Xenoblade Chronicles 2 scores biggest opening sales for the series in Japan!

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 scores biggest opening sales for the series in Japan!

01./00. [WII] Xenoblade (Nintendo) - 82.952

03./00. [3DS] Xenoblade Chronicles 3D |new 3DS| <RPG> (Nintendo) {2015.04.02} (¥3.996) - 56.932 / NEW <58,66%>

03./00. [WIU] Xenoblade Chronicles X # <RPG> (Nintendo) {2015.04.29} (¥8.316) - 85.586 / NEW

02./00. [NSW] Xenoblade Chronicles 2 # <RPG> (Nintendo) {2017.12.01} (¥7.980) - 97.732 / NEW

It's definitely good by series standard, but I am still surprised these games don't do better in Japan. I mean how did ARMS (a new fighting game IP) outsell a first party JRPG in the first week? Don't want to sound overly negative, just curious. Anyone got some ideas as to why this is the case? Either way still good news.

Believe it or not, all xenoblade games sold better in the us and europe than in japan.

Yeah, I've heard that. Makes me wonder why they bother catering to the Japanese audience if the game clearly is more popular overseas.

Maybe because theres a huge fanbase and most importang a HUGE MARKET that likes anime and JPRG in the west. Just look how even big names as Amazon and Netflix are trying to get into that. JRPG is a niche genre, this kind of sales are good for them and also, just wait for all the merchandise and the really expensive figures start coming out.

So I did some digging..

When Xenoblade Chronicles X released in Japan there were ~2.4 million Wii U sold When Xenoblade Chronicles released in Japan there were ~10.4 million Wiis sold When Xenoblade Chronicles 2 released in Japan there were ~2.5 million Switches sold

When Xenoblade Chronicles X released in Japan there were ~2.4 Wii U sold

I wonder who bought the 40% of a Wii U.

Yes, with Switch being very hard to get in Japan (with lotteries for stores to give away stock) I expect better sales in week 2/3/4 for XC2 than the first couple games.

Keep in mind this is the first JRPG for the system that isn't super-niche, so it's building the audience for those types of games.

Japanese Culture is just very conservative (notice the lowercase "c" there, don't get that word twisted with it's American counterpart), because of this, many Japanese Businesses are slow to adapt to changing trends. That's why these JRPGs don't come overseas as much because there is still the belief that it is too risky. The other thing that I will say is even though there is a seemingly larger market overseas, the Devs are Japanese, they speak Japanese, they write in Japanese. SO the games that they make must be translated. And JRPGs are notoriously dialogue and text heavy, so there is an investment necessary to bring the games to foreign markets, which, again, makes Japanese Publishers more hesitant to bring them over. Thankfully, though, the Western Market for JRPGs just keeps growing, and more and more companies are waking up to it.

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Well great news! Probably had a 100k+ opening with digital taken into account! Honestly, I feel we will be getting slight to decent increases worldwide for the games launch sales.

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It is hard to tell, monster hunter was big in Japan for many reasons, but portability was one of the biggest.

Counting digital sales, this could be around 105-120k for a 2 day launch of a series that doesn't have a lot of hype in Japan, which is pretty good imo.

Hopefully sales remain consistent because I don't think anything huge is coming out in December for Japan. MH World is gonna kill everything in January, February, and March, so there's that to consider as well.

Reactions have been just as good as the last game.

There's just alot of new people jumping in and I don't think they knew what kind of game it was and/or don't take a liking to this style of game. The res drops on handheld also caused some of the negative dialog.

But many people (myself included) absolutely adore this game. It has a real shot at topping Xenoblade X as my favorite JRPG of all time. That's no small feat.

And the art style is a HUGE improvement imo. Xenoblade X was a hybrid of realism and anime so it's not too jarring of a difference. But it's true that it has been conducive to expressing emotion. A real step up from the blank expressions of past games (particularly X).

Western sales are bad? Where?

It had the biggest sales debut for the series in the UK too.

We should be getting US numbers next month. I would be shocked if it sold less than the other two.

This should clear a million easily which previous games failed to do.

I think that explains it. Anime is a niche market in the west, but a niche market used to dropping money.

X didn't sell "notoriously bad"

Nice try, Todd. I'm not buying Skyrim again.

14k is still more than any other game in the series sold in the same time in the UK. And where is the sales information for america?

let's gooo!!! Here is to a million copies sold and keep this wonderful series going!

It's not about that. This is about XC2 having the best opening launch week in Japan out of all other games in the series.

Moderate good I guess. Considering how well they're received critically, the Xeno games just don't put up the numbers of some of the bigger series. Even going back to the PS2 days, each Xenosaga game sold noticeably less than the one before it, to the point where Xenosaga III had a starting week not too much bigger than this.

That's a whole lot of baseless assumptions you've got there. Let's see

X2 outsold both games in the UK, which is known to not take kindly to anime art styles. And on a less established platform no less. The general consenus is that if it's done well in the UK, it'll do well in the rest of the EU too.

You're also assuming that they went with an anime artstyle to pander to the japanese audience, when they've already given their reason that it's to give the characters more emotion, and I'd have to agree with them. The cardboard faces from X1 were so emotionless and bland.

It tripled its growth from the growth shown between the first and X.

this is about as stupid as that 1 Xbox dude saying that people should just stick to Xbox 360 if they don't have good internet for the original Xbox One(Online DRM...etc)

Don't worry, your money still counts and that's what's most important


It's not bad at all. It's just enough for them to keep developing games. Xenoblade was extremely niche game on first place. Improvement from previous one is a success.

Probably a perception issue. ARMS is made by Nintendo and advertised as it, Xenoblade is made by Monolith Soft. (Even if they are Nintendo first party)

I mean Splatoon killed it too in JP while doing moderately well elsewhere.

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Much deserved. I finished chapter 2 last night with my girlfriend and we've been loving every second of it. Aside from Tiger Tiger. I suck so much at that mini-game lol. Poor Poppi is going to suffer due to my inability to play that game well. Though everything else about the game is fantastic imo. Not sure if I'd say it's better than the original Xenoblade just yet, but it's giving it a serious run for it's money.

Wtf? I am not talking about that. Also you clearly don't know what you are talking about, Shinobi Refle: Senran Kagura made top ten in E-Shop JP in its first week. Also XC2 is good as is. The reasons pokemon and monster hunter sells like this is because of those otakus you talked about and the factor of "Kawaii". Of course they aren't sex driven maniacs but if you have ever saw a modern Japanese arcade machine you would know something is off.