World Cup Final Groups

World Cup Final Groups

The opening game will be Russia versus Saudi-Arabia.

The Human Rights Violation derby

England will still find a way to lose

Portugal vs Spain gonna be a good match

Germany-Mexico. The Zimmermann Telegram Conspiracy finally comes to fruition.

2-1 to Panama with an own goal feels like the one

5th time since 1994 that Argentina and Nigeria meet in groups

Egypt could beat them but yes I agree. Certainly not the "group of death"

This group:





Uruguay will probably top the group nd Egypt is a strong contender for second

Hoping for a Germany vs. Brazil rematch in the Quarters if all goes well :D

In group I with Netherlands, Chile and Italy

Am I too cynical or is Russias group just a little too easy for them? And that opening game does make me feel like someone spent money getting that fixture.

If we finish behind Panama and Tunisia we might as well just abolish the national team.

Ah, the perennial Scottish dilemma.

no Scotland no Wales neither of the Irelands

...which non-English team shall I support?

Hell yes, the best of the first round.

Belgium England should be good too

Group A is a literal group of death.

D is the closest. I think Iceland and Nigeria have a shot.

Too cynical or new to soccer.

No group of death this year. Argentina probably have the toughest group out of the 'bigger' teams.

5/7 times?

in the real world


Russia's team is not good.

Brazil's nightmare is stumbling in the Group Stage to finish 2nd, and seeing Germany as their Ro16 opponent.

It would have been fun to see Saudi Arabia and Iran in one group

I don’t see any real “Group of Death” this year. Every group has two teams you expect to get out of and two that have a very little shot at it.

Argentina vs Croatia as well

the group of already dead.

Nah. They could easily finish third. Uruguay will probably top it and the second place is between Russia and Egypt.

H group, what a dream!