Would you feel comfortable if your child was in a relationship with ___?

Would you feel comfortable if your child was in a relationship with ___?

Looks like Lithuanians just won't feel comfortable in general.

As always Denmark thinks of Jews as fairytale creatures that went extinct in 1943.

The portuguese answering "heh..." to all questions.

sweden with that asian fetish

At least we're consistent lol

It's missing a control question, "Would you feel comfortable if your child was in a relationship at all?" I bet the Czechs would still be around 20%.

"Would you feel comfortable if your child was in a relationship with a person?"

20-29% comfortable

Please remember that we have no source for this, and if the sampling is poorly done you will get biased answers.

None of you should believe anything in this picture without a source (and checking that the person who is responsible the survey at least understands the basics of statistics). Just because the results are somewhat near what you expected doesn't lend any extra credibility to it.

Am currently busy being black in Czech Republic. Can confirm the Czech people are not big fans

When it comes to Croatia (and Slovenia I guess), the Muslim part is green because when that question is asked we think about Bosniaks which are culturally almost the same as us. I would be perfectly fine with that.

I would be very reserved about Middle eastern Muslims, not because of religion but vastly different cultures. Especially if I had a daughter, because of the status women have in that society.

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Submission statement


Source from EU commission website

just ask them about Poland

For starters I am randomly selected by the subway police on a weekly basis for checks. Most of my white colleagues haven't ever been checked.

And I usually get a free security guard following me around when I enter Marks and Spencer's.

Lots of angry old Czech people yelling at us on the trams or metro for god knows what. And some women shoved my daughter's stroller quite forcefully in DM to get her out of her way. My wife nearly lost her shit that time.

Honestly it's lots of small stuff. And lots of being cursed at or snide remarks in Czech where I have no idea what is being said but tone and body language are telling enough.

To be fair we have met some great people here , but they are outweighed by the assholes.

Edit: haven't met great people = have met great people

How do you feel about other Europeans?

Ireland too.

Would you be comfortable if your child was in a relationship w-


Could someone make a colorblind version of this?

I can't figure out shit here... The lowest and highest scores look all the same to me

Race is irrelevant, but I wouldn't want my daughter to marry any strongly religious person.

Maybe we just don't want our children to have relationships in general :D

And czech and Slovakian people. Always in the red zone 0_o

A dude in the original thread made this


A dude in the original thread made this

So, you're saying I should invest in selling pillow waifus in Lithuania?

Nah, they just travelled over the water.

Fucking hell

They need to install a Jagiellon on the throne first to normalize relations.

Everyone is fine, unless it's muslim.

In Ireland: "yes but are you a Catholic Atheist or a Protestant Atheist?"

Yep, and the value is 91%

Edit: Source is in the stickied post.

The 91% figure is on p.22

It's presented differently (p.56), but 22% of Czechs are comfortable/indifferent to their son or daughter being in a homosexual relationship.

I'd say it always depends how strong the person is tied to his religion. Being agnostic I also wouldn't like my children marry a strict Christian.

You'd still be the gossip of the parish tho. Especially if you became muslim.

Now that I think about it I'm not so sure people were being very truthful or understand what it means to be in a relationship with a muslim.

The source contains data about whether they'd be okay with a white person

By Asian are we talking east/southeast (japan, china, korea, vietnam, etc) or south (india, pakistan, etc). In the US we usually say Asian for the former and South Asian for the latter but some other countries are different. Seems like in Britain that Asian means South Asian.

Germany can into East Europe!

im really suprised by the percentage for asians. Atleast in germany they generally are very liked. Asian as in east asian, though.

To me Asian generally means oriental like Japan, China, Korea, Laos, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei.

Indian (for lack of better term) is for the sub continent, India, Burma, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan.

Arab is for Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Libya, Saudi, Oman, Yemen, UAE, Kuwait, Iraq.

Persian is for Iran.

Jew/Semite for Israel.

At least that's how I generally see the the term for where someone is from.

I see quite a bit of "anything but a Muslim" and then, for some reason, Bulgaria is like "nothing but a Jew".

Over 99% of Danish Jews survived the holocaust.

If Sweden hadn't stayed out of the war they might not have.

This will be a civil discussion, I'm assured of it.

I'm afraid it just asked "Asians" in general across the board and the various countries would answer with their own perception of what was "Asian". For the UK it would probably have meant Indian/Pakistani while in the Czech Republic it might have been Vietnamese etc.

Did Slovenians just shrug in response? Feels weird we'd get a 50% for everything :)

Hey OP, do you know which Asians was meant in the question? Does it mean East Asia, South, sub-continental? I can't help feel that would have an impact.

Well, maybe they are...as long as you're not asian, black, muslim or jewish, or practice any culture that isn't Slovakian.


So, would you say that an atheist born from a christian family is an atheist but christian?

Muslim isn't a skin colour, it's a religion.


No thank you.

How can one be Muslim and "although an atheist" at the same time?

Believe it or not, there is often a cultural identity associated with being muslim.same with pretty much every religion.

Like the Elves going west and never coming back?

Yeah. Wouldn't like my children marrying maniacs of any religion.

How you doin'.

Let's elect a local noble instead...

Is that an Anglo-saxon kingdom from the early Middle-Ages?

But what if their religion was Black?

It doesn't really surprise me that much unfortunately. Czechs are fairly tolerant when it comes to strangers. We have this live and let live attitude, so most people don't care at all what other people do, but when it comes to their closest family, they don't like anything 'unusual'.

They want their kid to find a regular Czech partner and have a regular life in the Czech republic. Ideally close to where they live. Dating a foreigner might mean that their kid might want to move to another country and that's a big nope to most Czech parents.

My parents always joke how I better not date any foreigners, but we all know that deep down they're not really joking. My mum actually was really worried about me going on Erasmus, because she feared I would start dating some foreign guy and might want to leave with him to a different country. I also have some friends from the US, including a male friend which also worries my parents and whenever we speak about this, they're like 'but you wouldn't want to move to America, would you? It's too far away'.

To be fair to them, they don't gender-discriminate, they're making similar comments to my older brother.

Not saying that all Czech parents are like this, but from my experience, big part of them is.

I'm surprised especially about the Asians. There are tons of vietnamese people here and the ones younger than 30 mostly grew up or were born here so they are fully integrated and I know many mixed Czech-Vietnamese couples and mostly haven't heard of any issues. And if there were any issues it was mostly coming from the vietnamese parents who wanted their child to be with another vietnamese only.

Ok so does everyone in Europe play eu4 or what

When I read your comment

"??? ??? ???????? ?? ????? post ??????? /sub/portugal ?? ?????? ????? ??? ?????? Gay friendly ??????? ? ???? ???????????? ????? we don't care"

Asian men are sexy!


Czech Republic and Slovakia is quite surprising for me, especially in comparison to Poland. Would have guessed these three would be nearly equal. But seems like polish people are more open minded than I thought. Like it.

it does not always mean converting. That's usually a marriage specific thing is it not? Gossip of the parish doesn't mean disapproval though. It's just something unusual to talk about.

I guess he was born in a muslim family

Thanks. I think the source really have been in OPs picture.

Thank you my friend, MUCH better, very appreciated

Don't see a lot of those around the shops, so you'd be owning a monopoly

Heh, I have a Greek mother, my girlfriend is muslim and my sisters boyfriend is muslim (although they are both atheists, my sister absolutely hates islam so she makes him renounce all islamic traditions).

The amount of tantrums she has thrown are off. the. charts.

Sounds fun. Any interesting experiences?

Oh, hi Mom.

Sweden, the asshole brother we need and deserve.

Here in Britain, it kind of varies a lot. Personally, in my environments, Asian would mean the former, but I always see in the media it tends to refer to the latter.

I always just say East or South to avoid confusion

Like how atheists still celebrate Christmas, while that is a Christian holiday.

I'm wondering how the "Asian" question was asked in all these languages. Even in English "Asianp" often means Pakistan India and Bangladesh in England but China Japan Korea etc in America.

Most people who are uncomfortable with Muslims marrying their children in England would then also not be ok with "Asian" as they are likely Muslim.

Edit: apparently this is only a UK thing.

Oh boy, colour me surprised.

The creator put a link to the source in the original thread, OP reposted it without copying it

Kind of like "Southern hospitality" in the US. Sure, if you're white, heterosexual, Christian, conservative (or at least keep your mouth shut if you're not), not a vegetarian...

This map is extremely manipulative. It switches colors at the midpoint which has a drastic impact on on how it is interpreted. Countries that are light red and light green only have a few percentage points difference between them, yet because they are opposite colors our brain pushes them significantly far apart. For example, Denmark is green on the Muslim chart at 50%, but Belgium us red at 47%. They're within the margin of error but appear very far apart when you look at them on the chart.

The map should be one color scale on a gradual gradient.

I would be uncomfortable if my child would marry a too religious person in general.

Yeah, that might be the problem (other than, well, you know, the racism thing). Could be some people realized that Asian can entail Indian and Middle-Eastern and gave their answer mostly based on that.

NL sounds dope to me. I'm South African so the Afrikaans Dutch connection would at least make the language easier.

and here in Slovakia people say that slovak people are the kindest and the most hospitable people they can be.

Ahh yeah, the half-Japanese anti-immigrant guy.

What a knob.

On the grand scheme of things, they are. Sure, they are Muslim, but otherwise their habits are similar.

Username checks out

If I had a daughter I would 100% tell her to be carefull about Islam. Simply said its better trust your guts then beeing politically correct.

This map is bad, because 49% is red and 50% is green. It needs a yellow inbetween.


Ethnicity isn't relevant to me, religion is though.

Depends if strongly black.

Pretty much.

Greeks neither

Jewish is in there as well, and Jewish people aren't necessarily a race either.

Yeah, big surprise. We're racist

And then castile marries local talent too

Let me guess; the wife is your get out of jail card? Anyway, you're welcome over here in NL bro.

Out of curiosity do you live/have you lived in a university city? Since only 15% of Asians in the UK are actually from East Asia, it's commonplace to refer to South Asians as simply "Asian" unless you're from an area of high Chinese concentration (e.g. a university city)

We are a bit nationalist so the countries which fucked us in the past are generally a no-no.

Croats Serbs, Montenegrina and Bosniaks are the same people divided by religion .

It looks a little more extreme than it actually is, because the colour scale jumps straight from bright green to pink.

It is really fucking weird and long story, but we don't hate germans. They saved us from Russians in WWI and gave a chance to get independence. Then again, in WWII, they were much better than Soviets to us, but they eradicated almost all of lithuanian jews.

Oh no youre destroying the fairytale!

There is more than enough open minded muslim people in europe who don't really think the while veil and burqa thing is necessary. You would never ever know those people are muslims if they don't tell you.

Still there is more than enough muslims who try to convert you into their fundamentalistic version of their religion.

Total and extreme nope in this. As a Slovak that lives and lived in a couple of countries, Turkish were the most honestly hospitable, Irish people being the most helpful. Yes I was brought up being told we are the most hospitable and kind, but that couldn't be further from truth. Slovaks are currently among the most conservative and reserved nations in Europe.

Czechs are slightly more adaptive and tolerant, but that comes from them being constantly bombarded with tourists in past. Still culturally similar, in both countries you need to understand as a visitor, there is no real meaninfg to old 'guest in house, God in house' proverb.

On the other hand, situation is slowly changing, especially in bigger towns and in capitols, and once the traditional conservatives are gone there will be space for tolerance.

It’s like one [guy] that posted on /sub/portugal about if we were a gay friendly people, the top comment was like meh não queremos saber.

Perhaps they are; they just don't feel comfortable being so.

Or Jews got marked as Jews even though they were atheist!

Shouldn't the question be Arab since Muslim is a religion and not a race like Asian? I mean there's Asian Muslims.