"Wonder what this thing does..."

That was much calmer than expected

lol I expected her to freak out and bolt.

Took a while to sink in. Took even longer to sink out.

My Siamese cat used to take showers with me until she was about 8 months old. She used to just stare into the drain. One time I was shampooing my hair and she looked up at me, then bolted from the shower never to return again. I can only think she got soap in her eyes.

I've been told you can get cats acclimatized to water/being wet if you start training them as kittens

That there's a water cat. Felix aqua

I thought he was going to go for the toilet there at the end.

poor kitty

should've trained her to close her eyes when shampooing

Ever met a Siamese cat before? No matter what you tell them, their response is "Go fuck yourself!" It's been her world for 14 years now, I just happen to revolve around it.

Master of both land and sea. Thus twice as deadly

Smells like water, feels like water, tastes like water... Dear god, it’s water... Sir, I need to leave, my people need me.

Fuck you, here's an upvote.

Slowest reaction ever

Sees water: Oh cool I'm a bit thirsty. Sees water rising from below: Where the fuck is that coming from!? Water rises higher: Oh shit it's a bath! Abort! Abort! Abort!

/u/WaterGuy12 would love this kitty.

I suspect that this particular cat is an Abyssinian, a breed which originates from Ethiopia and is thought to be one of the world’s oldest breeds of cat. They are also known to be very smart, which would explain why this one is smart enough to turn the tap on himself. Whether out of pure curiosity or a desire to quench their thirst, domesticated Abyssinians have done this thing as far back as nineteen eighty nine when Toonces the Driving Cat drove himself off a cliff in a car and plummeted six hundred feet to a fiery explosion

I felt like the whole time the cat was thinking, "Dear God what have I done."

Add this to 'things to make sure your cat never learns how to do'

I thought it was more like "guys, I don't want to freak you out but I think I might be a wizard."

I adopted a second cat last month. She's 7 and had spent the past 5 years at a shelter, so I didn't really know what to expect when I got her.

This cat fucking loves water...she'll sit next to the sink and meow at me until I turn it on, and then she licks the water and plays in it for hours. The other cat looks at her like she's insane

Did somebody say /u/WaterGuy12

Are we mentioning /u/WaterGuy12 for some specific reason or just for free karma?

Somewhat related story: My wife and I were settling into bed one night and we heard one of our cats freaking the fuck out. I got up to check, and the faucet in the bathtub had been turned on. I knew it was our other cat because he'd been fascinated with it lately.

So basically one cat tattled on the other.

yeah, someone said /u/WaterGuy12

at least you'll know why your house is flooded tomorrow morning

Dude cats with this type of pattern are the most un-cat-like I've ever known. I've got one now that acts like some kind of demented bird-ferret.

Focker, I'm not going to tell you again! Jinx cannot flush the toilet. He's a cat for Christ sakes!

TIL acclimate is a word that exists

See? we're both better now

Me? Nah, he asked about whether someone mentioned /u/WaterGuy12 and that, yes, someone had indeed mentioned /u/WaterGuy12 in some way.

Man I wonder what /u/WaterGuy12 is up to

You should get her a pet fountain. Should save you a bunch on your water bill.

Man, I wonder how many notifications u/WaterGuy12 is gonna have when he gets back online...

Fuck you, here's an upvote.

"Oh.... oh no... this is a predicament now."

Not actually sure. Both my best friend in high school and my college ex had cats that resembled Siamese but both times were claimed to be Himalayan, and i don't know enough about either breed to say for sure which they were but I want to go with Siamese on both counts

They were both friendly as fuck but cats always seem to like me

TIL "acclimatize" is in fact another word for "acclimate." I was about to correct you, but then I googled. I have never heard anyone use the word "acclimatize" in my life.

One of your cats is a snitch

So amazed that happened it wasn't even scared

Fuck me and give me upvotes Edit: Sorry I thought this would end up a more funny joke but I forgot a /s

They get scritches! Or am I misremembering?

Hmm. Himalayan are sweet and affectionate where Siamese are smart and mischievous (think Lady and the Tramp lol). Himalayans also tend to be fluffier, but there are medium hair Siamese

My cat likes to get into my boyfriend's glass of water. To train him to stop doing this, my boyfriend first began by spraying the cat whenever he comes near the glass. Cat's reaction is to sit there and be like "Huh. Water." So my bf escalated it to a few drops from his glass of water. No reaction. Eventually it got to the point where my boyfriend tried pouring water on my cat and my cat just sat there and looked around before licking up the water like he planned this shit since day 1.

/u/waterguy12 was supposed to come back to the Internet today, and yet he is silent. I am concerned for him.

Shit, I thought he planned to come back the 12th. My bad internet people.

Our (late) tortoise-shell wasn't 'trained' in any way, but would occasionally come and watch me showering as if trying to protect me from the water, and would occasionally step into the water to place her paw on my leg or something.

Damn I miss her.

What an adorable chill cat! 💕🐈

Definitely furiating.

You could just see it making connections.. "That looks like water." "Now it feels like water under me." "I wonder if these two things are related." "It's a trap!!"

I did this and my cat made a complete mess with it, water everywhere all the time basically. He was like 16 when i did it and afraid of the outdoors but completely obsessed with water so putting it outside wasn't an option.

Fuck you, here's a downvote.

Yeah. It was really unfortunate when I had to teach her what happens to snitches...

Typical case of "I did this to myself.. so I'll just take it". Cats are hilarious.

I find this extremely interesting how at some point we were each taught a different (but very similar) word for the same thing and never even knew about the other one. Education is weird.

Inflammable and flammable also mean the same thing, which infuriated me when I first found out

"should i... should i get out?"

"It's a tap!"

My Siamese is surprisingly not mischievous. Just really vocal, very nosey, and smart as hell. She is also a polydactyl. Two extra toes on both front feet.

I'm not gonna do what everyone thinks I'm gonna do and FLIP OUT, man...

Just kidding, here's an upvote.

Wasn't until the back paw got wet that reality set in. I love how weird cats get about their back paws being touched, when they start doing that frantic bunny-kick.

Like when someone tries to talk to me in public

the english language is weird


Now, now, you can't have your cock and Reddit too.

The animal doesn't even have thumbs, Focker.

I don't know why but I expected him to turn it off.


I have an Abyssinian. On the rare occasion I've had to squirt him with water, his reaction is mild curiosity rather than utter terror

Who the fuck is /u/WaterGuy12

Filled with fur now. The cat's thought of everything.

This was the cat version of this.

This was the cat version of this.

lol nice

...you leave the water running for hours? 😮

Inquire and enquire are both acceptable spellings and mean the same thing.

They get bitches.

For some reason that word always makes me think she can fly...or at least glide.

My cat was an abandoned cat. Neighbors a few houses down were evicted, they left their male tabby kitten and dog when they left. Dog was taken in and I assumed the cat was too but later found him in a pile of branches tied to a water bottle. Needless to say, we took him in. Years later he's fat, and lovable. He loves hanging out in the bathroom, and laying in the sink. One time I needed to wash my hands and he was stubborn, so I thought "fine, suit yourself " and figured after the first few drops of water he'd bolt. Nope. Just like that cat, he stayed in the water, watching as it slowly filled. I didn't want to soak the guy so I turned off the tap in frustration and went to wash my hands in the kitchen. He's pretty cute though, so it's okay

You are underestimating my kitty, he literally took his paws and splashed it everywhere. There is like a 2-3 foot blast radius of all his surroundings. it probably would have helped but i would basically need to dedicate the entire corner of a room to it. Can't let water get into cracks or anywhere that you can't regularly clean or you're asking for mold. He only wanted flowing water too, still water didn't interest him. I think it's instinct for them to not like still water because bacteria can grow in it, but he is the only cat i've had so i don't know if they are all like that.

that was beautiful

Here's an upvote for you offering yourself an upvote.

I only recently realized how racist Disney movies were/are. I am 31.

This should be stickied to the top of /sub/catsinsinks

Your a mowzard kitty

Kitty pool* FTFY

I'm along for this ride u/kittymorph. Just like Toonces.

My Siamese came in the shower with me pretty much every day for 13 years. Just kinda hung out at the far end and enjoyed being sprayed with the water. Afterwards he would run around like demon until he dried off.

My cat would lose his whole mind the second a drop of water hit his fur

That is adorable.

...did it drown?

Thanks u/Jwillis-8. That's really nice of you.

The pure confusion. "I uh...wha...ok so this is...what's hap...ok so this is...yes I think it's... that's water...so this is is... yes...I've made a mistake"

This is about my reaction to anything.

There's "fight or flight," and then apparently there's "ponder."

Downside: real shit goes down and I go with it.

Upside: not gonna run blindly off a cliff (or in this case not gonna fly out of a sink willy-nilly and get hurt).

Ironically that was my favorite disney movie as a young american-born chinese child

Pretty sure the VHS tape is still in my parents' house somewhere

No problem.

You could place the pet fountain inside a kiddie pool!

I was hoping she would jump into the toilet for a second.

That's why I do it during the shower.

default is at 10 for all cats, siamese come overclocked to 11 from the factory

"Did you look at everything you were tagged in?"

"Nah I just acknowledged it all and refreshed the page."

End of AMA

Siamese make a weird noise.

I had to watch my aunt's 17 year old Siamese when she was in BC for a week and I was so concerned it'd die when I was feeding it. On the third day it came towards me meowing and I thought for sure it was having a stroke or dying. I called my mom in a panic and that is the day I learned Siamese just always sound like they're dying.

Kwan Lee lived to 23 and was an asshole her whole life.

A shit after showering is fucking awful.

..you almost got me

/u/waterguy12 better do an AMA when he gets back from his leave on Monday.

No he had to be put to sleep because kidney failure. One of the best cats ever

This has been one of my favorite moments in a comment section..and who else do I have to thank but u/waterGuy12