Xenoblade 2 Combat Explained in One Image

Xenoblade 2 Combat Explained in One Image

So, I made a thread about my first Chain Attack Combo I performed after 30+ hours of gameplay. I played Xenoblade X and I feel I'm a hardcore gamer but I admit is tough to follow everything the game throws at you. Again, I figured out Chain Attacks 30+ hours into the game!(I couldn't find anywhere online that clearly explains how everything works except for WALLS of confusing text.) There seems to be A LOT of confusion about the battle system, so I decided to explain it to the best of my ability. Just follow the numbers, that's the order of how everything works.

I hope this can help because being able to perform Chain Attacks is a game changer.

Update: One thing I forgot to mention with the Special Attack Combos. The second Special Attack in the combo has to be at least level 2. And the third needs to be at least level 3. (Your party members will work towards the level required automatically). However, You can start a combo with at any level.


White Orbs This represents the level of their special attacks...

This, I never noticed the orbs meant something.

I do want to add that you can get up to Level 4 Special Attacks by raising your affinity to yellow.

Setting this as spoilers since the image did not mention it.

I was expecting a joke, but this is actually pretty cool. Nice :)

I will just use my usual tactic of over-levelling in early areas to be over-powered enough to just stand and auto attack and admire Pyra's extremely adequate cleavage.

One of those things that seems so obvious when someone points it out, but not obvious enough to notice randomly.

However, You can start a combo with a Level 2 Special attack and your next Special Attacks in the combo needs to be at least Level 3

Wrong, it doesn't matter which level you start the combo with, you can do 4>2>3 for example, the Special needs to be at least at the level of the current combo stage (level 2, 3 or 4 special for the second special and level 3 or 4 for the third special)

This is really helpful, it took me so long to really understand the combat in xc2 but now I love going for elemental orb bursting chain attack combos, so satisfying.

It actually isn’t available until a certain part in the story. The game will make it clear you can do it once you get to that point.

Basically the tutorial says staying next to your blade will raise it faster to level 4.

I hate to say it but this image perfectly sums what deterred me from this game in the first place :/

Stand next to your blade. Sometimes requires you to step out of combat. If you've already checked your special to level 3, thisll quickly charge it up to 4

When you do a special 3 combo attack, whatever element hit them last, is the orb that'll fly around them. ( Lets say Fire for example ) Now, in the top left corner, when you have 3 chargers, press + and itll start a chain attack. Everyone of your characters then gets to attack once using their blades. If you pop the element with the opposite element, itll reset and you'll get another chain attack. ( So during the chain attack, use Water blades to pop the Fire orb you created earlier, which lets you do another chain attack with blades )

They switch the excellent area positions between battle and salvaging. I think you are always going for the lighter part which should be outside in battle and inside in salvaging.

Great idea dude. Good job! Looks like it’ll be a lot easier for someone who is new to pick up on everything.

only part that I don't quite udnerstand yet is the elemental orbs floating around your enemy and how you attack them by targeting with an opposite, thta aspect makes zero sense to me right now, I imagine in another 10 hours it will lol