WWE Officials Considering Australian Global Warning PPV in 2018

WWE Officials Considering Australian Global Warning PPV in 2018
WWE Officials Considering Australian Global Warning PPV in 2018

Most of Australia is about 16 hours ahead. They could have it at noon local time amd still have it at 8pm EST.

Read that as Global Warming

As an Australian I'd prefer the PPV to be called Kangaroo Kaos or something like that

Trying to run the MCG is a bold, bold move. When they did the 02 show they had Rock headlining against Triple H and Brock. The appeal of a WWE PPV would bring a lot in, but to try and fill 100,000 or close too it....I'm curious to see what they have in mind. They usually don't do this unless they think they can

As an Aussie, I like this news a lot.

Is there any reason Sunday afternoon PPVs arent a thing? Seemed to make more sense to hold an event earlier because then people who need to go to work on Monday can still go to/buy the show.

Hot enough for WWE Great Balls of Fire PPV.

"Well I guess heck you Emma"

-WWE probably

Now all we need is for NXT to come back for NXT : TakeUnder

Keep in mind, the MCG has a capacity of 100,000 for cricket matches. You'd be able to fit a bunch more people on the floor.

I think it’s just been a tradition to have these events on tv in the evening.

... And now MTN Dew Kickstart presents: KANGAROO KAOS

NXT : UnderTaker


It will never happen at the MCG.

Rod Laver or AAMI Park, which would hold around 30,000

Kickstart's Kangaroo Kaos

KKK? that's not good

Kickstart's Kangaroo Kaos

Is there any reason Sunday afternoon PPVs arent a thing?

People are out doing things on Sunday afternoon which means fewer eyes on the product, unless it's the NFL and they aren't the NFL. They want to hit Prime Time when they have the most viewers available.

As a Kiwi, I like this news too.

Isn't that the pun?

Not only did they have the huge draws in the main event, but it was the first WWE show of any kind in Australia in 16 years.

If they go for the MCG, they're going to need a pretty huge card to fill it.

I hope this happens and is successful. If that happens then maybe we can get some PPVs over here in Europe.

We're not that patriotic, Aussies won't draw much. They need Cena, HHH, shield bare minimum.

So how the hell do they expect to run it there? 100,000 is passed mania numbers, and they market the fuck out of that

Emu War 2: Jabroni Bungaloo

Not to mention Hogan had been advertised and it was the first time that had been down in like a decade or more

Yeah, to say “they sold 50,000+ 15 years ago, so now they can sell 100,000+” is crazy.

If they think they can sell 100,000+ it may as well be Wrestlemania.

As a Singaporean, me three.

I'd happily spend my dollarydoos on this

If they wanted to they could fit in around 115,000-120,000 dependent on floor seating.

I'd hate to think how far from the action people sitting in the normal stands would be. We're talking about an Olympics sized stadium which I believe is substantially bigger, ground area wise, than the stadiums Wrestlemania is held in.

Which would be kinda funny considering Linda is in Trump's cabinet.

I had to re-read the title 3 times.

Etihad Stadium would be the best move, you could get 50k plus which is where Global Warning 1 was but jeez, that was 15 years ago coming off the biggest boom period ever with still mainstream appeal and a stacked roster. Don't know if you would get that without some big name part timers.

AAMI park makes sense.

Global Warning was a glorified house show. If it's an actual PPV this time around it'd be more popular.

That being said, I'm not sure it'd be 50k-more-tickets popular. Maybe if the Level 4 seats were super cheap (like $5 for kids and $10 for adults)

Global Warning drew because WWE hadn't toured Australia since the 80s and it was Hogan's first ever time in Australia (which he ended up skipping out on because of money and not convincing Vince to get Lesnar to job to him).

To me, if this happens, the big thing to do is to have Rousey in the main event and have her going for the women's title in the place where she lost to Holm.

I hope they decide to just run Etihad Stadium again. 100,000 at the MCG is waaaaaaay too unrealistic. 50,000 is the safer (but still ambitious) option. Afterall, we're in a vastly different era of wrestling than we were when they ran the first Global Warning Tour.

The much awaited sequel to Global Warning 1.

The much awaited sequel to .

This is pretty much what happens when UFC comes around - for example, the most recent Fight Night in Sydney aired on Saturday night in the USA, but locally prelims started at 10:30am.

I just want more outdoor PPVs that start during the day and by the end it’s night time. It just gives such an awesome atmosphere.

At the same time, it might kill a little bit of what makes Wrestlemania feel so special.

That was such an odd fatal 4 way...

And America has had plenty of PPVs, they're first. Let us have a go now

And this is exactly what the WWE would be hoping for. Doing a big enough show that people from SE Asia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands pack the stadium out.

Bring both brands out. Do single brand shows either side of the tour (similar to what they did with their 4 show tour of NZ/Australia this year). Probably do a RAW and a Smackdown in another city (e.g. RAW in Sydney and SD in Auckland).

This would be the biggest thing that the WWE has ever done in the entire region not just in Melbourne.

That's the point.