"Why won't you give me any? :c"

"Why won't you give me any? :c"

Look at those eyes. I would give even my soul.

I'll take it.


Relevant username

Real life puss n boots.

/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

Kyubei, you already have plenty of souls. Stop doing that cute thing.

OMG. The cute is fatal.

I want to comment that the ears folded back and the fully-dilated pupils are likely a sign of (playful) aggression, and that tummy rubs will be met with scratchy-diggy wounding from the rear legs followed by bolting from the room, expecting a chase.

Would still rubby-rub tum-tum.

Its a trap!

And your fingers. Thats kitty murder face.

( ⓛ ω ⓛ *)

Not so relevant username

I can feel mine being extracted thru the computer screen into it's eyes.

This cat is ashmiemu on instagram. Not quite sure why I follow it but I do..

That's the face of a cat that will attack you the second you touch its tummy

I think it's obvious why.

???? that cat is ready to claw your face off

Those are the eyes of imminent slashy destruction and doom ...

He ded

That level of cute is either a trap or they've puked on something you cherish.

At least you're not offering to make them a magical girl.


I always take a moment to debate whether to touch the belly. I always touch the belly. But I dive the fuck in and make sure I get as much scruffing in as possible before my hand is literally torn apart.

Did he died?

Good Madoka Magika banter, would give soul again

Puss in boots?

What do my actions on Wikipedia have to with me pointing out a not so relevant username on Reddit?

Sure, I was topic banned from RfA on Wikipedia. I agreed to the TBan because I was making mistakes in the field of RfA. Am I to be shamed for that?

I still make constructive edits in the Wikipedia area, I just don't participate in RfA. I'm well respected among my peers and respect them as well.

Are you really going so low as to somewhat doxx me because I pointed out you're username isn't relevant? Are you that sensitive as to get triggered on the cute animal subreddit because I pointed out your name does not have a cat reference in it?

For shame.

Edit: It's gone now so I'll just explain that [Deleted] linked to a discussion referring to Topic Ban me from RfA on Wikipedia. It's not really anyone's business and he can't use it against me because frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn what he thinks.

But look at the belly! How can I not pet it?!

Good meow. We call that "The Prawn" in our household.

We call it "shrimping"