X-Men director Bryan Singer sued for 'raping a 17-year-old boy and forcing him to perform oral sex on him' while on a yacht party in 2003

X-Men director Bryan Singer sued for 'raping a 17-year-old boy and forcing him to perform oral se...

sued? shouldn't he be going to prison?

this is fucking huge. He's rumored to be into one of the worst in Hollywood. Him and Kevin Spacey are rumored to be involved in an a particularly vicious group of men that have a common interest in young males in vulnerable positions. Remember that Spacey and Singer rose to fame together with "the Usual Suspects"

Statute of limitations.

Singer's largest political donations are...

$40K to Obama Victory Fund (2012)

$35.8K to Obama Victory Fund (2011)

$30.8K to the DNC in 2011/2012

Also donated sums to the state parties in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin in 2012.

Donated $2300 to Hillary in 2007 but didn't donate in the 2016 cycle. Also donated $4200 to her in 2006.

That's why they didn't deny and push back. Spacey would rather take the blame there than risk getting everything blown up. Sick.

Didn't this guy hang out with Marc Collins-Rector and have naked hot tub parties with the DEN boys?

Explains why new comic book movies are SJW shitshows.

Spacey, Singer, Spielberg Geffen, Ratner


This one has been a long, long time coming.

Why is there a statute of limitations on rape?

Like, AT ALL?

Singer looks like the forced anal type.

Well, it's....because of the implication.

He did indeed.

No need for a remote-controlled door lock when you're surrounded by miles and miles of open water.

Sick. Seize his property and lock him up.

Oh. Then, well I know the scripture says 'judge not lest ye be judged', but this Bryan Singer guy seems like a real jerk.

Everything is legal in international waters and airspace

greasy bastard

Damn it. That was my favorite movie for the longest time.....gonna have to burn it.

he likes little girls aparently


Before throwing him out, they should fly the helicopter upside down this time.

Now I see why he took the whole load to his face.

So Bryan... This is your "sick mother."

Well, this certainly bolsters the argument that Donald Trump is the cause of all abuse and perversion

"so you like x-men?" "here put my little night crawler in your mouth" -Bryan Singer probably

How long until Joss Whedon is exposed for being a pervert?

The implication.....

A yacht, eh? Isn't that the strategy Jimmy Saville used?

So it wasn’t just PTSD from working on a movie set as to why he left the new Queen movie.