WORST DAD ON YOUTUBE: How repulsive was the hidden content of Daddyofive?

WORST DAD ON YOUTUBE: How repulsive was the hidden content of Daddyofive?

Can we try to save Cody? Like for real. I'm devastated after watching this...

Jesus fuck, what a piece of shit. I mean, from the Defranco videos i could see the physical hitting and pushing and swearing, but the psychological stuff in this, the xbox video and the adoption video.

When Cody is crawling under the bed and the dad drags him out, and then the mum screams at him for breaking the bed...

Christ we've all seen some real messed up stuff on the internet, but these two peices of shit and what they're doing to their poor kids.

A lot of news articles and comments I've read are very careful about using the word 'abuse' always putting it in inverted commas and tiptoeing around it, but this is 100% undeniable. I'm fucking speechless, I feel emotionally drained from just watching that adoption video, imagine having to live through it, every single fucking day.

Poor fucking kids.

This is the most informative and most disturbing overview of the abuse to date

I watched 4 mintues of this video and I can't watch it.. this is so FUCKED up. Who are the people following these twisted and sadistic parents who would abuse their children both physically and emotionally for profit? And how on earth is this allowed on YOUTUBE, better yet by the law? Why are they not in prison?

I hope this dude gets 'pranked' in jail.

Honestly, all the kids need to be saved. Even the ones going after Cody are only doing it likely to avoid being the target, to win their parents' affection, or because they were taught it was ok by the people that are supposed to guide them. I even feel sad for the oldest one who dad uses as his little side kick. It's not the kid's fault if he has been taught that it's ok.

Wow. The other videos showed that the channel is fucked up, but Jesus, this takes it to another level with how common it is. Props to Doctor Downvote for doing his research...

It's a well done video to expose more of this horrendous, shameful behavior, but I just couldn't finish it. It kept getting worse and more disgusting and at this point, there's nothing I can do about it. People suck.

It's pretty sad that dude has more than 750k followers....

That was actually a well thought out and perfectly ballenced video, not being sarcastic. Never heard of Nerd City, but good for him.


The mother is horrendous too. Both parents swore like sailors at a kid after they spread invisible ink on the carpet in his room as a prank. It was stomach churning to watch.

The part where the Dad says he spent 'all day' making the XBox freakout video?! Torturing Cody ALL DAY?! Fucking hell that is some sadistic shit.

Same, I've never wanted a child so bad in my entire life. I want to scoop him up and give him hugs all day and cook him whatever he wants to eat and tell him he's fucking awesome and worth something and can do whatever he wants with his life. The universe is really unfair. That poor kid does not stand a chance with those sacks of white trash.

What you said really makes sense about the other kids, they're only doing it because hurting and humiliating Cody isn't as bad in their heads than them getting hurt and humiliated. Honestly just fuck the father, what a cruel fucking asshole. What kind of a sick sadistic bastard do you have to be to make a living off people watching you hurt your son both emotionally and physically?

Exactly. I want him to get arrested, put in jail and the kids taken away. And when he goes in front of the judge learning how his kids are gone and he will sit in jail, the judge states "it's just a prank bro"

This guy goes so in depth! These are the best videos of their kind

I don't generally go in for internet tough guy bullshit, but I would really like to feed this son of a bitch his teeth.

These poor fucking kids. It's like having a shitty older brother from a bad '80s film as a dad.

I've never wanted to hear that someone was botting more than now.

Yeah after the first chokehold with the kid literally gasping for breath I had to close it. I just want to know how he got so many subscribers, hundreds of thousands of people wanted to see shit like this?

To quote some shit I heard once, "Think of how dumb the average person is. Now think that half the people are dumber than them."

What kind of father laughs at his child crying? What a fucking scumbag.

This isn't stupidity. Being dumb doesn't make you cruel. This is evil. Straight up, unadulterated maliciousness.

I thought the stuff I was seeing the other day was terrible, but its so much worse than I even thought. Holy shit something needs to be done about this.

The father is truly scum but the mother is a real problem as well.

I think what gets me the most is Cody clearly wants to get away from it all, hiding under his bed, covering his face whenever he can with blankets/pillows etc, running out the front.

But he can't, it's relentless. Imagine being on your toes ALL THE TIME... not having anywhere to escape.

The video when they announce going to Disneyland/world without Cody, there's a bit where the father explains why and frames to a shot of Cody, and I could tell he actually felt kinda happy/relieved not to be going.

That's bad.

For everyone asking about getting him help. CPS have all but confirmed they are looking at it.

Maryland DHR ā€¸Verified account @MDDHR

Our mission, every single day, is to ensure the safety and well-being of every child in Maryland.

We sincerely thank every member of the community who has come forward to report their concerns about a recent series of troubling videos.

MD confidentiality laws prevent us from confirming or denying whether CPS is involved with a family.

But rest assured CPS has a duty to conduct an investigation or family assessment if someone reports that a child is in unsafe circumstances.

A highlight, in case you have a hard time watching 30 minutes of child abuse:


Here's the video that's so cruel that you just might want to do something about it. In fact, this is the video that--Nikki stopped by the office, just to say hi, and saw 1 minute of this video and left the room crying. She'd never heard of DaddyOFive--didn't know what she was walking into--watches this video, just for a bit, almost immediately: tears. (You know it's going to be funny, right?) Right after I finished watching this video, I check on her, and she is googling school districts near DaddyOFive's PO box. You know, she's trying to figure out how she can get help for cody. She must be a hater.

And they're both horrible in their own unique ways. The dad obviously has no empathy and thinks it's all a big funny joke to hurt his kids emotionally and physically. The mom is just a wadded-up ball of hatred and screaming. Awful all around.

I'm really astounded. Normally with this youtube drama people spend weeks bitching about one video or maybe a few minutes of content snipped out of hundreds of hours of video.

With this guy it feels like things are just getting worse. Honestly after watching the "adoption prank" the original video with the ink feels like comparatively harmless hi-jinx.

Also, most videos I have seen use the same five clips over and over, major props to him for apparently going through a ton of footage to show what is not just a few bad scenes of their live but constant and constant torment.

I've read are very careful about using the word 'abuse' always putting it in inverted commas and tiptoeing around it

This is really one of the shameful parts of it. Call a fuckin' spade a spade and be done with it.

And, y'know, maybe I'm crazy here but even if it was "scripted", I'm pretty sure that still makes it pretty tenuously legal, if at all, to repeatedly slam a kid's head into the wall.

My biggest thing is I don't want to see this get normalized. On Youtube any format that starts getting views gets copied over and over by other creators. If D05 hits a million subs making child abuse content and gets a Gold Play Button, it feels fairly certain more and more channels like this will pop up. They already gave him Silver Play Button trophy.

Thanks Professor. Yeah there's another half hour of this video I cut, partly because this story blew up and the situation was evolving so quickly. Before D05 had been called to task by Phillip Defranko this past week, they'd made a few vague statements about "haters", but never addressed any of the harder facts head on, like whether they had been investigated by Child Protective Services or not.

there was a time when one of my older brothers really took everything out on me physically and mentally just like this, small yet frequent situations really get to you, there was a few years i tried to stay away from home as much as possible.

my only saving grace would be hiding behind my father and i could not imagine having the whole family target you like this.

cody has it worse than i ever had it but the shots of him curled up in the corner trying pretend he isn't there gave me fucking flashbacks.

there better be some justice for cody

And then after they tell him its a "prank".THEY ASK HIM TO APOLOGIZE Yes, after pretending that they hated him so much that they wanted to give him up for adoption, and getting a reaction fitting to what they were saying, they expected him to apologize for "ruining the video". That made my jaw drop, that is one of the most despicable things I have ever seen, just disgusting human beings.

It's textbook child abuse. It's terrifying that these people are allowed to have children.


Holy shit, that guy is has lots of the warning signs of a psycopath.

He shows no empathy, he thinks he's not doing anything wrong. And from the response videos you can see that he is somehow the victim of harrasment and not his kids (narcissism).

And the worst of all, his kids feelings are a joke for him.

I'll try to get one of my teacher to watch a video of him and have a professional opinion as I'm just a psychology student, but man I really hope those kids leave that house ASAP.

Edit: One of my teachers said she'll review the video tommorow. I'll update this comment in around 10 to 12 hours.

Edit: This information has been provided by my teacher that whises to remain anonymous, this analysis is not 100% accurate. (Also keep in mind I'm translating this as I'm not from the US and my teacher does not speak english)

Do5 seems to find pleasure in the power he gains while his kids suffer, he's looking for total control of the famiyl. He also knows how to subdue the children so they can know who rules in the house, is a great example: They way he holds the kid down lets the kid know that even if he tries to fight back, run or do nothing Do5 still has control of him, that technique is used to subdue aggresive dogs.

Do5 more than a Psycopath seems to edge more to a true Sadist, the thing that makes the ginger kid do at 13:02 is, againg, to assure Do5 that his kids know that he controls their lives.

Do5 seems to pick more on the Ginger Kid (Cody) because he's by far the weakest link in that family, Do5 plays tricks and some mindgames that wouldn't work that well if he tried them on late teenagers or more developed people.

Do5 has "united" his family with Cody as an example of what could happen to them if the kids were to try to fight back.

The goggles guy is right about Cody not caring about his things, and why he doesn't care about them anymore. (18:20)

Do5 is angry when Cody does not put away his clothes and toys, because his powers to make Cody feel bad and in consecuence make Do5 feel good, are reduced.

The fake Adoption is one of the worst things you could do to a child like Cody, make them know that both parents don't want the child is will make Cody have trust issues.

At 22:02 the kid fights back, as most kids would, and this makes Do5 rage, he didn't expect; is totally diffent to what has been Cody's answers to his harassment; so he cranks his harrasment level to the max. There's a frame in the video (22:51 where he shows that Do5 is finally getting the reaction that he wants, also at 24:54 Do5 grabs Cody to see his expression, because if Do5 does not see it, it doesn't have the same level of pleasure as if Do5 were to see it.

In conclusion I'd say that Do5 is more of a Sadist, not a psycopath, in search of true dominance of his family, and Do5 is not afraid to use psychologycal or physical violence to get it.

Dx: Sadistic Personality Disorder.

Just watching that scene in his room where he is trying to crawl under his bed...it's like he's in a prison. These are the feelings of hopelessness the end with people killing themselves. Most kids who experience bullying are afraid to go to school. Imagine if home was the place you were afraid to go.

after watching this video, i'm even more so angry than i was watching philip defranco's videos.

i'm thankful that Nerd City (whom I've never heard of till now) went into more detail and showing clearly that the level of bullying is so much more than just the occasional video/prank.

Thank you. I was gonna comment the same thing. She stands by and gives her comments like "I don't like you, but I love you" Like what the hell? Sometimes my Dad (I'm 20 btw) will say things like I'm not supposed to be your best friend, I'm supposed to be your dad. This is way fucking different and purely disgusting.

I've read somewhere it was most bots that were bought with money.

I've never had a maternal instinct to get pregnant. But i every time i see a child treated poorly i wish i had the money to owna big house and adopt them. I hope one day to be able to help a few.

I mean, there's nothing more that can be done to get him away from that toxic family, but people could set up a social media campaign to reach out to him through videos with messages that there are people that don't think he's a bad kid and that what he's going through its not normal. The best thing that can be done for him is to have influences that prevent him from normalizing the behaviors demonstrated by his family.

Given that his family is so plugged in, I'm sure that he would have access to highly publicized YouTube or Twitter campaign.

I'm with you. I couldn't watch it. I can watch Walking Dead, Pulp Fiction, Resevoir Dogs, and other movies, but this is real life with real kids. It makes my blood boil and this scumbag is getting rich from abusing his kids.

Wow, this video really shows the worst of the worst. Makes all the other smaller samples seem tame.

This makes it go past just a stupid abuse/prank channel.

To me he was almost, knowingly marketing towards the dumbasses who like 14 year old watchers who like "pranks"; but also adults who get off at the suffering of kids.

Hate to say it, but if this guy gets arrested, the FBI need to really look into his hard drives. would not be surprised if this fucker had some 'c.p.' on his computer.

Can we all agree that the words "prank" and "funny" have really, really lost their meanings? They've been corrupted beyond recognition. How the hell is this stuff that this DO5 dude doing "pranks" anyway? Who is it funny to? Do people really think this stuff is hilarious? I know reddit doesnt, but who are the morons on YouTube actually subscribed to this shit? And that whole thing brings me to my deeper issue with this topic.

I contrast DO5 with another YT family I know and follow, OffTheRanch/VetRanch. Matt and Mere are unbelievably sweet to their kids. Am I living in some bizarro world where being "nice" is considered unique, and the default setting is people being total fucking assholes? I assumed Matt's family was normal. Now I'm not so sure, simply because of the huge disparity in views their channels get.

Do people really enjoy DO5 more, and do they enjoy it because they can relate to it? Do they relate to it more because they don't see anything wrong in it? I feel so out of touch. Is Matt's family unique and rare?


They force him to apologize. Just like the forced smiling and such. Bar none psychological abuse.

What really sucks the oldest will be an adult soon. And he will still think this kind of stuff is OK. And people will look at HIM as the asshole. They won't know the type of childhood he had that made him this way.

Too busy banning harmful opinions.

Glad to see this video still got made. I follow Doctor Downvote and was worried he wasn't going to finish the video because of all the circulation this story got. I was one of the ones really hoping he would cover this guy, especially because the other videos I've seen don't really get as in depth about Do5's content.


YouTube needs to do like any fucking policing at all.

It got so much worse. Fuck that dude. Fuck his wife. I wanna say, "Fuck the older brother" but I'm hoping he gets help as well. He's just trying to stay on the good side of two sociopaths.

This family is fucked. Take all their money and let those two pieces of shit live where they belong.

It's just a prank gets right up into his earbrah

It's not scripted. No kid is that good of an actor.

I'm entirely convinced at least 100's of people have already reported the channel, and yet it stays up.

In the meantime, legitimate content creators are getting their shit taken down over petty claims.

Youtube are so far removed from reality, that they'll most likely never take it down. Someone needs to identify and report this scum bag to the local authorities.

I kept feeling like I should stop short of saying "save Cody", but I feel the same way. If Maryland CPS had looked into this family already and cleared them, I hope that the heat on this situation will make authorities at least take a closer look.

The way he screams and acts sends chills down my spine. It's like I'm seeing myself again... when the verbal/psychological would become too much and I'd just sort of break down. Even the crawling under the bed to escape, the saying that everything is fine and justifying actions when cued... And you've got to know that with the way they handle their kids, they experience a lot more than this behind the scenes. :(


I do like that "daddy"ofive has removed all his videos that I could see. Youtube should be in trouble for allowing this type of abuse. The older brother jake and the parents deserve jail time while having the same "funny" things happen to them hopefully in the middle of the night. The young kids deserve families that love and respect them. I couldn't help but laugh at Daddyofive's latest

I couldn't even watch much of the linked video because if made me so angry. The amount of bruises and cuts on those kids was horrifying.

It sounds to me like extra scrutiny is on the way to the Martin household.


I think the dad cares about his kids in his own demented, low-IQ way, though he is still scum. I think the mom is legitimately a sociopath with no capacity for love or affection in any way. The way she talks about her kids - she is completely not there mentally in the way a normal person is.

Fuck it: Saw some more. Nope, the father is fucked in the head too. He is ruining these five poor kids' mental health for the rest of their lives.

The people from CPS who investigated this and found abuse claims "unfounded" or whatever, need to be fired. Period. It's too hard to check out their clearly abusive social media and be all, "IT'S ALL GOOD, NO ABUSE HERE"... then they're bad at their job and need to be terminated.

Every time Mike said "prank", I kept thinking of that line from The Princess Bride. "You keep using that word. But it doesn't mean what you think it means."

Mike thinks that "pranks" give him cover to be sadistic to his children. When he goes too far, he re-frames the video into a "punishment." Cody was being bad, he'll say, in these little bookends to the videos.

As far as the D05 fanbase, these videos were attracting a lot of people who liked seeing Cody suffer. "I wish I could adopt him so I could beat him with a belt" was a typical comment, or "I wish Jake would hit Cody harder." He deleted comments that were critical of him, but the "make Cody cry harder" feedback was everywhere.

And he can't even get peace under his bed! They tear him out from under it and chastise him for damaging his bed!

And then instead of soothing him and apologizing they tell him to do the fucking outro! I don't know if I've ever seen anyone act less parental.

They probably wouldn't allow him access to those messages, they need him to think of people like Phillip DeFranco as the enemy.

Someone who doesn't have emotions and therefore doesn't empathize with people. He doesn't understand what his son is feeling so it's easy for him to laugh at him.

Can guarantee he is botting, all of his videos had 1 million+ views with 750k subs and only getting 40k likes max smells a lot like botting to me.

Too busy fucking over genuinely good YouTubers.

Nah, still can't stand her wretched face or her wretched voice. Her hugging those kids reminds me of Jabba the Hutt reeling in one of his slaves.

Makes you wonder how the dad grew up.

Not just Cody. He punched his daughter in the face. They are all being abused. I grew up with a dad who was nowhere near this bad but he was similar in some ways. He encouraged us to fight and seemed to think it was funny. I blame my "evil" older siblings but it wasn't really their fault. Though I do think that one of them in particular inherited more of his evil than I did.

Being dumb doesn't make you cruel.

I think there's a correlation, at least in the sense of compassion requiring a certain degree of mental effort and emotional intelligence.

There's 'dumb' like you can't do math or read well, which has no bearing on the quality of your character. But I'd say failing to treat others with any reasonable compassion is itself a kind of stupidity.

Yeah. With all the Adpocalypse going on, the fuss over PewDiePie making a Nazi joke and them cancelling his Youtube Red season as a result, it was jaw-dropping for me to see that DaddyoFive had been awarded a Silver Play Button. From what I understand, that's not just some automated award, there is some degree of picking and choosing who gets one. It's an expensive presentation, and it comes with a letter signed by a Youtube executive. It leads me to think they knew all about his channel and somehow decided it was okay.

It gets even worse when Cody tries to defend the family saying that the father was actually abusive they wouldn't have those nice things. Like, he just really wants to be on the dad's good side.

He's like if iDubbbz and Captain Disillusion had a love child.

I wouldn't expect CPS to take action until I actually see it happen. This family has been reported numerous times in the past (when all the videos were still up), and they didn't see a reason to take action, which translates into: they simply didn't look into it. The task of watching videos on any device connected to the internet was too much effort to fucking research for them. It's about as efficient as most gov run organizations.

Around the ten minute mark I was actually starting to feel ill. Eventually that went away and my mind just went numb. The entire thing is so mentally distressing. I totally don't blame you for stopping early.

This is the worst thing I have watched in a long time.

DaddyOFive removed all his videos and posted this response video.

In it he and his wife say that everything was fake. It was the kid's ideas and all planned out. I get the strong impression that they are lying and just trying to control the damage.

I really only have one thing so say: If everything is fake, Cody should go to acthing school, he is a natural. Kids can't act like that, have you ever seen a kid try to act/lie?..

If everything is fake, I want to see Cody say "I love you mom and dad".

Ha...that daddyoffive channel is already completely destroyed.

Fuck them.

I think it's normal to feel protective of children, even if they're not your own. The footage of him throwing his kid into the bookshelf is infuriating.

From the kids reaction I'm sure the dad told them. "Do you like all the nice things we have?, Then you have to tell them it's not abuse or I won't make any money and you won't have nice things anymore."

Those fucker's livelihoods are destroyed. I love that fact.

However, those poor children are still living with those monsters.

A psychopath or sociopath, seriously. I'm not even being hyperbolic here.

I started tearing up. Watching him toss Cody around and man-handle him like that brought up memories of my cousins bullying me because they were bigger and stronger and boys and I couldn't do anything about it. It made me feel like I had no bodily autonomy when they physically pushed me around like that and psychologically tortured me. I can tell that's how Cody feels when he's so angry and constantly struggling against his father and brothers who just toss him around like a rag doll. I think it's very likely he'll have issues with feeling in control when he's older. And you can already tell how it's affecting the older sons. They're encouraged to bully their younger siblings, and you can easily imagine them being bullies at school too. They're being given clear signals that it's ok to do that to people smaller or weaker than you. This was so terrible to watch, please tell me something's being done about it??

After watching this video, it makes me sick thinking about what he's telling his children at this very moment.

I just know he's blaming them for everything and trying to make them scared that people are out to get them (when really, people are only pissed off at the parents). I just know he's trying to coach his children on what to say and how to act if the someone from the CPS comes by.

Except, it isn't, just like your fucking videos

I'm sure they are already preparing him right now for all of the questions he's going to be asked. They will want to make sure he is prepared to explain how he is not being abused.

I think he's referring to the fact that in their "apology" video, where they admitted to the videos being "scripted" or "faked". It's people like this that scare me about the world.

It's especially obvious that she can't stand Cody in the "Disney Land" video.

Yeah, I was getting the same vibes from the mother. It's so fucked up. All the kids except Cody have on "Team D05" shirts on ready to go to Disneyland and poor Cody has to go stay with his grandparents. One of the kids starts celebrating when he leaves.

That feeling when the very people who are supposed to love you unconditionally are your bullies..

did you see the little girl rolling her eyes at the bs

I'm a little late to this thread, but I'd like to bring up something I have been feeling over the past few days with this D05 story. I grew up moving around and getting picked on a lot, not by siblings, but other people. Nothing near as bad as this kid has, but definitely enough to leave me with lasting problems I have til this day. I suffer form extreme anxiety, social anxiety, and I tend to talk myself out of almost an social situation.

I watch these videos and my heart earnestly breaks, absolutely. All this shit you see going on to ALL the kids, and ESPECIALLY Cody just hits so home for me. Telling a kid they are being given up for adoption? having the siblings hit him? I don't care if it is all fake (which is it clearly fucking not), this is just wrong. If I have a fraction of this and grew up with all my problems, I feel sad for these kids.

I'm not squeamish in the slightest and I can watch a lot of stuff without being weirded or grossed out but there's something different about these DO5 videos and the way they hurt these kids and the way it's actually fucking real and that's actually someone who'll need a shit ton of therapy to cope with this in later life.

A queezy, nauseous, and uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach which makes you just want to sit on your bed and do nothing but blankly look at a spot on your wall? If that's what you felt, you got a little secondhand trial period experiencing what it's like as a kid having to live in a house with an abusive parent. It's one of the worst feelings in the world because it doesn't lead to anything. It's not like when you've got the flu and your nauseous, because you know that nausea will lead to wretching up everything in your stomach. The queasiness you get living with an abusive parent doesn't lead to anything, or go away, it just stays there. You don't want to do anything while you've got it, but you also can't get passed it and move on like you can the flu. It makes you want to live in a void physically and mentally isolated from everything.

I don't want to presume that I know exactly what Cody's gone/going through, but from personal experience anytime you see him hiding and balled up in a corner/closet or under his bed, that queasy and nauseous feeling you felt is likely what he's feeling. However in his case, he not given the option to leave and not finish a sickening video, and as a result that feeling in the pit of his stomach doesn't eventually go away.

Can I adopt Cody? I want to take him to disneyland and have him play with people that care about him.

Lol that video.......

You can tell 100% that those low IQ motherfuckers are bullshitting.

If everything is fake, I want to see Cody say "I love you mom and dad".

Even that wouldn't be enough to prove anything. Those shitty excuses for parents have brainwashed that poor kid, and manipulate and force him to say stuff all the time. In that one video, Mike even makes Cody say "you're the best dad ever."

It's gaslighting. They're making him think he was in the wrong and the reaction was over the top.

It's fucking sickening and I sincerely hope both CPS and the FBI get involved.

I completely agree, all of her words are truly vile. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe her not to be the mother of Cody?

Never seen it before but this video is great. It started, and I saw 32 minutes and thought I would watch a few minutes, skip around. Watched it all. Excellently done, despite the shitty subject matter.

Just one video showed the dad shove Cody into a dresser. That was enough for me.

This is a put on and the girl knows it just like we do.

Not just the Cody kid man... they're all fucked.

I came to /sub/videos to share this exact video once I saw it uploaded. Love Dr Downvote, don't love Daddyofive.

yeah you just know this channel is gonna blow up

YouTube has a real big problem if they're allowing an exploitative channel like that to remain.

"This jail sentence will be just as much of a prank as your videos"

"Oh, sweet!"

"I thought you might say that"

At least 100K likes

Just kidding. Nobody knows

He doesn't post much, but when he does, the videos are always well produced and researched.

Yes...while I was enjoying a small amount of schadenfreude, it is important to remember that these kids are victims in this situation.

No matter who you slice this, even if those videos were "fake" (which I do not believe, you can't easily fake slamming a kid's head into drywall) that is still child abuse.

Same here. My skin crawled while watching this, I'm on the verge of tears. This is true horror.

Ehh. Why cant the bots like the video? Sounds like retarded logic.

Also, I see a lot of videos I dont like. I also never hit the like button on the ones I do..

If Cody's acting skills are THAT realistic and convincing, he should become a fucking Hollywood star.

I'd be interested in the other half hour. I've been following the story since Defranco made the video about it and saw many clips in yours that I had not seen elsewhere.

This video is terrible.

Not terrible because of the content creator, but terrible because of that "dad". I could barely watch him. Hes manipulative and hateful. Despite that I watched the full 34 minutes of it. I really hope they all get the help they need. And I hope the "dad" gets some "help" in prison.

So Nerd City. You did a great job! I did not enjoy the video at all because of how well you did it, I didn't realize the magnitude of how terrible he is before now.

But more people reporting him has to bring more awareness.

jesus this is so difficult to watch, How is this shit allowed on youtube how did he make so much money off of this ? what is wrong with this world man

Yeah. He's probably been working on it for a while But had to upload now due to recent hysteria.