Women Say Sexual Harassment Is an ‘Occupational Hazard’ in Congress

Women Say Sexual Harassment Is an ‘Occupational Hazard’ in Congress

Approximately 1,500 Capitol Hill staffers have already signed an open letter calling for mandatory sexual harassment training for Congressional employees and an overhaul the Office of Compliance.

"Occupational hazard" is quite the understatement. There are a lot of creepy old assholes in Congress. McConnell touching a body (my body is not the example here) is the stuff nightmares are made of.

I'm surprised Congress hasn't had mandatory training, given that the are the ones who have mandated the military and I think all government employees and contractors do periodic sexual harassment training for at least a decade, probably longer.

Training for thee, not for me.

Do as I say, not as I do.

But, I think if there's anything to be learned about the military implementation of it is to not set your expectations too high. No amount of training is going to make a creep decide to stop being a creep. It can help clarify what is and isn't acceptable and maybe clean up some of the smaller, more unintentional/innocent offenses, but the real value is teaching people how to report it and encouraging them to do so.

SURPRISE! It's an occupational hazard of owning a vagina.

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Oh stop it is not a "occupational hazard", women need to realize that their are benefits and pitfalls to being a lady, same thing for men.

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