Woman says cops took phone after she videoed sons' arrests

Woman says cops took phone after she videoed sons' arrests
Woman says cops took phone after she videoed sons' arrests

Can you tell me where you're taking my son?

"You've become uncooperative so no"

Power tripping bully. It's still her son, a simple to XYZ station or jail would have been sufficient. That deescalates the situation.


Protip: If there's a news story about a damaging video clip, post a god damn link that actually has the video.

Like this one: http://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/Woman-Says-Arlington-Police-Took-Her-Phone-After-Recording-Sons-...

Youtube raw video:

Effort to get people to talk.

It's a trick.

" Look, just talk to me and be straight with me, tell me all the details and maybe I can make this better for you"

Pro tip: he's collecting evidence, trying to get you all conversational to maybe get you to slip up and admit to other violations.

He won't make it better, ever.

"But I'm looking for a reason to be able to release him, I'm not finding that."

What the fuck does that even mean? Notice that's the exact moment she short-circuited on him too, when he made this cryptic comment.

He won't make it better, ever.

This is why I do not like or trust cops. Never have. I have a near cop phobia.

I had once gotten into an accident merging on the freeway, hitting a downed light pole. One person before me hit it, and 4 people after me hit it. I noticed the guy who knocked down the pole, slammed into the wall about 4 'lanes' off the freeway, through a bunch of grass. I called 911 to get help (what a dumbass I was, apparently). Cops were already on their way, cool..

Cops show up and start threatening EVERYONE. WTF? Hey officer, can I get your card and badge number -- They cover their badge and walk away... Hey officer, can I get help with this or that? Not only was the answer a plain no, but it was "If you don't pull your vehicle off the freeway (it was FUCKED btw) your car will be towed and impounded."

After trying to talk to them several times, they just kept threatening me, and refusing to give me any identification. They also would NOT allow the other motorists who hit it to speak to one another.. I'm talking "GET BACK IN YOUR CAR, SIR <Hand on gun>" w.t.f.

So I report the issue to my insurance, they say the dude who hit the light pole is probably liable, get the information... Okay.

So i call the police about it, they're really friendly until they hear the date it happened on... Then "Uhh, hold on please". <long wait later> "You're going to need a subpoena for this information". Wait -- You're saying for this public accident that happened on public freeway, I'm going to need a Subpoena to get my report, so I can get my car repaired? "Yes sir."... Can you tell me the name of the officers present that evening? They were unwilling to give me their badge numbers or information. "Sir, you will need a Subpoena for ANY information regarding this investigation".....

Tell my insurance this, they say it smells funny and they'll look into it. Their lawyers couldn't get any information from the local PD.

My guess? It was a drunk cop, or friend of a cop, that ran off the road causing this shitfuck of an accident. And I'm from a very nice area in So Cal -- Cops fucking suck from the ghetto to the mansions. They will treat you like shit, no matter what color you are (maybe some more than others, though).

EDIT: Just wanted to say I'm surprised so many of you guys have dealt with this type of crap. It's a shame, but police officers seem to be a pseudo militia that's loyal to themselves only. I know there's a lot of "only black people have shit cops to deal with" going around -- That's not true. I'm freaking white as snow from a nice area in the 'burbs. And cops still fuck with everyone like were all just second rate citizens. My Asian friends are treated poorly, white friends, males, females, hispanic, black. Doesn't matter. You're a cop, or you're not. And if you're not a cop, you're clear to be fucked with.

bad police are expensive.

"Where are you taking my son?"

"I won't tell you."


police took her cellphone while making the July 3 arrests and that when she tried to get it back, they offered to drop the charges in exchange for the video.

He said the video was backed up to the cloud, which enabled her to let the group post it online.

Good thing cops are idiots.

"surely they cant access this video footage now " - cop

Offering to drop charges in exchange for video...that right there should be usable as evidence against them, pure and simple.

It shows they KNOWINGLY did something wrong, and want to cover it up.

Upload your videos automatically to the cloud. Get a dash cam. Know your rights.

LPT for cops: stop breaking the fucking law while you're doing your job, which crazily enough, is upholding that fucking law.



Don't forget, to further incriminate the kids. Gotta pile up enough shit charges so something sticks.

Don't Talk To The Police!

LPT for cops: with cloud backup on all smartphones, seizing the phone no longer helps your case at all, so stop that shit. It just makes you look guilty.

This is why people should take a cellphone video of any aftermath of a car accident... not just due to cops, but also just shitty other people.

Always Camera Up, check out ACLU police tape app for automatic uploads.

14-year-old son

These are minors and the cops are denying parental oversight on top of everything else. Classy. That's a civil rights violation all on it's own, isn't it? Those arrested minors have a right to contact parents (the mom) and have her present during any police questioning while they're in custody. I want to know if the cops denied those civil rights on top of everything else they did because it seems like it'd be consistent with the behavior described.

Sounds like kidnapping to me.

the bad ones get multi-million dollar judgements against them... that taxpayers pay.

Until you get incidents like the main post for this thread where the cop says fuck it and takes the phone for "evidence"

That could also be considered requesting a bribe I would think.

Edit: As u/BrotherChe pointed out, this would be extortion.

You're talking about rights and laws. The police do not follow them, nor are they punished for breaking them.


Extortion is the crime of obtaining money or property by threat to a victim's property or loved ones, intimidation, or false claim of a right.

Police just keep getting worse. They are not expensive enough.

The reason people hate cops isn't because they're all shit. There is plenty of evidence of genuinely amazing people that are cops.


Fuck the police.

The fuck is wrong with your Cops, America?

"That sounds like a war on cops to me, cop hater. Blue lives matter! Blue lives matter!" - Half the voters in this ridiculous country

You could tell he was one of those cops that has to be in power in every situation, he was visibly bothered by her telling the kid not to talk without a lawyer and he had to but in when she asked the other officer for her information.

This isn't technically true, but too many times trying to use your rights is the fastest path to a beating, exaggerated charges, and a jail cell. So it certainly seems true in action.

If a good cop covers for a bad cop, is he really a good cop?

Protip: If there's a news story about a damaging video clip, post a god damn link that actually has the video.

These guys posting most of these links are news media employees. They aren't regular redditors. They are paid to link articles to abcnews, nbcnews, nytimes, bbc, independent, etc.

Won't matter if you have a decent data plan and the correct upload settings. My phone immediately uploads everything it records. Not because I'm paranoid, particularly - but more because I've lost too much unsynced data over the years.

Makes them look guilty? Do you think they give a blue line fuck about looking guilty?

Police officers aren't interested in deescalating situations like this. They're trained to control the situation which leads to unnecessary violence and abuses of power.

Something I can provide some real insight on for once.

My father was a police officer for Arlington PD, I knew all his cop buddies, and actually follow the department on the news today.

Most of them are pretty corrupt. I say this totally and completely through insider knowledge and experience. Jailers are constantly abusive to people brought in, cops are always over the top, they often sweep stuff under the rug.

Using my father as example... he had an in custody death. It's my understanding that technically speaking, it wasn't his fault. Given, the situation merited an investigation into my father's work. Findings found him guilty of of all sorts of slime ball shit, and the forced him to resign.

I had to file a FOIA to find out what happened, turned out solicitation of prostitutes while at work.

I used to hear him talking about "bouncing mother fucker's heads off the concrete" while they were handcuffed. He told a story of transporting an inmate, ankle shackled, stepped on his chains and shoved him down the stairs.

Countless shit man, even one female officer was fucking the staff (including my father) and only got caught when she got pregnant. Super shady PD.

Source: seen and been in that PD more than all of you combined. Father worked there.

The government never has and never will care about its people.

And it's a relatively small percentage of cops on the job, too. It makes every cop look bad, it costs lots of money that could otherwise go to training, more cops, more support, better protective equipment. It makes the job more dangerous for every other cop because it adds to public hostility toward the police. I have no idea why their unions insist on protecting cops that are absolutely, objectively bad cops.

I have no idea why their unions insist on protecting cops that are absolutely, objectively bad cops.

Because you don't understand the concept of a union with respect to an individual in a disciplinary proceeding in basically any context. Their purpose is to advocate for the accused; not to actually get to the truth of the matter.

You're basically saying "why is this defense attorney defending this murderer?"

EDIT: A word.

I've been pulled over by police and received a ticket. My friend then introduces himself as the son of the cheif and low and behold the cop says " you should of told me that before I wrote the ticket I wouldn't of have given you one".

Yeah I don't trust cops. My "friend" also had 2 DUI's with nothing done to him. He sold cocaine and got away with it, and also got away with robbery. All because his dad was the cheif of police. And this is in Canada.


The ACLU's app stores your video securely on their server, where their staff has access to it. It cannot be deleted by police. In the event that you are arrested and/or your devices confiscated, they can still release the video. On Android devices, it can lock the phone while it records, preventing police from stopping the recording.

I looked on the Google Play store, and apparently the apps are released state-by-state. And, there isn't one for Washington State. So, this doesn't seem to help us. :/

'Representative democracy' would be a generous title at best. Its more akin to a fiscal/partisan oligarchy. The majority of candidates are subject to the fluctuations of pervasive party ideologies. In general as a (US) voter, your forced to either adopt the party that loosely coheirs with your ideologies or are dogmatically conscripted into some form of xenophobic parasitism that is untimely rooted in neo-liberal pre-commitments.

"Just vote for better candidates" glosses over entrenched systemic issues that demand aggressive scrutiny.

You sound young and full of hope...

I think the ACLU have an app that automatically backs up the video

Likely, no. Apartment managers don't like drama, so getting rid of tenants they take a disliking to is common.

Also get a dashcam. a $200 front and back set could save you tens of thousands in the event of a hit and run or simply an accident with no witnesses that ends in a he said/she said. Also could get a video of your arrest if there's nobody there to take cell phone video.

That's why I preemptively send out dick pics to my contacts. Problem solved!

control the situation

This warrior ideology that police have really resonates with my view of the police as an african american male.

Yeah, cops are shit, the supposed good ones are also shit because they don't do shit about their co-workers.

My first experience with them, in middle school. I went to a private school so sometimes we would have days off school that public school didn't. We are riding bikes to the park, cop decides we are skipping school, pulls of over on our bikes. After yelling and accusations more show up. Eventually there are 4 squad cars there fucking off. We're like .25 miles from my house, and from the beginning I'm asking that we just go talk to my parents, as I'm scared as shit. Nope, fuck off and wait, 2 hours of my day off gone. Overall not that bad, but as just a kid, it was fucked.

2nd experience. 18 years old, drive through this massive parking lot with a mall on one side, shopping strip on the other. I'm lost and kind of going random places, turning one way, backtracking, etc (before cell phones and google maps were a thing). I guess a cop saw me and thought I was drunk, pulls me over the second I leave the parking lot. I pull over and roll down my window, he's there screaming, threatening to take me in for DWI, just going off, it escalates because I say something without calling him sir (how dare I, right?). Eventually he realizes I'm sober as can be, and he fucked up. Of course he doesn't admit this, but I can see it on his face. Still gives me a ticket for not using my turn signal (I did) and speeding, I never got past 15 mph.

3rd experience. Driving home from work, late at night. I take the same route every day, and there's this nasty bump because the road pavement is shit. Like either slow down to 5 Mph in the 30, or curve around it, or your head is hitting the roof, I have a habit of curving around it. Get pulled over, again, he thinks I'm drunk. I unbuckle my seat belt to get my wallet out of my back pocket, he accuses me of driving drunk, and wondering the neighborhood to rob houses (wtf?). Again, eventually he realizes I'm sober as can be, then accuses me of driving without a seatbelt. I explain I only unbuckled it to get my wallet, he says he has video showing I didn't (like you can fucking see it from the back of the car, through the back window, at night). Gives me a ticket for speeding and not wearing seatbelt.

Another time, pull out in a busy frontage road, unmarked cop has to tap his brakes and slow down a bit. How dare my peasant ass make a cop slow down? He pulls me over, gives me a ticket for no turn signal. Turn signal is on the far side of the car as he was approaching me, there is no way he could have seen it, of course it was on though.

Cops are a dangerous combination of authority, bully, and stupid. They have cost me thousands over the years with this bullying and dishonesty. Avoid them, don't talk to them, and if you do HAVE to talk to them, realize that getting shot is on the table, and treat them like the dangerous predator they are.

Also get a dashcam. a $200 front and back set could save you tens of thousands in the event of a hit and run or simply an accident with no witnesses that ends in a he said/she said.

Best advice ever. I had this exact situation happen to me last year. Some nitwit looking at her phone blew through a red light and totaled my van. None of the witnesses stopped so she claimed the light was "yellow" and got away with it.

Maybe you wouldn't have a problem with the cops if you would just quit being African American.

No one should trust cops. It's literally their job to try to incriminate you in shit, not protect you. You don't have to hate them or be disrespectful, but you should never trust one.

EDIT: (in the US)

Police unions are illegal here in Ontario for that exact reason, actually. Police aren't a company with a strictly top down pyramid of power where the employers would otherwise lord over their employees, they're overseen by officials elected by the citizens that are in turn accountable to law enforcement. If people aren't happy with their cops, they're supposed to be able to vote their bosses out. A police union throws a massive wrench into this cycle of accountability by protecting the cops from the elected representatives and the citizens they both represent, preside over and who elect their superiors.

everyone needs to see this

It's like cops don't even try to seem trustable. I've never seriously committed a crime, but any time I've been near one, I just feel like my life could be ruined in an instant if I happen to look at them wrong or something.

Something similar to this, well the taking of phones, 4 years back not even 5 minutes walk from my high school I would to and from every day, happened when I was a freshmen. 7 cops ambiguously beat a dude near to death, he died later, the phones were confiscated quickly, and the next couple of years it there was a lot of happening on who did what and who was responsible.

Regardless of that, that just kind of cemented in me that cops aren't to be trusted, and they probably don't care that I trust them or not.

There's another point they didn't quiet make in that video. Even though they were crystal clear about the dangers of talking there was one point they missed. Even if they can find no fault with your verbal defense whatsoever, no lies they can find, no omission of any facts, anything, once you agree to testify on your own behalf they can use anything they learn about you to impeach your testimony. What you posted on reddit, what you googled, what you said to a neighbor last year, anything that even seems like it might indicate a predisposition to commit the alleged offense. But as long as you maintain your Fifth Amendment right all of these things will be barred from court testimony. Even if you have maintained your 5A rights the prosecutor, in pretrial motions, will reserve all this stuff that they are barred from using just in case you mess up and start talking. Because as soon as you open you mouth (like testifying on your own behalf) all this stuff that was barred from evidence, because it's not directly related to the facts of the alleged crime, suddenly become admissible.

So even if by some miracle everything in that video goes your way there are even more problems with forfeiting your 5A rights than what the video described. You can suddenly find yourself convicted based on something about you completely unrelated to the facts of the crime itself, or even anything you specifically said to defend yourself.

You can also set Google Photos to auto-upload all photos and videos, still no ACLU uploading but at least it's safe somewhere.

I read about a guy who was assaulted by police while he was recording a video, they ended up arresting him for assault and "losing" his phone. Thankfully the video had been uploaded to Google Photos and he was able to prove his innocence.

Here's the link to the article.

While that may be good advice, it makes the point of the person above. Our rights are supposed to begin before the encounter does, not in a courtroom. The entire point of rights is that they've already been fought for and established so you don't have to.

But they're ignored. More than ignored, they're mocked openly and punished.

My head hurts at the stupidity of the officers' testimony.

But the judge said it is clear to him that Sheik-Qasim’s account of what happened at the critical moment during the altercation is consistent with what’s shown on the video. He also pointed to what he called “an essential question” that arose from the officers’ account of what transpired, namely that Sheik-Qasim had turned on his phone camera then proceeded to assault Dhaliwal.

“This would seem to be ill advised. One’s own criminal conduct would be recorded,” Kelly said, though he acknowledged the same thing could be asked about why would an officer swing his arm at a phone that was filming him.

Subtle. I like this Judge Kelly.

And should you be involved in an accident, don't mention the camera. Don't mention you have a camera.

When asked for a statement, "I am sorry officer, I am a bit shook up right now, can I hold off on that statement please".

Then contact your insurance and work with their lawyer and give them your video. When other eventually, and almost always lie on the reports, you have video showing you are telling the truth in your official report which your insurance will send a lawyer to help you write.

Tell people about the camera and it has a tendency to disappear.

Authority is corruptive

If a cop decides to arrest you and take you to jail, whether it is constitutional or not is irrelevant. You will not be able to avoid that. The mistake people are making is trying to fight it at that point and giving police what they need to make bullshit stick. Cooperate and sue the shit out of them later.

On the contrary,

"One reason for the writ to be sought by a person other than the prisoner is that the detainee might be held incommunicado."


That a police officer feels ok to do this in the small doesn't usually fall under Habeas, but is an example of why we require that of authorities at a large scale. in general they must show some transparency regarding where an arrestee is, and actually have some justification for placing someone under arrest.

If you're gonna record the cops with a mobile device, make sure to stream that video to a server. Otherwise, destruction of evidence is a LOT easier.

Also, if you live in a community with shitty cops, google 'wearable spy camera'. There are also 'dash cameras' that have internal secondary cameras and microphones, that can record what happens before, during and after you're pulled over.

If you aren't holding something camera-like, they'll be a bit less likely to become paranoid and hostile directly at you. You're a lot more likely to capture the golden footage and KEEP IT, too.

"It's like cops don't even try to seem trustable. I've never seriously committed a crime, but any time I've been near one, I just feel like my life could be ruined in an instant if I happen to look at them wrong or something."

This. And I have a theory that the reason for this in the US is the "jock culture" in high schools. This is something almost exclusive to USA: i.e. the fact that varsity football / other sport players are so often treated as kings and gods in their schools and communities. These young people almost have no choice but to grow up with a warped sense of themselves. Those that are not smart enough or good enough to go on to college or become pro players very often go on to join the police carrying their "I rule" attitudes with them.

I've had a few run in with US cops but this one is probably my favourite for its ridiculousness:

It was a warm summer's night and a bunch of friends had been drinking and wanted to go for a stroll around a local park. They called me to join them but I was working late so by the time I drove straight from work to meet them at the park, they were all happily bubbling along. I didn't mind being the only sober one. Until the cops roll up and shine flashlights and start giving us the shakedown. They weren't finding anything (my friends are smart cookies and no one had any open containers or anything else incriminating on them), but they ask us all how we'd got there. Everyone had walked except me as I'd just driven to meet them straight from work. Suddenly all lights are on me and I'm pulled over to the cop car. One dude pulls out a law book from the glove compartment and asks me to start reading from a random page, which I do. I guess they had forgotten to bring their breathalyser kit because next thing I know, they're telling me that they're going to arrest me on suspicion of drunk driving. Utterly baffled as I was genuinely stone cold sober, I realise that I had "failed" their "sobriety reading test" because the ding dongs didn't understand that I have an accent. They had interpreted my (pretty standard Home Counties English) accent as inebriation! I start to protest but the cops shut me down immediately. Luckily my friends, seeing what was happening, speak up and profess that I'm the only sober one (among almost a dozen drunkies). The cops seem confused (and I'm still in shock) but my friends are persistent and eventually I get let off with a completely inappropriately stern warning. There was, however, a knife-edge point there where it just felt they were ready to do anything to justify pulling us over despite there being no real reason to book us.

"It's never happened to me, therefore it's not a problem."

-You, just now

ACLU Blue by Quadrant 2, Inc. https://appsto.re/us/HnKwfb.i

Another fine example. Remember folks, the cops will outright manufacture crimes to screw you. Never trust a cop. Never talk to a cop. Never help a cop. They are the largest criminal organization in America.

She said she also received notice that the apartment complex was terminating her lease when it expires in October and told her she cannot appeal the decision.

I cannot help but wonder if there is more going on here than we are being led to believe.

Blue Line Fuck

I'll take Porno Titles for 300, Alex.

He's mod of futurology so he could work for a PR firm or a "social media contracting firm" which gets paid to push links out to social media. There are lots of these little shops that companies hire to "improve" their social media presence. I know the news industry is desperately trying to "invade" the social media space.

Also, the guy probably has a bunch of accounts and most of the submissions/etc are automated.

Don't call it a "phobia". You have a reason and understand it, thus by definition not a phobia.


I should clarify. When I say "fuck the police" what I mean is the institution, not the individuals.

Personally my police interaction has been fairly positive. But I'm not a minority in a troubled area. But I still hear of local cops up to no good.

I'm going to comment here with an update.

Her apartments have started the eviction process against her.


I think the problem is the good cops are always sticking up for bad cops. To me, that makes them all bad. Weed out the rotten apples in your force and you will get a hell of a lot better respect from most Americans.

To be fair I feel like a huge percentage of people are like this.

Had a formal meeting for some deserved reason in some CSR job I despised ages ago when I was a lot younger than I am now.

Management were absolute fucking cunts.

Happened again six months later. Second offense. Same TM, same upper management personnel. When they should be sick of this shit.

Brought a support person to the meeting. A friend who shined up reaaal fucking nice in a suit. Who wore suits all day errday. Looked like a lawyer. He's 6'5. Imposing etc etc. Didn't introduce him. Just let them assume whatever they wanted.

They were so. fucking. nice. To a hilarious degree. It was an utterly disgusting highlight of how much bullying was ok to people who are in your power.

You remember the managers who aren't like this because they stand out...

TLDR: People with any power are cunts when there are no checks in place.

Weird. If I steal property and assault someone in front of a cop I get arrested, if someone else does it they get fired maybe.

Maybe cops need to get more comfortable with arresting criminals.

cops change attitude very fast when they realize you are recording with a dash cam. experienced it many times. interesting psychology.

Yep. Very entertaining AND educational.

I always re-post a link to it, whenever I spot a situation where it's appropriate.

Just a reminder: Cops are trained to lie. If they say "merely do this (action that amounts to giving them evidence voluntarily) And I'll give you this concession", they're full of shit. They're just trying to get you to incriminate yourself.

Cops are tools of the state--a state that is becoming more and more a police state. Give them nothing. Because they certainly won't be doing you any favors.

Yup, one thanksgiving my little sister had a car crushed her rear bumper and knocked he into the can in front of her. Then the person reversed and went the other direction. People stopped but nobody had gotten a license plate.

That Christmas I gave dash cams to my whole family lol.

I am going to assume that you do not have a good relationship with your father. He sounds like a horrible person.

If he was horrible at work, I can only imagine how bad he was at home.

Thank you for sharing your story.

Uh, what? Maybe if they take enough people's phones the public will get pissed and hold their damn toes to the fire.

Honestly I would have agreed to that deal then and let them delete it off the phone, knowing I still have another copy.

Honestly, for a large portion of my youth I didn't have a relationship. He was pretty abusive... I called the local PD on him once for family violence and threaten to fuck up the family. Yeah... that turned into a "police curtisy" as they refer to it.

Now though, I've worked on my issues and anger from everything a lot. We have a healthy decent relationship. We talk a few times a week. Which is a big stretch from not speaking to him for years.

This country was founded on a healthy suspicion of authority.

guilty before innocent, uncooperative tactic when asked question, and covering up evidence for their own...the boys in blue most likely do have very good officers in their wings, sadly overshadowed by the very ignorant, power tripping few, who don't seem to have any repercussions from those who hire, and their fellow officers. Until we start actually demanding these kind of people are fired (without a chance to be hired somewhere else as an officer) and pay for the damages done, in whatever form the law can allow, this shit will continue.

The one word you are allowed to say, "Lawyer." You literally must only say that.

It would be, if there was proof that it happened. Someone saying something happened isn't proof, fortunately.

Unless you're a cop. Good luck getting out of that traffic ticket because there's no proof and it's just your word against the police.

How can American citizens be proud of their country... It's corruption from the very bottom (cops) to the very top (presidents). There is no facet of the USA government that is not littered with corruption.

Supreme Court specifically said their job is to enforce code, arrest and cite for violations.

Specifically NOT protect and serve

It is a psy-ops measure to get people to comply. It often works.

That right there should be a CRIME

And there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. My dad is a lawyer. Cops came to his house by accident to arrest a guy (they had the wrong address apparently). My dad answers the door, tells them the guy is not there. They want to enter the house, dad tells them they can't. So how do they react? They immediate slam a 60 year old man who recently had heart surgery onto the ground, hurting him pretty badly. They arrest him for obstructing an investigation, or some bullshit like that, and for resisting arrest. My dad had to spend over $15,000 on legal fees and other expenses just to get the charges dropped. They literally gave my dad a plea deal that said they would drop the charges if he agreed not to sue the police department, which my dad had to sign because if there was even a slight chance of the charges sticking, he would lose his license to practice law.

Challenge at cop at all, even just demanding to see a warrant, and they immediately resort to violence, arrest you for no cause, and threaten to fuck up your entire life if you try and get justice. My dad used to be a big supporter of the police, too, but not anymore.

Good 'ol Merriam Webster turning a common mistake into a validated usage. Literally, is it's on antonym now. It can mean the literal literally, or the figurative literally, which is essentially the same as figurative. gg, no re

This thread is goddamn infuriating.

"If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal."

"what are you cuffing me for? I identify as a white male!"

"Oh, i apologize sir. You are free to leave."

Yeah what the hell was that whole "she doesn't need to give you information?" Like if she didn't do anything wrong what is wrong with asking for a badge number?

Wired in (or plugged into a cigarette lighter). It starts when you start the car. The better ones have shock detection that will automatically upload the preceding few minutes to a cloud account.

http://www.popularmechanics.com/cars/how-to/g9/5-dash-cams-tested/ These are all good choices under $300.


These are also good but more pricey. I have the blackvue myself and it's great. My brother and sister have the Garmin with the built in GPS and loves it.

I also suggest buying the smallest sd card size they have (if it's removable) and then buying your own. They jack up the price on cards like crazy.

THIS CRAP HAS TO STOP! I can feel the mother's panic and I would be the same way about my 14 and 15 year old children! Actually I would probably be MORE panicked and frantic. I would grab onto the car bumper like a rabid bear before I let them drive off to unknown places with my child. It is extra sad that I feel like I should also mention that I am white. My blood pressure has seriously risen from just watching that. WHEN WILL THIS STOP????

because most citizens have no clue that this is how the world is. most citizens don't know that corporations have taken over our politics.

my parents don't even believe that's how the world works. They can't fathom that only a few people own the media. etc etc.

we are taught not to talk about this stuff, not to ask about this stuff, and that our government is infallible until we figure it out ourselves. Some never figure it out.

I heard a radio program that explained that it is very common for leases to have stipulations that you will be thrown out of your apartment immediately if you are in any way involved in something that involves a crime on the property. In the show a woman and her family were thrown out after someone showed up to try to kill her son (ex-girlfriend sicced some thugs on him according to the mom).


Happened a few days ago.

They just mistook a 19 year old black woman for a 25 year old black man twice her size. It happens all the time, take your blinders off.

Habeas corpus has nothing to do with this.

Habeas pertains to the right to be brought before a Court after arrest.

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If we could excise all the people who make selfish, uninformed, bigoted choices, perhaps we could.

Black ones, yes they do.

Victim: "Uh, it was a kid, under 21, black, don't know how old"

police drive around neighborhood and arrest the closest black kid they find

Thus the old rule: never say shit to the cops.

Bambuser works for me.

It's the principle not the procedure. I agree it's not practical to enforce at this timeframe, but in principle police officers should be just as open in that moment about the official whereabouts of the son, especially if there are no practical reasons to hold back the release of that information. It is unlikely to ever come up in a court, but is one of those small infringements of our rights as citizens that we should keep note of. Especially in making sure that small everyday behavior doesn't become justified at a larger scale.

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Those arrested minors have a right to contact parents (the mom) and have her present during any police questioning while they're in custody.

Once they are booked.

No, that's true of ANY questioning while in custody. You're in custody any time you're not free to leave when you want to. If they are detaining you, then you're in custody. You are almost always in custody well before you're booked.

She did. Which is how the video is being posted. Try and keep up.

That's why you should: "Upload your videos automatically to the cloud. Get a dash cam. Know your rights."

The Dallas suburb of Arlington. Arlington might be the biggest city in the US that doesn't get any respect. Dallas Cowboys? Check. Texas Rangers? Check.

Arlington is a suburb of Dallas if Oakland is a suburb of San Francisco. Also, it's a shithole, so the increase of news stories such as this for the city is unsurprising.

That's my point. Anecdotes aren't a valid reason to stereotype against people. Otherwise I question your values with regards to racism, misogyny, etc.

As a Christian black male, I try to obey the law as much as I can. Yet almost every single interaction I've ever had with cops was bogus stops for bogus reasons. Does that mean every single cop is corrupt? No. Because the good ones leave me alone.

So the problem is that if I get stopped there's an extremely high chance it's not from a good cop. The main problem is that I have no idea which one is stopping me.

So we get back to what OP said: I don't trust cops.

Sure some (or even most) may be good... but I'm not going to assume that. It would be stupid.

Can you tell me where you're taking my son?

The phrase habeus corpus comes to mind....

See, you'd be on the right path, if corrupt police weren't such a HUGE issue around the globe, and majorly in the US lately...land that claims to be the best and the free-est.

We wouldn't have mass riots and protests, movements and groups dedicated entirely to the corruption and abuse by police, if it wasn't more than just...rare anecdotes.

They don't respect you.


I'll leave this here. From a lawyer and a detective. They both agree, don't talk to cops.

I agree anecdotes are everywhere and are vastly different. But I've had nothing but bad experiences with police. This is just probably the worst I had dealt with as it basically seemed like a low level coverup to protect another cop.

Historically, violence has been more effective than words.

I mean, unless you think the Founding Fathers politely negotiated the freedom of the colonies with King George III over some tea and biscuits.

It's a democracy isn't it? Vote for a better government then. I understand the "never has" part but "never will" sounds a little far fetched

Canada, Kansas.

you don't seem to understand.... the majority voted for one person, and we received a molesty cheeto instead. Democracy has too many loopholes to try and vote in change.

Which is an evasive way of saying, "The police do not follow them, nor are they punished for breaking them."

It's every cop who looks the other way which is 90 percent. The blue line is real. Never trust a cop.

A lot of America has this issue. Look at congress, the president has all of this evidence against him that he and his cabinet have colluded, obstructed, perjured, and everything else... yet congress refuses to say anything about it openly. When the opposite party is suspected of even minor mis-deeds, we hear 'lock her up' chants and six investigations open into the Benghazi mishap. The point isn't so much look at how badly our federal government is failing, but moreso that when even the highests levels of government fail to do what is right, it sets a horrific standard for the rest of the country. It's very much a 'boys club' mentality combined with fear over losing one's job by angering those paying their bills by hurting confidence in their party. With police, it's a boy's club, moreso.

I think a huge issue with police are that they have to deal with criminals so often that courtesy becomes a rare thing. You get numb to it and it becomes a part of your own personality to be rude, demanding, and direct because you are required to do so in order to do your job easily. Because of this, many officers will go on power trips.

Also, when you have poorer communities with high crime rates, there becomes a culture of hatred by the people toward the police which ends up being cyclical because acting poorly to police leads to them acting poorly to you and then it keeps going from there until it continues to escalate. Now, the original hatred toward police may have stemmed from racist actions by them at some point or any number of things, but because of how the cycle works, the reasons no longer matter.

What I think our communities can do better is show the people what police actually deal with. Maybe it will lead to more respect given to them which in turn will lead to less crazy acts by power hungry police officers. It doesn't excuse anything that's happened, I would never say there aren't racists and awful people who also happen to do a noble profession, but de-escalating the situation would do everyone some good.

It uploads live to your free account, you just need to give someone else access or access it at a later point in time if you've been arrested.