When she asks "Do you eat ass?"

He's asking a question, keep up.

Sometimes women want a man to just be bold and show he's not messing around.

Then again, she could be in a mood where she finds that text really disgusting and tells you to fuck off. The technique works with the right women and only sometimes with others.

What are you doing

I was expecting this instead:

Whataburger you down

the naked man

Kind of like

I mean to be fair, sometimes I just like to talk to my friends and make sure that their day was alright. Is it that hard to believe that I don’t have any ulterior motives?

when dudes have about motives, it’s obvious, this isn’t about you talking to your friends

Is that what my crush doesn’t text me back when I ask her how she’s doing? She just want me to eat her ass?! 🤔

what is WYD?