XDDD so funny..

XDDD so funny..

/sub/gaming in a nutshell

Does anyone remember this hidden gem???

[Picture of Pokemon Red]

please tell me you did this in like 18 bc

Just finished my “insert busty female gaming character here” cosplay!

[exposes entire cleavage]


yall need /sub/gamingcirclejerk

I sent this to my mate unironically

Probably the format

I thought this was actually funny..... the dude looks like hitler.... what am I missing?

It’s just white text on a picture.... y’all gotta ease up, enjoy life a little

I do I just don’t believe this belongs here if the format is all that’s wrong with it, unless it’s like these jokes are so old they should be in a cemetery in which case that makes sense. But I guess I always assumed it was more for just the absolute worst the internet had to offer not old memes. But if you think it belongs here to each his own I thought about it and I could see how people would think this isn’t funny at all.