Wtf its already been a full minute and no steam sale?

Wtf its already been a full minute and no steam sale?

wtf valve?

That's it - I'm moving to Uplay!

I'm throwing money at the screen but it's not working!

Said no one, ever.

Paper, please

Glory to Arstotzka!


The client.

But yes the design looks more modern than steam.

Guess I'll die

Wait... there are skins?

We deserve at least two free games for this as compensation.

I don't see the problem with Uplay and this is coming from an indian(no local currency). Is it because of the games on it or the client itself? Because i find it more pleasing than steam.

It's super annoying to have to launch a separate client--with frequent wait-for-me updates--just to play certain games.

it's only annoying if the client holds the minority of your games. If a client holds a majority of your games, it's convenient



Bad Rats 1 and Bad Rats 2?

I keep refreshing but no steam sale for me either

I can see the amount of sales on my wishlist increasing, though.


Talking of Riot, that's a game I hope is on sale.

I am crying

Yeah, metro ui looks pretty nice and makes steam match Windows 10.

Sure, here.

Sure, .

Oh shit, this bot talks back. Bad bot.

In the settings page there is a "Appearance" tab, somewhere in there is a button ti a folder where you can put your skins. You can create your own here

Turum-turintin. Turin-tiruntun...

How the hell do you type that part?!!

But who uses the default steam skin?

Why does everyone think that I'm a bot?

What I miss most about steam competitors is the lack of community reviews in their stores.

Like these reviews are worth anything seriously.

Some games just got a shit storm and died because of that, because of some uninformed YouTube fan boy idiots.

I think part of it is us who remember not needing multiple launch options for various games, and how unnecessary it is. It's ultimately a marketing thing, so these companies can get you away from Steam and other outlets and purchase from them directly. It's a first world inconvenience sure, but various game clients aren't exactly consumer friendly.

it's on!


Then perish.


Cobrastan is not real country, Jorji.

Ooh you trickster you

Ah, so after HL3 then.

The sale will coincide with the UI update


Competition is totally consumer friendly. If there was only Steam, things would be much worse then they are today.

u-play is a burden, but thankfully you can still get the games through steam, unlike origin.


League of Legends is free doe Kappa

good bot

I am 86.8868% sure that here-have-some-sauce is a bot.

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Users, we have to extend the maintenance period by 1 hour due to a technical difficulty. Please accept our sincere apologies. We know how much you've been waiting for the sale and we are doing our best to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

what about three?