Winter Wonderland Returns Teaser!

Winter Wonderland Returns Teaser!

That winston scares me

I feel blue balled that there’s no skins being showed :(

Yeah, they really don't want to spoil anything this time. Just like they did with Moira to be honest! I'm excited for the Hanzo skin though. He looks so nice on the last year comics!

On the letter you can see two new sprays, probably from the new brawl achievements. =)

Didn’t know what you meant at first. Thought you were mentioning the sticker inside the invitation but something caught my eye after looking at Mei’s skin for a bit to see a giant silhouette in the background just watching her from afar. 😬

I'm putting a rock in this one.

Pretty clever that they used the Yeti Hunter skin

Another teaser yeti again

Meibe it'll be fun

Not really clever. They're not exactly going to use Firefighter, are they?

Pat pat pat

I might be in the minority, but I can't wait for the snowball fight mode to come back. It's been my favorite of all the holiday modes (although Lucioball is a close second).

Yeah I’ll definitely be picking up that Hanzo skin. Looks very nice

This was already confirmed, though.


That Mei spray is amazing. I need it in my life.

the winston in the background monkaS

I think I enjoyed it too at first, but then it completely tilted me while I was trying to get all achievements. I'm an achievement hunter so I wouldn't rest until I got them all. I didn't know if they would come back at any point back then, so...

And here I am hoping the Yetti brawl is enjoyable and has doable achievements.

we will, just not in this event, its gonna be bundled with a bunch of skins including the young rein short, as well as the new skins based on blizzards other games.

I’ve missed that menu music so much! Yesssss!

I'm guessing that the Winston one is for killing every Mei while in Primal Rage and the Mei one is for getting the final blow on Winston x amount of times