WON: Cody & Young Bucks' 10,000 seat show likely to be in Chicago or Southern California, also working on sponsors for the show

WON: Cody & Young Bucks' 10,000 seat show likely to be in Chicago or Southern California, also working on sponsors for the show

Regarding the big show that the Young Bucks and Cody are working on putting together, the latest word is that the probable location will be either an arena in the Chicago area or an arena in Southern California. There are other places like London, Toronto and San Francisco that have been talked about, but based on recent discussions, they are now less likely. They are working on a few sponsors. On this week’s Being the Elite show, they showed the Young Bucks and Cody in Dallas at TGIF Headquarters being cooked a meal. While nothing was said, the reason they were there was for a meeting regarding sponsorships or being involved in some form with the show.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter, December 11, 2017

So, Chicago? In that case we'll get Punk rumours all year. That's nice.

I'm really pulling for them. I hope they make it.

CM Punk rumours will help them sell more tickets if it's in Chicago

Chicago seems more likely. Folks there love their wrestling.

"Have you ever tasted gay meat?"

I hope they’re successful, it would be fucking amazing for the independent wrestling scene.

Please be Chicago. Please be Chicago. Please be Chicago.

I feel like if they got Punk they'd announce it. People buying tickets to see Punk on the off chance vs guaranteed to see Punks return.

We do. So much.

[CM Punk chants resonate into outer space]

If it only draws 4 thousand people when the goal is to draw 10, that's a failure.

All he has to do is show up and stand in the ring, say a few words and roll out.

Sponsored by Cracker Barrel and the greatest Japanese Restaurant of all time: TGI Fridays.

If they make a profit, it's not a failure. Not only that though, but even if they do 8000 people, people will still mock it even though it would be an incredible accomplishment for any promoter.

But 4000 obviously isn't what they're aiming for and I'd hope it will be much higher. With a good card I'm sure it will be.

"I was told there'd be diet soda served at this shindig."

Crowd burns down the arena in celebration

I'd imagine Hot Topic will be one of the biggest sponsors.

Yep, especially because however improbable it is, it would be a stupid business decision of them not to contact Punk and attempt a deal for an appearance if its in Chicago, so if/when that happens, rumors will be flying around straight till the show.

One Hour Tees/Pro Wrestling Tees will likely be up there as well, especially if it's in Chicago. It's synergy at its best.

If it's SoCal, I can definitely see them putting on a show at the Citizen's Bank Arena in Ontario or the Long Beach Arena.

If you puff out your chest about how you're going to draw 10,000 and only draw 4,000, it's going to be publicly perceived as a failure even if the show turns a profit.

WWE turns a profit but with them constantly puffing their chest out about how they're the only big league wrestling company, it doesn't stop people for making fun of the pictures of half empty arenas.

yes we do. trying to figure out where it would be. UIC Pavilion and the Sear Center are both around 10,000 seats.

Was hoping for Toronto... Chicago isn't too far of a drive, though.

I really hope it’s in Chicago. I’ll buy a ticket immediately if it is.

screams in San Diegian

It’s strange for me to see, in every thread about this, people that have doubts about them pulling this off are getting downvoted.

Nobody wants them to fail but let’s not act like this isn’t a tall order to fill. If a non WWE fed could put together and sell out a 10K show in America, they would’ve done it already. That’s the point of the challenge in the first place. THEY know it’s a tall order too.

UIC Pavillion has some wrestling history, plus it would be nice for them to do it in the actual city and not in the suburbs. Events in the city have a much more big-time, important feel to me, at least when they're sort of close to the Loop or in a big neighnorhood, than events outside of it.

I really hope this is a success, the card is sure to be stacked and seeing such a big show outside of WWE would be huge for independent wrestling.

If it were London I'd be booking my tickets instantly.

Gotta move those wolf tickets.

I would assume that "self-financed" means that Cody & The Young Bucks are the ones promoting/running the show. As in, it's not a show run by ROH, NJPW, etc.

Call me a complete fucking mark, but I think that, if it is in Chicago, it's highly likely Punk makes an appearance. Probably not as a wrestler, but in some capacity -- maybe special guest referee or something. Why not? He'd get a nice payday and get to simultaneously stick it to WWE in a symbolic way without having to really travel or make much effort at all.

Was with you till the Hardys point, hottest act on the american indy circuit doesnt equal hottest act in all of wrestling against peak-LIJ, Goldberg returning to the ring for the first time in decade+, the Owens/Jericho breakup, and AJ/Cena II or Cena/Miz depending on your time frame

Broken Hardyz were super over in a very specific way, but not in a way thats seemed to have drawn more than even like American Nightmare Cody.

I will say, the 10k goal is ridiculous unless theyre getting Danielson+top flight njpw talent, which is definitely possible i suppose.

New Japan sold out 5k+ tickets in two hours this year, they'll do a similar number almost instantly next year even before they announce the card. If they get Okada or Naito I can't see how 10k is an unrealistic expectation. They're huge stars for hardcore fans and just having the chance to see them in action with people that they'd never have the opportunity to work with could make this show must watch for any wrestling fan.

Maybe they just sell 8k tickets and not 10, but even then, that's a better number than anyone's in almost the last two decades and I'd call it a success. You can get 10k hardcore fans, you have nxt as major proof of that, how many casuals are at the takeovers? I'm pretty sure most of them know and follow the top indie names and have an idea of who Okada and Naito are. They don't need that many casul fans.

SoCal is the Buck's backyard and has a huge metropolitan area. It makes sense.

Freelance and AAW man. AAW has especially been killing it.

If you can make it out to there Lasalle shows (bit of a drive depending on location), it's like $20 to get in and $2 beers.

Anyone thinking Punk is coming back for this is not in their right mind.

I think he'd come back in a non-wrestling capacity to basically walk from his home to the venue, stand in the ring, collect a pay day, stick it to WWE symbolically, and then walk back home.

Allstate Arena can do 18k and would be considerably cheaper than the UC. Plus, it has a much stronger history with wrestling.

You’re a complete fucking mark.

That's like saying WWE can't draw a house but Cena can. They booked Cena, they drew the house. If the Bucks and Cody can actually sign and book those guys then they will be the ones that drew the house with their promoting. If that makes sense.

January is probably gonna depend on the weather honestly.

February with the already billed Sami vs Naito main event will probably sell out in advance.


If it isn't the primary arena in the city, large capacity arenas can be relatively cheap to rent out because they're desperate for anyone to use them.

For example, there was California indy that recently did a show at the Cow Palace, a ~12,000 seat arena just outside of San Francisco. The show drew something like 2,000 but that was reportedly enough to turn a profit and they plan on doing another show there.

A few years ago, TNA did a PPV at the Alamodome, a 60,000 seat stadium that also hosted the Royal Rumble this year. TNA only used a fraction of the building but it still made sense because it's a largely unused stadium that's cheap to rent out.

Maybe I'm remembering it wrong, but they said that the show would be self -financed and now they are looking for sponsors? That at least in my mind not what self-financed means.