you listen to them, that should give XXX a free pass!"

Let's not fucking scapegoat the blame from XXX. I will not ever do that and it's gross how many people here try that.

this should be the top comment on every thread mentioning this pos

I’m the douchebag here but the women beater isn’t lmfaooo don’t let your teacher catch you on reddit Trevor, they’re gonna be pissed.

This ain't a trial tho fuccboi, this is the court of public opinion

He better keep that shit off my christian server

isn't that what rappers do

Quit criticizing him for beating women! I’m so tired of people bringing up the things he did, it’s not like he did them!


ah yes "both sides are wrong"

People didn't know about the beatings back then

People didn't know about Dre assaulting Dee Barnes? I completely disagree

do you actually think he did this to repent?

I legit don't know what that guy is on about

I'm sorry but you just don't beat a girl or guy and then immidietly pull the ANTI RAPE ITS BAD strings just to look good and pretend that "he's growing"

You just don't do that. Like this is the most shallow attempt as pandering I've ever seen

and you spend your time defending rapists

Maybe dont start your comment with, " Hey fuckface" and you will be better recieved.

hm I'm skeptical of an anti-rape event organised by an alleged woman beater who until recently regularly tweeted some vile stuff about women and abuse more generally.

EDIT: this event also featured a free performance from himself. Who do you think is really gonna be attracted to this event?

I can’t believe you typed all that out and didn’t think once not to press send lmaooo


I love these threads because its ONLY people hating.

How many people do you guys have to make/keep famous (ie. catch me outside girl, lil pump, etc.) before u realize they'd go away if you just didn't give them attention. Viral shit dies quick in this climate now a days but the attention your giving them with your vocal hate keeps them alive.

and then you go wonder why these people are still around, not realizing you are a big part of the fuel keeping the shit train running. just goes to show how much humans are so much more willing to give and bring the things they hate attention, rather than the shit they love

i think he’s talking about how jocelyn flores was originally an instrumental only song made by potsu called “i’m closing my eyes”, x took the song and rapped over it and it became jocelyn flores. i’m pretty positive that he got potsu’s blessing to use it though so that’s a pretty dumb thing to say.

you're calling him simple minded even though he fucking nailed the fact that your name is a gamertag lmfaooo

Rap game Paris Hilton? Rap game Lindsay Lohan?


They have arrived.

Uh oh and here we go again

So if people didn't post about rappers on this subreddit they wouldn't be famous? I think you're vastly overestimating this subs pull on the real world. If nobody posted anything about X here, guess what? He would still be famous. If no one posted here about Danielle Bregoli, guess what? She'd still be famous. This sub isn't making or breaking careers dude

Jesus not all of them. The words following that claim are what you should be taking away from it anyways.

he's clearly a sociopath, he will never change. people are so naive

Ehh he’s had enough chances. Fuck him.

he is a true piece of shit.

So now you’re denying she’s even a victim? Holy shit dude, you need help. She was put into a position where she thought she was going to DIE

That's... probably one of the worst analogies I've seen in awhile, and I occasionally watch Colin Cowherd on FS1

How's middle school going?

he tweeted shit talking about wanted to kill her and is violent on camera very often. i don't think it's a stretch to say he's a pos at least.

This is the best fucking comment

Lmfao have you seen the fucking photos? There's no doubting he beat the shit out of her.

Most of the time they're only harming themselves (drug addiction) or people living the same lifestyle, XXX is just hurts innocent people who are smaller than him

I fucking hate X and his bullshit ass antics and I hate this anti-rape facade event he wanted to organize, but let's be completely honest about it - it is not about him in the greater scheme of things. If this event would've helped women, even if it would be only one, it'd be better for the greater good. Vandalizing this event is fucking stupid and by doing so you're lowering yourself to the standards of X.

....And potsu got the sample from Shiloh. Hip-hop is founded BY sampling other works.

some of the stuff X is accused of makes him seem like one of the most evil people in the industry, and his tweets back the accusations up ("ima beat her with coat hangers")

it doesn’t really matter, it still would’ve given women a platform to speak about their experiences with sexual harassment

His story is tragic, sure.

This does not excuse his absolutely atrocious behavior in the community. Can he change? Absolutely. But it will take many years of intense therapy, a long track record of really showing that he's changed, and of course he needs to at least fucking TRY to get better.

The idea that a person can have a tragic background, then should instantly be absolved of any sin that they commit, including Raping a woman, almost beating a gay man to death in jail, and locking a pregnant woman in his bathroom for an extended period of time because he grew up under conditions that were extremely challenging, is bullshit. He is a garbage human being and deserves every single bit of negative criticism he gets until he changes. And even then people have the right to hold his past against him.

Goddam I wish I could see myself the way you cherish yourself

What's important is that you managed to find a way to feel superior to both sides using an example from over 25 years ago.

And beating women is okay? Fuck outta here you sensitive ass bunny rabbit.


*shudders *

Man, nothing is going X's way right now.

people shit on the Jocelyn Flores song cause xxx threw a verse over a pre made beat and sung along with the sample instead of getting a producer to design an original beat for the song. Personally I don’t really care, it’s not like id rather listen to the instrumental. I like it best with the verse and added vocals

Oh in that case it’s not a problem.

what makes these dudes expend the energy to defend scum?

"People like talking to you at parties because the music drowns out your personality."

Bill Cosby kept it in the closet behind closed doors until recently, Dre's been owning up to it and trying to be a better person for years, there's a difference.

Gucci killed someone in self defense after a couple of guys in masks showed up and started fucking shit up.

You said that in your first comment. Stop nit picking that shit is annoying.

It is a thing.... in fucking court. Not everywhere. Just court. In a judicial court, it's important to give the accused a right to a fair trial. In the world - something called the "court of public opinion" - people can think whatever the fuck they think is right.

Would you say the same about Bill Cosby? About Harvey Weinstein? Neither of those assholes have stood trial either.

Trying to apply judicial values to regular, non-judicial people is putting the cart before the horse, big time. I think you do not understand what "innocent until proven guilty" actually applies to.

When is the last time you’ve heard about either of them?

You need to have personal conversations with somebody to tell that a who beat his girl, threatened his best friend's family,threatened to forcibly penetrate his girlfriend with a kitchen utensil, and brags about beating up homosexuals isn't simply a 19 year old that fucked up once?

exactly, dude didn’t steal somebody else’s song lmao

He tried to rape her with bbq utensils

Billy fuckin trench coat Jesus Christ

I genuinely think his shitty childhood made him a sociopath and he can't change it.

You’re implying that the beating is somehow justified, or at least more acceptable, because she wasn’t pregnant and/or lied

Which is fucking moronic

I think he’s saying the 20 year gap implies rehabilitation. Fuck people who do this type of shit but to fully condemn people without giving them the chance to rehabilitate is creating a system eerily similar to the current prison system.

X and Dre need no defense but imo we as a society have to push forward rehabilitation.

He’s apologized and he had been forgiven. Also dude beat them up but wasn’t gonna stab their vaginas with a fork. Dre was a drunk piece of shit but not a fuckin psychopath.

Let's be honest. Most rappers have shitty images.

I'm not op, you're an idiot.

No, conditions change over time. If that happened today, you can bet people would care. XXX's case is the prime example that people aren't willing to put up with abuse towards woman like they used to. It's progress.

And cut the shit. We know you don't really give a fuck about Dre's case. You're just using it as a way to feel morally superior to the rest of us.

Dude you fucking savage!

Oh boy you’re on a fucking crusade, aren’t you?