Witchfire Teaser

Witchfire Teaser

The "But Also..." part made me laugh, because they must have been thinking of people exactly like me who shrug and start to loose interest right after seeing The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (not that it was bad, just not my thing). Well played, I'm excited now.

that was sick. got super baited into thinking it was a walking simulator but that looks great. dig the graveyard's aesthetic. gunplay looks lots of fun too. count me super interested.

This looked graphically impressive and the people behind it definitely got my curiosity. Here's hoping for the best.

"The Dark Souls of FPS games"

-game reviewer

Ha yeah, when the gun came up I figured they were just making clear it wasn't another "walking simulator" and then that caption. Superb.

I laughed out loud when it got the part that said "but also bulletstorm".

"From the creators of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter"

Ok, I do like melancholy games occasionally. This setting looks kind of supernatural tho-

gun comes out

"But also Painkiller and Bulletstorm"

OK, that made me laugh pretty hard.

A dark fantasy FPS reminds me a lot of Hexen, which I have fond memories of. Only now the graphics look incredible.

Other than DOOM and the rush kills I found the movement in the trailer to almost have a bloodborne feeling...enemy movement was a little projected, and an emphasis on dashing out of the way and following up with a quick counter-attack/blast. I feel like I usually don't see that type of movement in an FPS - unless I'm missing it from their other past games?

Is it just me or does this look amazing?! I felt like it deserved more fanfare other than “Well, here’s a trailer.” [trailer ends] “Anyway...”

"Also Painkiller and Bulletstorm" got a laugh from me and made me cheer. Love Ethan Carter, but that turn was just perfect and very happy this is an FPS!

"Dark Souls with guns"

-Adam Kovic

Definitely did not expect the trailer to go in that direction, but this seems very promising and it looks beautiful!

ten seconds in: "Damn, this looks as good as that Ethan Carter game."

From the creators of Ethan Carter...

"From the creators of Vanishing of Ethan Carter"

Well that's neat, don't think I'll go for it tho-

"And the creators of PAINKILLER and BULLESTSTORM





That bait n' switch was brilliant, and those visuals combined with a Serious Sam/Painkiller/Bulletstorm horder-of-monsters shooter?

Oh man. I'm not ashamed to say I'm really excited.

I felt the exact same way. Good to see self-acknowledgement in the trailer.

From the people working on it I'm expecting great atmosphere and story, pretty graphics, and fun and innovative gunplay, I can't wait.

I'm sure you'll get plenty of walking simulators in the next year, worry not.

They played that twist well.

The gameplay seems vaguely reminiscent of the Shadow Warrior reboot, which makes sense given the source material both games are probably drawing from.

idk bruh The Vanishing of Ethan Carter pretty much looked that good in game.

Oh cool a walking simu... oh

Stupid Walking simu-wait what?

As a fan of both "walking simulators" and Painkiller, I got hyped, and then had my mind blown. They knew exactly what they were doing.

Visually it really surprised me.

Here's some gameplay

It definitely reminded me of Painkiller, with an added dodge/dash move.

Painkiller's movement definitely feels a bit more "heavier" than older FPS. for reference. Of course, Painkiller is pretty old and was a bit of a budget title, so the smoothness in Witchfire seems like a logical step after all these years making games.

i totally thought it was pretty much just another horror but this looks nuts

The graphics seem to have a level of depth I haven't seen before, and I mean depth in a literal sense.

Bloodborne? Really? Does no one give a shit about Shadow warrior?

haha can hear it now

The guys at Vanishing can do this kind of graphics though.

That's exactly how I described it after seeing the trailer

I'm continually astonished at how such a small team makes such graphically impressive games. Ethan Carter set the bar and this looks to top even that. I know they make use of photogrammetry, but it's still really amazing what a few people can do. That shot at 0:20 onward is, in my humble opinion, the most visually impressive setpiece I've ever seen in a game.

That was such a great way to announce it. Show a beautiful landscape showcasing how graphically interesting it's gonna be, show that it's by people who know how to make great atmospheric games, then slap the viewer across the face with some sweet gameplay.

It's such a nice way to capitalize on how "walking simulators" infamously get a bad rep.

Do you work for IGN perchance?

You joke but when pitching an idea to investors, that really is the best way to describe an idea: it’s like Game A but with this mechanic from Game B. It makes it easier to understand.

It's from the creators of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, which also looked phenomenal. They used a technique called photogrammetry, which uses 3D cameras to turn real environments in to 3d environments.

It's from the creators of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, which . They used a technique called photogrammetry, which uses 3D cameras to turn real environments in to 3d environments.

This is one of the best trailers I've seen in a long time. I immediately recognized the aesthetic of Vanishing of Ethan Carter which I loved and was excited at the new initial scenery. But that dark fantasy shooter twist was hilarious and it looks really, really good. Really looking forward to this.

Amid Evil

Even though I saw the gun in the trailer thumbnail and knew it would be an FPS, the double-take still got a laugh out of me as well.

Also, this is unrelated to Witchfire, but since you mentioned you enjoyed Hexen: I recommend keeping an eye on the upcoming .

This is a joke, right? Shadow Warrior 2 came out just last year and did quite well commercially and regularly made the front page of this subreddit last year. Just look up the search feature and you'll find plenty of Shadow Warrior-related articles that get over 100 comments per thread.

Many have mentioned the twist, and for good reason. It's such a good move, holy shit. At first I found myself thinking oh shit, a gorgeous walking simulator. I'll have fun watching it on YouTube. Then a fucking shotgun came out and I sort of didn't even comprehend what had just happened, since I was thinking Ethan Carter. And then the fucking "But Also" came and I just burst out laughing. Easily the most exciting reveal from TGA for me, and if it had just been a straightforward gorgeous trailer of an action game I don't think I would've cared even close to as much.

And I feel like I can't say this enough, this looks fucking gorgeous.

The smoothness of the animations and motion were really outstanding, especially combined with that level of detail and great art direction. It looks like they're still using photogrammetry for their art production too, which was also used to great effect in RE7.

Nice twist guys. Loved the fakeout.

As well as the environments. Dang that was pretty! Definitely going to keep an eye on this!

Comparing anything that remotely resembles DS to DS is about the hackiest thing you can do. Congrats. You did it in record time!


The older I get the more I appreciate these 'walking sims' as artful experiences. Don't get me wrong, killing Moblins and assassinating people is fun every now and again....but I just don't have the time these games usually require anymore.

With a game like Ethan I don't just get a game, I get an experience in the form of beautiful environments, amazing soundtracks, loving developers, and great communities. There's no complaining about 'balance this balance that' or how unfair microtransactions/weird mechanics are. You legit get what you see and you can go at your own pace.

I can open up Life is Strange and sit in the diner for hours while studying irl thinking of simpler times. I can chill atop the house in Edith Finch and reflect on life. I can reflect on hard times while traversing the caves in Dear Esther, or revisit childhood memories of going urban exploring with a friend via FireWatch.

No Assassins Creed or Doom is ever going to do what these titles do for me.

Clearly not enough people have been playing oldschool shooters besides Doom.

The thought of a dwarf or hobbit running through a fantasy world blasting the hell out of supernatural creatures is both a hilarious and awesome one.