XXXtentacion on abuse allegations: "I'll domestically abuse your lil' sister's pussy"

XXXtentacion on abuse allegations: "I'll domestically abuse your lil' sister's pussy"

This guy is retarded.

Wow he just keeps digging himself further into a hole with every comment lol

X really isn't the brightest spark, even if he is somehow innocent. People won't believe your innocence if you "joke" about this type of shit

Tired of seeing this dude's name already.

First thing that comes to mind is edgy teen on xbox live

He's on video doing enough horrible shit for me to never support him regardless of whether these allegations are true.

Honest question:How does this guy have fans? Like what's appealing about him? I feel like an old man looking at kids not understanding what's popular.

Won't stop his momentum? He is getting serious prison time if he is convicted of everything he's accused of.

Correct me if I'm wrong but shit like this can be used against him in court, right?

this explains everything

this explains everything

This dude really does talk like an anime villain.. lol.. "IMPOSSIBLE"

Pretty much true considering he went on minecraft after beating his girlfriend

i dont think she can say "don't press charges" that's up to the DA

ninja edit: it's like this so people in abusive relationships don't say "don't charge him" under the threat of getting more fucked up otherwise

Yes, now I don't know much about his case because I don't care about him so excuse my ignorance on if he'll be in front of a judge or a jury.

The only way it will have any effect on him in front of a judge is if he is guilty, because the judge will point to things like this to throw a lengthier sentence at him. It is not incriminating evidence though because it is circumstantial. It just shows he has no remorse for his actions.

If he's in front of a jury, good night Irene. They won't care if there's a reasonable doubt because he comes across like a piece of shit.

After next month hopefully we don't have to.

With the way things are going, it doesn't seem like this will stop his momentum. Everyone is distracted with so many things in the world right now.

Why is his go-to to talk about somebody's little sister? It's so fucking lame lmao.

I don't even think it's drug addicts, my younger sisters friends love this dude and they're all in middle school. He's just a super edgelord.

Napoleon complex headass.

I feel the same way. This mofo was crazy from the beginning but NOW its a controversial issue.

Ill never support the shit he does. This should not be an on-the-fence issue for anyone. Dont support him.

so what else is new

Didn't think it was possible for someone to be this unintelligent honestly. This guy keeps proving me wrong every day. Someone post this to /sub/xxxtentacion

Edit: Someone did

That ain't 5' 6 lol it's like 5' 4

nah bro , they are like "he did not hit her , it is not true , its bullshit , he did naaahhtt"

Look at me is a banger. That's what's appealing about him.

Every teen is lil pump

Sorry X believe it or not my little sister isn't really into 5'4 scumbags with a bad temper and a history of abuse and she doesn't really love the whole 'fuck in the mouth' threat.


These types of crimes are actually the state vs accused, not victim vs accused.

zombied out drug addict kids often dont even know how they come across

why you guys always gotta hate on us short folk

maybe he's just an asshole who happens to be short

im sick of this napoleon complex bullshit

for some reason if a guy is tall and an asshole he's just an asshole but if a guy is short and an asshole it's because of his height


Bruh what I don't get is he's a fucking hack musically as well as being a piece of shit. His actions are undefendable regardless but he doesn't have the talent level to even fathom why people are still in his corner

omae wa.... MO SHINDEIRU


so its the producer that basically made him lol

Broken people are attractive. Some people read the shit he does, go "wow that's fucked up", listen to one of his slow jams and go "damn this guy is clearly hurting right now poor dude".

People are easily attracted to people who are damaged and believe they are "misunderstood", atleast if you're younger. It's the same reason why attractive dudes in jail sometimes get a lot of female attention, because the thought of you being dangerous or broken is enticing.

they don't care if he abused her or not. they are angry ar hhh because his music video thread got downvoted and disappeared

There's the pic of him covered in blood after beating a dude bad to steal his chain. Then there is the prison vid of him beating a dude unconscious for "looking at him weird". Just a awful dude.

WHAT!! Is this for real?

Yeah, dude is like 5'6

Because soms people are stille stuck in that grade school mentality.

XXXTentacion the type of dude to beat the shit out of the poor girl working the height check before the line for the ride

There's no prison vid. I hate him too but you gotta get your facts straight if your gonna convince others, they'll find any reason to say you're lying.

That nojumper interview where he just goes on and on about fighting in juvie...kid needs to grow the fuck up. He comes off as trying way too hard to sound hard

This guy won't last.

does this dude not have a lawyer over this whole situation yet? i can't imagine he does and still makes dumb ass tweets like this. it's beyond even dumb ass. what a shit heel.

Kendrick is mad weird, before that signing I thought he'd be the last person to plug X. Kendrick is vocal and goes hard for the culture, yet he signs some skinny kid who's holding the culture back and shits on kdots message.

Oh nah I can act. It's lowkey my job

Stop assuming every teen is lil pump.

porno my dude.

Production carries most music today

It's also possible some people might be out of the loop when it comes to the recent shit

unrelaed but are your acting abilities related to your name or can u actually act

His music just makes the kids feel something. I've been to rap shows and the crowd goes more crazy when the warm up DJ plays look at me than for whoever the headline acts biggest song is.


Yeah there's no way this dude has got in half the amount of fights he said he has. Unless he's fighting 12 year olds

I feel that we should ignore or not give him any more attention, if you don't like him. It's just a x hate circle jerk at this point, none of these threads are different from the last except more stupid shit he says and you guys karma farming hating him.

just my thoughts

I honestly don't understand how this man sold 60k, like he produces trash music and is an even worse person

5'6 and up to ride buddy come back next summer

I'm just gonna leave this here.

Nah, people know. They just choose to ignore it because "IT'S GREAT MUSIC!!!!"

Manlets, when will they learn?

oh hi mahk

Won't last in prison for sure.

If he's guilty I'd be surprised if he doesn't pay that lady to settle it out of court.

Edit: Didn't know it was a criminal case my bad.

And besides that, more damningly, guy can't rap.

It's why they had trouble amassing a jury for Martin Shkreli: it was hard to find people who didn't know and hate him.

"Goddammit, he said he'd be on here an hour ago!"

"I guess he's probably recording a song or something. Lemme call him"

"Yoooo!!! What the fuck are you doing?"

"Huh? Just beating my girl"

"Ooooh kinky!"

Short niggas stick together lmao

He's delusional. He probably looks down on his lawyer or doesn't care. He thinks he's invicible.

Not really a fan of him as a person but I think his new album is really good

fuck you call me? 5'6 AND UP?????!???! I'M A 16TH DEGREE NAVAJO HOKAGE

I just went and read some threads on there. I completely regret doing that

I dont think theres a prison vid, just X saying he did it.

Lol is he clinically retarded or

class act

Haven't played Five Nights at Freddies, but how is that game edgy? Isn't it just about some worker who gets ambushed by large mascot/dolls that come alive?

I was under the impression edgy was akin to an emo kid trying to sound overly dark. FNAF just sounds like a bad jumpscare game. I can understand people liking edgy music (I once was a big fan of Bullet For My Valentine's "Tears Don't Fall" for the lyrics) but I don't understand the FNAF thing.

I really don't want x to get famous. Why'd Kendrick have to sign him );

Who tf cares about their height anyway?


Considering he once tweeted "I'm not afraid to fuck your underage sister in her throat though" in response to a critical tweet, probably not.

Because kids love it and most kids don't give a shit about this sort of stuff

Yeah, that's not how the legal system works, b.

Same height as tyler1 LUL

Pure class

This guy has serious psychological issues. So many insecurities. His behavior is impulsive with no regards to the actual effects it will have on his life. He shows symptoms for borderline personality disorder. X is probably really loving and caring when he isn't having an episode of BPD but when he is having an episode all hel breaks loose. Seems like the girl may have stayed so long because she genuinely liked him for the good times and also because she was scared shitless of leaving.

Source: have BPD but not anywhere near XXXs level

Exactly. Was at Day n night this weekend and everyone went nuts every time that beat dropped without fail

what ever he does Ted Cruz likes

You can only separate the artist from their music so much. Fuck this guy.


Holy shit looking through that subreddit is sad. People are really sticking with this scumbag.

here's a comment from the allegations thread with videos of him doing all kinds of shit, like sucker punching a fan, jumping some random guy in the bathroom, and a video where he got in a fight and choked the guy way past everyone telling him "aye let him up" (the guys yelling in the background are also sampled in his song "yung bratz" and the soundcloud picture for the song is a guy he beat up as well that could possibly be the guy in the video)

edgy kids are getting worse everytime , this new schoolshooting-core sound cloud rappers wave are responsible for this shit , i miss the good old days when edgy trash rappers were like hopsin

How? His new vid got 3M views in a day, mostly likes on it as well

Nigga, I'm short and I laughed at this picture. I'm 5'7 and comfortable with my height

I've had experience with BPD and I agree somwhat. I haven't seen too much evidence for him having a "loving and caring" side though. His behavior doesn't seem to occur in "episodes". From what I've seen, he's in this mode 100% of the time. He hasn't shown empathy or expressed any remorse for his actions. Which suggests to me his psychological issues might be closer to those of a serial killer type..

Yeah, just like prison didn't stop Bobby Shmurda.

Oh wait...

Lil Pump is in all of us

Older than Matt OX but younger than Juicy J

50% a sample of a Mala track

With a track that's and 50% overcompressed drums.