Wisconsin's Gov. Walker to drug test food stamp users

Wisconsin's Gov. Walker to drug test food stamp users
Wisconsin's Gov. Walker to drug test food stamp users

Shouldn't he drug test all government employees, including himself then? They all receive public money

Florida tried this before with their welfare system. It's a waste of time and money.

I guess in a week we find out Mrs Walker owns the analysis lab that handles the testing? That's how this works, right?

Not if your wife is getting paid by the company doing the drug tests.

...and CEOs of companies that get public funds/subsidies.

but seriously, this has been tried many times and it's not worth the expense

Because that's never been a huge waste of time and money with the sole purpose of shaming the poor and trying to find a justification for cutting off food stamp programs.

We should drug test every politician before every paycheck they receive.

Michigan tried it as well and it did miserably.

And Tennessee. And Kansas. About 1% tested positive. Drugs is expensive, folks.

I have heard this argued, literally tens of times.

There is plenty of historical data for states that implemented programs that the rate that they catch drug-users using food stamps doesn't even scratch the surface of the cost to administer the drug test.

The only one that benefits are the drug-test companies.

Fair. I'd not considered that angle. Haha.

It's a reference to what happened in Florida, if I recall correctly. So, yes, it happened.

Government employees do get drug tested..

Also demeaning as fuck. “Why can’t you afford food, are you a druggie?”

Which is why you'll never find any in Halloween candy.

If it literally did nothing, it'd be a much better move. This wastes a bunch of tax money.

You don't have to own a lab to accept a bribe from one.

Do elected officials?

Do nothing, feel good conservative move.

Haha. I forgot about Michigan. ZERO positive test results? Amazing.

How about don't waste taxpayer money on pointlessly drug testing poor people?

What's the end goal here? Make the food stamps program simultaneously feed less people while still costing more money?

These states have not seen any sort of drastic reduction in benefits costs, so it's safe to say that there are not actually a glut of junkies taking all the welfare as the GOP platform contends, that suddenly stopped due to these policies.

And whatever is saved on the people that don't show up, you more than lose on the perpetual testing you have to do.

But of course, saving money isn't the point.

In Florida it was 40 people who did not show up. Not exactly huge.

An additional 40 people canceled the tests without taking them.


Now hold on, that might not be true. He could’ve just received campaign contributions cough, a bribe, cough to do it

That's good. That means you're probably not a total piece of shit.

Wal-Mart employees collect food stamps. Because they get paid dirt.

also even people addicted to drugs deserve to eat

Because it starts with the assumption of an imaginary problem pushed by conservatives (poor people are poor because they make bad choices like drugs) and is used by politicians to demonize the poor as a smoke screen to strip funding from assistance programs while maintaining corporate welfare, tax cuts for private jets and credits for dressage horses (Google that one. It's ridiculous).

The party of Christian conservatives spends its time demonizing poor people and forcing them to jump through hoops so they can get the bare minimum assisstance to feed their families.

More than 80% of recipients of government assistance are members of working households who don't make enough to make ends meet. The rest are children, elderly, disabled and active duty military.

If there was an actual problem with drug useage leading to widespread food stamp useage, then it would be a logical argument. If the worry is "federal dollars shouldn't go to drug users", that should include every politician and every CEO of every company who received subsidies and handouts from the government.

But for the GOP, it only poor people who want to eat and no one else. It's the most transparent and tired attack on the poor. They've done it before, found nothing, wasted money and looked like jackasses.

My roommate works for the state Health Department and has never been drug-tested. Many professionals would see a drug test as a violation of their personal privacy and dignity. (She could be making a lot more money as a consultant in the private sector, so it's not like she has to grovel for a job)

The only one that benefits are drug test companies

No shit. That's the point. Walker (and the republican party in general) isn't interested in the public good. It wants to funnel money to their donors and humiliate the poor, that's it.

I almost never hear about the percentage of people who don't show up because they know they'll fail it

Well, did the number of people on welfare/amount of money spent on welfare decrease? If not, then this policy is useless.

I always hear this and I almost never hear about the percentage of people who don't show up because they know they'll fail it... I remember when the Florida one was enacted only 20 - 25% of people showed up to take it.

Not saying drugs are the only reason people didn't take the test, it is degrading as fuck. But you know people love to throw statics around that benefit their own beliefs.

I don't know, it seems like the only thing he gets high on is the bible.

Also wasn't the DeVos school voucher thing in Wisconsin Michigan? Where her family made tons of money off of the shift to charter schools?

Yes, the poor should simply starve to death in the streets.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

I prefer having that drug testing money used to fix up potholes.

Sounds good on paper. Problem is that poor people generally can't afford drugs, and every past instance of these programs has resulted in a substantial expenditure of money for a problem that doesn't exist.

And almost all isn't "every elected official befor3 every paychecl"

Since when? I have never been drug tested by the State of CA

The Walker administration estimated that a small fraction of the program's applicants — 220, or 0.3 percent, of the 67,400 applicants a year — would actually test positive for drugs.

So ... what is it going to cost to catch 220 offenders? I'd imagine someone is making some serious money on this.

Yeah, but aren't these the same people who want a giant and expensive border wall, and gave us the inept TSA?

wasting money on things that make Republicans feel good is past time.

Let's do some math on this:

The average food stamp benefit per household is about $125/mo or $1500/yr.

It costs about $40 to administer and process a drug test, so the cost to test all 67,400 applicants per year is about $2.7M.

In other words, the state would need to catch 1800 drug offenders ($2.7M annual cost of drug testing program / $1500 annual benefit per person) just to break even.

The program is projected to catch 220 offenders, saving the state $330,000, but falling short of the break even number by $2.4M.

In simpler terms, the state saved an abysmal $0.12 for every $1.00 it spent drug testing SNAP recipients.

Don't forget they also should have bootstraps to pull themselves up with.

Sounds like they should go after the specific people in that facebook group then instead of wasting money time and reaources testing everyone "Just in case". Unless you are supportive of group punishment for the actions of a statistically insignificant few.

I bought my first pair of bootstraps using a small loan of only a million dollars. If I can do it, anyone can.

Of course not. Have you seen Mike Pence's nose? It looks like half of Bolivia went up that thing.

I wonder how many religious conservatives support this move. After all, Jesus famously said "Feed the poor and downtrodden. Unless they have a drug addiction. Then let 'em starve."

It's all about shaming poor people and thereby raising the barrier to entry into the system.

Okay, who does he know/is related to that owns the testing company?

Just like there were all those evil welfare queens that Reagan warned us about in the 80s? Your scaremongering and bigotry is pathetic.

Did that in Michigan, turned out to be a big waste of taxpayers money.

"You do drugs? Okay then you don't get to eat" doesn't seem like very sound logic for a welfare program meant to help the less fortunate.

What? No. They tested welfare recipients and it costs more to test the population of welfare recipients than the benefit received by catching the individuals using drugs and excluding them from receiving welfare.

Or stopped until they got tested and started up again afterwards, like when some people are job hunting.

And Walmart takes in something like 30% of all food stamp money as well. Basically taxpayers are paying a portion of their employees’ salary because they can’t manage to offer a living wage.

DeVos, to our everlasting shame, is from Michigan.

You say this until you or someone you love suddenly finds themselves in the unfortunate and unlucky position of needing one or more of those three. Then your tune changes, because it's no longer the anonymous person you don't know needing help.

Its just another Republican power/money grab. Wouldnt shock me to find out Walker has some family/friend who owns the lab testing company (similar to the same shit Florida tried pulling for welfare recipients).

Republicans sure do love preaching small less intrusive gubberment amiright Repubs?! Between this and the "look the other way" tactics we see them pulling with Trump and Moore maybe 2018 they'll no longer hold a majority and the country can begin healing the wounds.

From my experience as a child, addicted parents may choose to fuel their habit over putting food on the table. Food stamps most often go to families with children. I understand the resentment of those who don't work and get benefits, but please don't take it out on the children... I didn't even always get to eat with getting food stamps, let alone if we didn't get them at all...

Except these people still need to eat. Its not like they are found with drugs in their system so they are no longer a drain on society. I would rather they got food stamps so they dont have to steal.

You don't witch hunt the majority for the actions of the minority. That's fucking stupid.

So someone who has worked their whole life, falls ill or is victim of a tragedy and has to live on welfare for some amount of time didn't earn it?

so, once?

Holy shit is that true?