[WotC] Inclusion

[WotC] Inclusion

Everyones welcome to come play with us... Unless you are standing behind Marshall Sutcliffe, because we can't see you and don't know you're there.

Take a step back. Maybe this video was not meant to directly addres Christine Sprankle, but rather the worldwide inclusion of magic players?

I believe Slavic people face more discrimination in the UK than the US, which has a slightly different list of stigmatized groups. There is a chance they are in the UK, and you are confused because it's not a prevalent form of discrimination in your particular culture.

god he's huge

Aww, thanks Wizards! As a slavic person, I was uncertain if I would be welcomed in the community. I've stayed away from FNMs but knowing that the company as a whole is making kind efforts for the good and benefit of their players makes me to give my LGSs another shot.

I genuinely can't figure out whether you're being serious or sarcastic.

Why would they have anything against slavs? Why would you consider that you wouldn't be welcomed?

Am I stupid?

Coincidence? The Magic World Cup just happened. Are you are kidding me? I am annoyed with all the amount of drama that reddit harps on as much as you but there is literally no better time to make a video like this than during the Magic World Cup.

Trevor's Axiom.

I was watching a video on Brexit recently where they specifically called it out. It seemed analogous to US attitudes to poor Mexican immigrants, so that may be because it's primarily felt by Slavic immigrants in Britain, who by population density represent the everyday face of "foreign immigration" to conservative, blue-collar Brits.

The Italian guys are so adorable! They couldn't even time their sentence properly 😂

I think there is a unique difference between being excluded for something you are (black, gay, a woman, etc) vs being excluded for something you did (commit a violent crime, make an album of butt cracks, etc). Excluding people who have done something unsavory while trying to be inclusive to people who are different than yourself seems like an internally consistent position to take.

Nothing you do will ever be good enough.

There's only two things I hate in this world: people who are intolerant of other people's cultures and the Dutch.

yeah. but a guy who served his time and is trying to become a lawyer got banned (i can't remember) because he had a sex offender registry on his record. sometimes i feel people don't think others change. i give both the benefit of the doubt.

Yet Patrick Chapin is still playing.

That makes sense, but as a Bosnian in the US I'd expect to at least have heard about any discrimination to Slavic people.

"We welcome everyone! ... (cold stare) except Italians."

I feel like you are describing DISLIKE and ANGER, more than a sense of physical danger.

Unfortunately, people are discriminated against for all manner of unfair and stupid reasons. It was not very long ago that Slavic immigrants, as well as many other ethnic minorities that are today considered "white," were looked down upon in the US. Practicing German culture and speaking the German language were made illegal in many places during WWI over fear of collusion with the Central Powers. The term "honky" used today to refer to all "white" people comes from "Bohunk," a slur for people from Bohemia (now part of Czech Republic). To say nothing of the treatment of Irish people. I don't mean to offend anyone by bringing this up or in any way imply that this discrimination is worse than or on par with discrimination faced by other kinds of people at other times--I'm of the opinion that measuring who suffered "more" is as barbaric as it is pointless--but there is a real history of hurt there and it deserves not to be forgotten.

Eh, they did what they could with the people who were present - this was not designed by some PhD somewhere - take a chill pill and let good things be good without an unneeded critique.

We love you and we miss and we hope you are doing swell.

While I agree that both deserve to still be playing the fact was that Chapin was a nonviolent criminal and the other guy had a violent crime conviction. This led to people saying they felt unsafe around him and so he got banned. I think it is stupid that he got banned bc I'm sure there are other players with violent criminal pasts that weren't outed on social media but that was the decision that wotc came to.

It took a while for Italy to show up, being Italian I was holding my breath.

Idk, something like this might have involved a lot more planning that would have started prior to that. This is likely unrelated.

They do this kind of thing at like every world cup.

This looks like it was done this past weekend at the world magic cup. It's been a full week. That's plenty of time.

Maybe, but that's a pretty large coincidence seeing as they don't do this kind of thing regularly. The video title is "Inclusion". That to me says they are responding to fandom outcry against people being exclusive. I hope you're right though.