William Osman's House burned down.

William Osman's House burned down.

"This is, like, everything in my house, just more burnt." I feel bad that I laughed at that line.

I can't believe his house burned down and he wasn't the cause.

In all seriousness this really sucks. Rooting for him to comeback better than ever in the future,

Oh fuckk me.. he starts out so optimistic like a normal upload ready for good times..and it turns out it wasn't a joke.. and gets sadder.. Poor William.. :\

Very relieving the GFM is more than 3x the goal... Best of luck Will

E: I kinda hope we get enough to outright buy him a house. It's an ask. But it would be so cool.

He's a funny guy using comedy to get through a bad time, I think it's ok.

Idk who he is, but I live in Ventura. It's been a hellish 2 days

So sad, he is such a good dude. His channel is GOLD

This video hit me hard because William is such a wholesome dude. I'm just glad everyone is all right...except for Mister Bones. :(.

on the bright side, only 5 min after the video got posted his gofundme hit 1.5k.

It is now at 56k hot damn.

80k now.

Like many, I was moved to tears watching this video. And the insurance agent in me can’t help but reiterate what he says about renters insurance. Ladies and gentlemen, insurance is not a scam or a racket. Pay the $20 a month for a decent renters policy with adequate replacement cost coverage. Most will cover your belongings anywhere in the world against perils like this and others. Renters insurance can also reimburse you for expenses incurred related to evacuations and temporary living arrangements after a disaster like this. And if you have a policy, learn from him and review your policy to make sure you have enough coverage, it takes like 2 minutes.

I’m not trying to sell anything, I just understand that most people don’t know a whole lot about insurance. I’m genuinely passionate about educating people on this subject because it could save you from compete financial devastation.

Poor guy. He seems like a good dude and I hope he gets back on his feet real soon.

I've really got into William Osman's channel, and what makes this whole thing hit home for me is that I'm a volunteer bush firefighter here in Australia. I've built this emotional connection to William, his kooky way of doing things, and now it's literally all gone and all he could salvage was his computer and a fork. It becomes easy to see scenes of sad people picking through the wreckage of their lives for 30 seconds on a TV, but when you've been watching then for so much longer, and all of a sudden they post a video like this... I mean shit, man.

But what makes it extra weird for me is that it's summer here, in Australia. We're supposed to be having the devastating bushfires. It's winter in California right now.

Insurance is a scam and a racket. You are just stupid if you don't have it.

"We found a fork... the fork looks pretty good"

I figured I'd just give him $20 and call it even.

If you can, consider splitting that 20 between him and a releif fund / volunteer department / emergency shelter for the other residents affected. These fires hit everyone hard

So when I saw the title I was like, that’s what you get for using a jerry rigged laser. That’s not the case, and that’s sad, I was also hoping it was a joke. Also not the case. Hopefully he’s able to get through this with as little trouble as possible

Last night was ridiculous, the sky orange and full of smoke.

It really got to me when he started crying. I've never seen him without a smile on his face.

Oh the sad sad irony :(

"I will cherish this fork" i don't get sensitive much but that sentence really made me tear up.

He's a YouTuber who makes ridiculously stupid/hilarious science projects. Hoping you and yours make it out okay...his GoFundMe is going great, but there are tons of non-famous people who aren't so lucky.

B-B-But... They aren't famous!

hopefully everyone else in that valley have a 300k YouTube channel as well.

The original goal was 1k and I donated a few bucks before it hit that goal....

Now it's blown way past that...

It's sorta strange I found out from Peter brown first.

Well put, fuck insurance companies. I will continue getting insurance with appropriate coverage though.

A cheesy Halloween decoration that made frequent appearances in his videos, usually when laser cutting pieces for his projects.

I just lost my house to this same fire a few blocks from where this video was shot. It's stunning how much can be lost overnight. Still hard to accept. Somewhat therapeutic though to see this being in the exact same situation as William. Hope he will be alright, and hopefully I will too.

The mathematical reality of money determines whether you can really bounce back, rather than any attitude. Not trying to be a downer, but after losing all my stuff that was just the way it was, couldn't replace it because it had taken years of saving and frugal money management to just buy it all.

Really humanizes the situation when people with an media presence are affected. The death toll is at 43 people this year from California wild fires. Thousands are evacuating now fleeing raging fires.

We have brutal winds in the L.A. area called Santa Anas. They come in both the summer and winter -- believe it or not, these fires have been somewhat easier to fight because they are not accompanied by intense heat. However, the cold Santa Anas are bringing dry conditions and really fanning the flames. It's a seasonal thing here... sucks.

Yeah there's hundreds of people who have lost their homes here and thousands evacuated. Here's the view from my street last night. https://imgur.com/8ycsIia

Some more pictures in Ventura


Yeah there's hundreds of people who have lost their homes here and thousands evacuated. Here's the view from my street last night.

Some more pictures in Ventura https://imgur.com/DzfOlAX


My house burned down and my dad died in these fires. These have been the hardest weeks of my life 

edit: Here's a before and after pic of my house if anyone's interested

My house burned down and my dad died in these fires. These have been the hardest weeks of my life


Unfortunately, these fires are affecting quite a few people in California, including William.

If you can, consider donating to one of these nonprofits:

California Community Foundation Napa Valley Community Foundation Sonoma County Community Foundation Mendocino County Disaster Fund American Red Cross

This fuckin sucks man. This couldn't have happened to a better dude. Really hope he lands on his feet. I can't imagine how I would feel if I were in his place right now.

RIP Mister Bones.

The gofundme in question.

Neither is this guy, really.

It was like watching Mount Doom from afar

He'll land on his feet because of all his fans paying for his loss. I feel worse for you than for him.

I survived the Santa Rosa fires in October. What I recommend is to get all fire related information from your local fire chief and the local radio station. It really saved us up here because the power went out and the cell towers went down. All we could do is listen to the radio. It ended up being extremely helpful and way more informative than the news which really sucked because they panned to a neighborhood close to my house and just said the entire neighborhood and surrounding areas were gone, and that was totally false. Also firemaps are helpful but make sure you can differentiate between evacuation maps and burn maps, literally gave me a heartattack when I thought the evacuation map was the burn map.

Is this where I'm supposed to be dick by pointing out that a lot of people lost their homes who aren't getting that kind of suppprt?

His gofundme is over 85k right now so I'm sure his situation is going to be about attitude. His situation is an anomaly though. Your point is valid.


I never watched his content. Who was Mister Bones? A pet?

At first i legit thought his laser was the reason it burned down. Which i'm glad isn't the case, it just sucks to see such a great guy have to suffer like this.

My house burned down 13 years ago. I was 15 at the time on vacation overseas with family. It sucked. Everything was gone. Couple things I can say from that experience, it will get better. Its like getting a completely clean slate and new start to your life. Of course the loss is horrible, but you really gotta look at the fact that you have your life, and your health in that situation. I lost all my childhood toys, my baby videos, my memories in my old house, and insurance barely covered everything. It was sad times, but I'm in a happy point of my life and we as a family of 5 moved on.

Take the time though and search and dig through the rubble and ash. Think about where everything was last before the fire. You NEVER know what survived the fire and you'll never know how much something small means to you until you find it in that pile of burnt debris. Of everything I had I found a small bracelet my grandmother gave me and just that one small thing was enough to give me solace. It made my absolute day to find that. I regret not taking more time to search for other things, but it just gets to point where you can only sift through a burnt house so much. But again, the things are just things, the memories live on in your mind, and you're safe and can life your life with a different sense of appreciation and make many many more memories.

Not to minimize the devastation here, but seems like he’ll be alright financially. That’s more than I make in 2 yrs. I’m worried about the ppl like me who have little support and even lesser means.

Oh now i get why near the start of the video he said I know that some of you will think this is my fault.

Edit: Turns out the video right before this he says "I should probably burn this house down"

I laughed too. But idk. He seems like the kind of guy to be able to bounce back by making jokes like that

Ye, major props to him for keeping it lighthearted and jokey for so long, but something like this is just too much

Who is it? I thought it was some random guy of the internet. Guess I'm getting old and can't get in the loop.

YouTuber who makes things (Wallace and Grommit contraption type things) with his main tool being a laser cutter he made.

They did nothing for me, he entertains me

From his last video. Oh lordy.

I paid $134 for my renters insurance this year.

Have you tried not being a child arsonist? Those things would increase your premiums.

Yeah. Think also supposed to point out that he had insurance.

I have a few friends who where dealing with these kind of fires a few months ago. I live in tornado ally and its just devastating how almost nothing can survive this kind of thing.

I hope he finds a new place and gets some things replaced the only bright side I can see in it is that no one was hurt or harmed he knew.

I didn't know he lived in Ventura and was so convinced he just lit his house on fire with the laser

We also have dickhead arsonists. The mountains I live in have been lit on fire 6-7 times intentionally since May, 3 separate arsonists were arrested.

Today there were several wildfires in the foothills area of my community, a few can be attributed to a downed power line, car crash, and engine fire spreading to vegetation but there were 4-5 suspicious fires from 1:00pm-3:30pm and then 2 more vegetation fires between 6:30pm-7:30pm. Fucking like 10 fires today, what the shit

Ventura native here, currently living in Idaho. Stay safe my friend. Sad to see my hometown on the front page like this.

I mean the guy works his ass off to make people smile with his weird contraptions. He and his friends are good people who make people's lives better and those people want to show their support.

If it makes you feel any better I bet he's likely to donate a chunk of it to a relief effort when the gofundme ends. Even if he kept it all I wouldn't blame him though.

"I need to, like, burn this whole house down"

It was fun to see him being so optimistic at first. When he actually started crying, it really crushed me. I really didn't expect him to get emotional. The perpetual happiness he has in his videos just made it seem impossible. He's always so fun in his other videos, he makes anything entertaining. Seeing him upset like this almost had the same impact on me as seeing my gf cry. I don't even know. I love William, and it makes me happy to see that my donation contributed to his gofundme, which has exceeded $87k at this point.

William if you're reading this for some reason, you're a superstar. I'm sure you will find another laser soon.

90k now. That warms my heart.


Oh wait here's another one:

Ya... the guy lost his belongings, sure that sucks and all. But wtf? 90 fucking thousand dollars? Not even including his insurance? I just can't help but feel weird about the reality of that payday.

Another time in my life I'm glad to be wrong.

^ More specifically a small plastic skeleton

(He showed off the CAD models ;) )

I give it an hour max before we're above the $10,000 goal. Insane.

Edit: 20 minutes after the video is posted we're at $8,000.

Edit 2: It only took 23 minutes to surpass $10,000.

All of today has felt like living in Mordor

I think what's also weird is that he literally said in his last video that he should 'burn the house down ND start over'. Creepy.

Also might not be the last video, I suck, but it's the video with the self shooting milk spoon

Shit, i thought it was a cat

This guy is amazing. I was legit heartbroken watching this video. I hope it works out for him.

So I've been wanting to get renters insurance for about a year now, but every policy I've looked at has been $90-120 a month. I'm not trying to insure anything crazy expensive, I mostly just want a policy so that if something happens to my stuff I'm not totally fucked.

Am I just looking into the wrong policies? I always see the 20-40 dollar amount thrown around but i've never been able to find anything even close to that price. Since you're an insurance agent do you have any policies/companies/any extra info to steer 24 year old me in the right direction?

EDIT: I'm in Oregon, if that matters.

Link to his GoFundMe campaign: https://www.gofundme.com/osmans-fire-relief

It's already at $4k!

Is there a better organization to donate to? I absolutely never ever donate to the american red cross.

edit: thanks

Honestly one of my favorite content creators that came to light recently. It sucks this happened. Hope he can bounce back.

lol nobody's going to give a dime to anyone else.

He's got a good attitude and a lot of support from fans. I know he'll land on his feet. Can't wait to see Retina Smelter 9001

I'm so sorry.

If that ends up being really one of the only objects that made it out in good condition, I would make a little frame for it and hang that bad boy in my bedroom to see every morning and remind myself how grateful I need to remember to be.

I can't imagine the loss that he is feeling. Having years of memories and all taken from you so mercilessly... Such a painful thought.

last I checked 82k. That is enough to get his house back or find a new one but he mentioned he had tools and equipment lost. I am guessing he will need around maybe 125 or more to replace everything.

You mean like this one?:

Federal ATF agent Mike Matassa believes that Fire Captain and Arson Investigator John Orr set nearly 2,000 fires between 1984 and 1991.[25] Furthermore, arson investigators cited that after Orr was arrested, the number of brush fires in the nearby foothill areas decreased by over ninety percent.[9]

On the other hand a video series about him building a new one would get mad views, he built the last one before he started Youtubing.

Sorry about your dog

The average house cost in Ventura county is over 500k. Just felt like pointing out 82k is not enough to get a house or find a new one.

Man this guy is going places. I remember I found him just browsing randomly. Then his subscriber count started rising and he got his invention on Neistats channel.

I can see him being big time on this platform and I’m more than willing to help him land back on his feet. Honestly I’m about to tweet at Adam Savage to do a video with him just to cheer him up. I feel like he would love that.

Bundle with car

I'm hoping they share some of the money to other victims. He seems a pretty wholesome dude so it's possible.

He said he had renter's insurance. So he rented it.

"I'll cherish this fork" got me.

Agreed. If I can afford the deductible, I'm good. I'll probably never use it. I'm a low risk individual.

That said, my house burned down in November 2014. Total loss. It turned into a minor financial gain, but I really wish it never happened. The biggest losses were my dog and a necklace from my grandmother. Money doesn't help with that.

Right? :(

What a blow. On the up side the donation goal has been reached in like minutes which is amazing. Hope the Osmans take what they need and pass the rest to the community too.

I did however find myself saying: IT'S WILDFIRE TIME thumping bass

Who is William Osman?

About a quarter of my relatives have been evacuated out of Ojai. We're hoping for the best.

He has a slightly childish sense of humour, he does a lot of CAD work making random things with his laser cutter( retina smelter 9000). He normally is very happy and always smiling during his videos. There is a slight education value but mostly just messing around.


Get insurance with deductibles so they can refuse to pay unless its literally going to bankrupt you

OP!! Here is a relevant post. I sent to a buddy who lost some stuff and he found it very helpful in his claim



No good but I have a feeling his fans will be more than willing to help him out here.

Please consider donating to this and watch the whole video. This is a very humble guy who made his laser cutter himself, and near the end of the video he broke down. We need to pull together and help William out❤️

yeah its at 16k already lol

18.5k 21.5k 24k now, the Internet is a great place