Worst day of my life.

Worst day of my life.

The second image depicts Jael who is a character from Judges 4 or 5.

Basically she's a women who seduces an enemy king. When he's sleeping post-coitus she drives a tent stake through is head.

One of my favorite Bible stories.

Whats the story behind the original paintings?

Nah, she seduced him- the bible is a lot more loose with it's morality then fundamentalists would have you think.

For example, one of the great kings was David. David saw a beautiful woman named Bathsheba bathing, and desired her. After getting her pregnant, he commanded Bathsheba's husband Uriah to be sent to the 'forefront of the hottest battle' so that he could be with Bathsheba. The Bible doesn't only include positive stories, it tells about a wide range of different events.

I don't recall her seducing him, though it's been a while since I last read Judges. IIRC, her people were allies of his and, after fleeing a battle, he commandeered her tent then collapsed with exhaustion -- at which point she drove the stake through his head.

Is everyone wearing a dress in order to avoid binary gender confirmation? I didn't realize how progressive they were in medieval times.

David is not presented as a Cool Dude for doing this.

Either he was REAL tired or Jael had a fucking savage first drive there. Like John Henry or some shit.

Oh, definitely. The big difference here is that David was a man. In the view of the authors of the the Old Testament, a woman's value is synonymous with her sexual purity.

Stupid sexy Covenant with the Chosen People

Yeah, that was pretty freaky. To be fair, the circumstances were fairly exceptional, since the choice was between that and the end of the bloodline of Abraham, and, by extension, God's covenant with the Israelites. They had plot armor, basically.

The New Testsment is Narnia. The Old Testament is Game of Thrones.

This is true, this was during his fucking-up-pretty-much-all-the-time phase. He was able to redeem himself as a Cool Dude later on, though, which I doubt could have happened if he was a woman.

Nah, its mine.

Here is a further analysis of some of those verses: http://settingrecordstraight.blogspot.fi/2015/07/does-deuteronomy-2213-21-really-say.html Another one: https://gotquestions.org/Deuteronomy-22-28-29-marry-rapist.html

Not only were adulterous women put to death, but also their lovers.

And furthermore, if a woman were to become a widow, her closest male would be obligated to take her as his husband and provide for her. Women were still respected. In the historical context the work split between men and women was justified; men are more physical and were thus naturally better suited for work outside the home, whereas women need to feed young children, of which there were many. Today the situation is very different.

I agree that the society was patriarchal, but let's not rid the text of it's context.

I mean, there is a lot of weird seduction in the bible. Like when Lot's two daughters got him drunk and fucked him to get pregnant by him.

Oddly specific and original. I rate 10/11