Woman Falling Over

this looks like the beginning of a cheesy, Cinemax softcore porno with stupid dialogues and intentionally terrible acting

I fell over before the gif even loaded

"Oh, no! Becky fell out of the hot tub! We'd better ask those hunky firemen in Apartment #69 for help!"

Brown Chicken, Brown Cow

I feel like I need to watch this is slow motion a few dozen times for research and better understanding.

I like this gif for reasons.

8 reasons to be exact.

/sub/gifsthatendtoosoon just one or two more seconds at the end would've been great.

She's gonna have back problems for the rest of her life. Also that fall might have made it worst

It’s messy

As opposed to regular porn where the dialogue and acting are world class?

I researched for two minutes

Usually 20k upvotes for one set of nipples, this gift also contains ass, an easy 100k by tomorrow.

Dan Bilzerians instagram

Eh they’re all bought & paid for, & probably high as a kite.

Guy is going to have a heart attack for real as he gets older if he keeps slamming that testosterone & doing blow all the time. He’s already had one close call with it.