Words everyone should live by

Words everyone should live by

I’ve been poisoned by my constituents!

I also miss Roxy. She was a grade A whore.

This episode contains two of my absolute favorite quotes of all time and both are from roxie the hoor.

“This jacket is tighter than dick skin!”


“Now help me fish this crack rock outta ma asshole!”

Where the fuck is this ladies Emmy!?

She serviced me like no other hoor.


I have a touch of consumption!

Shut up, baby dick!

I love eggs too,man.

May I offer you an egg in this trying time?

And not only my crank

But my heart too.

Can I offer you an egg in this trying time?

Not only did you service my crank, but you serviced my heart too

She was good shit!

Oh fuck, make that three.

This episode got so much better when I found out that actress played Danny Devito's character's daughter in another movie. She was also Marsha's creepy friend in the Brady bunch movie.

Well I'm outta here

Honestly pretty inspirational

Frank's pretty women, I think it's s07e01

Shut up, babydick


Roxy was also banging a-listers such as tiger woods, Donovan mcnabb and don cheadle

You look pretty as a peach yes you doooo!

Charlie weakly repeating "I like eggs" and "I like crabs" always gets me.

the banquet broad

This is no longer a safe space for me

Who wouldn’t want to finish their date with a limo driver?

Thank you for this info

Alanna Ubach. She's also a very prolific voice actor.