Donald Trump once raped his ex-wife Ivana back when they were married.

And his lawyer claimed it was not possible for a husband to rape a wife.

This cartoon is heavy handed

Hey man, it's just Newton's 2nd 3rd law

Just to be clear, it is true that his lawyer made that argument, not the rape thing?

There have been two reasonably prominent White House staffers who quit after their records of domestic abuse were revealed. It is now also known that the White House not only knew they were employing people who beat their partners but actively tried to cover it up.

After it came out, Trump not only did not condemn their actions, he praised the individuals. This is the same person who said that "sons of bitches" who knelt for the Anthem should be fired.

Not sure why you're being downvote. They must have missed the punch line.

Amazingly, that's actually true.

Today, marital rape is illegal in all 50 states. It hasn’t always been that way and the definition still varies by state. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marital_rape_(United_States_law)

Its both true in that Trump probably did that and that there are legal presidents set for this argument. Fucked up but true in a lot of places once you're married you have very little recourse. Even sadder in some places even if you aren't married there is very little recourse.

I don't think trump can operate a plaster..

In before apologists say she "retracted" that statement, which was a condition of the divorce. It was a statement made under oath, and not contested, and if it was a false statement, she'd have been charged with perjury.

The same man who thinks anthem kneelers should be fired does not think wife beaters should be fired

White House Staffer beat his wife multiple people in the Trump circle defend him including Trump and Kellyanne Conway. Theres probably a "better" source on this but I didn't feel like investing the effort.


These were wife beaters who handled classified information. Rob Porter is a Mormon who could theoretically be excommunicated from his church for wife-beating (even if it rarely happens), so he was a prime target for blackmail from foreign governments.

People who work with classified documents (and probably read more of them than Trump does) should not be wife-beaters, or have any other flaws that could lead to blackmail. That's why the FBI vets them. The GOP President didn't seem to care about that though.

Nonviolently protesting gets you called epithets. Beating your wife earns you jobs and praise. It is telling of the character of the man.


No, it was illegal in New York when he raped her in 1989.


Well, at least in Newtonian physics.

I think people are just taking jabs at /u/Apex_Lobster

What is this cartoon referencing?

You heard it here first folks! If you satirize a wife beater, you're a cuck. You're only alpha if you support assaulting women. MAGA!!

legal presidents


In addition to that they lied and said they had no idea he was a wife beater and they were still doing a background check, the FBI came back and said they told the white house about this in December and finished the background check a month ago.

Do you not believe in "sinners"?

There seems to be no limit to your forgiveness. What if next it's a child molester? Will the folks at T_D find a way to circle the wagons and forgive that one also?

We might ask them whether there were any more staffers with records of domestic abuse, but they we could have no credibility at all in their response.

I hope some journalists are digging through public records on everyone there.

Not a troll. Curious as to why you think I am though.

This seems like something you come up against a lot.

In the USA statutory law supersedes common law. Common law says it’s not a crime to rape your wife but every single state has a statute adding that it is. So it’s pretty straightforwardly illegal for a few decades now.

the Hillary administration


yeah i love the little detail of all the failed attempts on the floor

Like Roy Moore?

Oh no, she said he raped her. She later retracted it sort of by saying she didn't mean "criminal rape" whatever that means. Supposedly he threatened to tie up the divorce for decades and make sure she got nothing if she didn't retract her statement and agree not to talk about it anymore.

Also it's worth mentioning that Ivana only retracted the claim that what he did should be called rape. She never retracted the claim that he assaulted her by ripping out a handful of her hair and forcing himself on her.

During a deposition given by me in connection with my matrimonial case, I stated that my husband had raped me.

I wish to say that on one occasion during 1989, Mr Trump and I had marital relations in which he behaved very differently toward me than he had during our marriage.

As a woman, I felt violated, as the love and tenderness which he normally exhibited toward me, was absent. I referred to this as a ‘rape,’ but I do not want my words to be interpreted in a literal or criminal sense.

So even though he paid her $14mil+ to retract the rape statement, he's still a domestic abuser.

Just because you have no empathy doesn't mean other people have no empathy. This is called projection or "everyone must be like me" syndrome.

Literally shaking rn

Stop shaking the nurses. They have enough trouble dealing with crazies like you.

Why even ask if you're not here in good faith? You're sure as hell not swaying or undermining anything.

The EMT logo is a pig, perfectly fitting.

He’s just sharing his darkest fantasies with the internet.


And what does "This is the same person who said that "sons of bitches" who knelt for the Anthem should be fired." have to do with this?

Typical trump supporter response, ignore the facts and attack the rest of the statement.

Trump supports wife beaters. Period. Full stop.



Well, to be fair, I downvotes it....just so I could then upvote it and feel like I gave it +2

Don't be silly, of course there's a limit. I mean, god forbid they have a [D] next to their name.

Just one example...many never make it through trial, but def can be arrested/convicted for raping your wife. Conviction of NY man raping his wife, 1995

It was illegal in New York in 1989 when the rape was committed. End of story.

Maybe part of it is not wanting to associate with wife beaters.

Chants "Lock her up!"


Cries about due process for your own guys

Better healthcare, environmental protections, education, consumer protections, net neutrality, rule of law, etc etc etc all just part of the anti-trump circlejerk. Basically the same as the Republican Party, right?

“The left doesn't have anything to offer except an anti-Trump circlejerk. That might win a few elections here and there, but it's hardly a national platform.”

Wow! Your not for real are you? Have you been sober for any of the last eight years? You realize how many Congressional republicans literally built their careers on being anti obama? and trumps campaign was built around being anti Hillary. The fucker still brings her up as if she’s still in a government position.

I appreciate the pun


I mean, even if it was legal wouldn't it still be rape?

You mean when he takes the side of people like Roy Moore and Porter despite statements and investigations that say the opposite? We better ignore facts I guess...

On the one hand, Russian interference seems to be a growing problem.

On the other, if "defending beaten wives" makes you pathetic, you have to wonder who is writing their playbook.

It didn't become an issue until the public found out and started moralizing.

You're right, blackmailing them by saying you would reveal this information to the public would have done nothing. Something is wrong with your statement. I wonder if you can figure out what it is?

It’s a good cartoon, but a man who commits domestic violence doesn’t necessarily have to look like a goon. Rob Porter, by all accounts, seemed like a totally nice, normal, regular guy. As far as all of us know, the only people who knew he was beating his wives were his wives and the FBI/Trump Whitehouse. Don’t ever let outward appearances solely determine whether or not to believe a woman who says she’s being abused.

Jesus christ dude, how many rapes do you think have witnesses? It is always someones word. And who is making false statements now? A "bitter" ex?

wtf is the "Hillary Administration"? Don't you guys go on and on about how she lost?

There's no hard evidence on either side so I don't know what to believe.

There are pictures of a beaten woman who says she was beaten by her ex husband. He's saying "it's not what it looks like."

Both of his ex-wives are saying they divorced him for his abuse.

If you don't know what to believe you're either extremely naive or being intentionally obtuse.

You people are just pulling the exact same strategy you did with Roy Moore and his accusers. No amount of evidence and documented patterns of behavior will stop you from playing dumb and misrepresenting facts to confuse every discussion. It's despicable and nobody is buying your nonsense.

I had no idea what was going on and appreciate the question and answer, though it looks like the asker is just looking to pick an argument, which is a shame.

I thought Trump claimed he didn't know. Did he know now? Because only Trump can actually approve a person who failed their background check to handle classified materials for that kind of job, so if he didn't know, then other WH personnel are going behind Trump's back, and that is very illegal.

And it doesn't blow the "blackmail" argument — the person was access could still not want someone else to find out his crime/sin, like a wife or extended family or whomever. In fact, this makes it worse — the FBI told the WH, the WH decided not to care about blackmail potential, and let it slide.

You like this comment huh Rtard.

Lol. This comic is the real domestic abuser!!!!

No one knew bandaids were so confusing!

“White House Staffer beat his wife multiple people in the Trump circle defend him including Trump and Kellyanne Conway. Theres probably a "better" source on this but I didn't feel like investing the effort.


Missed the opportunity for an absurdly long stethoscope.

If she lied under oath, it's perjury. She's subsequently free to say whatever she wants (or is contractually required to) while not under oath, but if it was a false statement, it's perjury. Them's the laws.

Perjury is a rare and tricky charge, for sure, but Donnie never even constested it. It was true then, it's true now.

Gravity is "just a theory!" Teach the controversy.

People stop bothering is a real problem.

You know it's not meant literally right? Trump isn't actually providing first aid.

You should read the news.

/u/takeBerniesload , if I may be so formal as to address you by your username, it seems you haven't kept up much with the news surrounding these stories. These women ended their relationships with Porter et al, which means there's not a huge level of concern for these women's welfare at the moment. I'm sure if there was a woman currently being beaten by a Trump staffer, then we would be very concerned. But the idea that Trump stumbling into every mistake and controversy headfirst is an indictment of his critics is enough to make a cat laugh. Four indictments and a wave of testimonies from former staffers attest to the failures of Trump's presidency. I can't wait until Mueller gets a chance to sit down with Trump

I think we're calling them MAGAts now.

Political cartoons are always exaggerated to the point of being ridiculous. That's part of the artform.

So, blackmail?

I'm assuming he thinks that if he takes up as much time as possible of people who actually have a clue about the things that are going on in the world, he can prevent a blue midterm.

That’s simply not true. Something has to be provably false for the person to be charged with perjury. Not being charged with perjury isnt the metric by which we decide something was true or false. People say things in court every court and every day that the court later rules against but perjury isn’t sought.

Don’t let the political optics of the situation make you say things that aren’t true.

I don't like Trump, so that's what I post. But it's an open sub. If you find anything you like you can easily post that yourself.

Sometimes I feel like someone forgot to tell all the MAGA people that kinky roleplaying is fun, and there's nothing inherently wrong with having a cuckold fetish, but it's not cool to involve random strangers in your scene without their consent.

...more lies and distractions. No one is saying he pissed on the hookers. The claim is that the hookers did the pissing.

Nuanced legal commentary on Reddit?

What the fuck is happening

I would say yes. But morals matter very little to this man and without the law its "subjective"

Thank you Mr. Mackey..

It's almost 9am in Moscow. The troll farms are starting their days.

Or you know, listened to Trumps comments about this.

This is more disgusting than covering up for wife beaters?

Did you just equate smoking weed as being a comparable crime to beating your wife?

Check your moral compass, I think yours needs a realignment.

Edited for clarity in initial question.

Maybe he's the Utah cop than arrested that nurse (and cost the city $500,000).

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"democrats call people racist for no reason!"

You people are the fucking worst

That image was from 13 years ago. It's kind of strange she kept it for so long.

Yes, who on earth keeps pictures!?! Is that honestly what you're going with? lol.

Go back to The_Donald, you guys need some more time to work out your talking points, that was embarrassing.

Or turned black! /shudders

I mean to be fair here marital rape has existed well before Trump's America, and unless our legal system drastically changes will exist after Trump's America too.

It's just way harder for a lawyer to prove sex that occurs within a marriage is non-consensual, compared to sex that say occurs between strangers in an alley. Rape is hard enough to prove.

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He defended two aides accused of beating their spouses. When photos were released of one woman's bruises, Trump said numerous times he felt bad for the guy being picked on without ever mentioning the women.

"Concern trolling", being practiced by the ones who coined the term. Hm.

You realize he knowingly defended a wife beater and said the accusations were unfair (they weren't)?

I would pay so much money to see that man assemble some Ikea furniture.

Damn it, you're right

The fbi thought the reports were credible enough because they warned the white house multiple times and the aide couldn't get security clearance.

Did this hurt your feelings? Need a safe space?