Why Logan gotta play us like this smh

Why Logan gotta play us like this smh

Will he choose to live his life as a gay rat?

1) Ask a Question

Will the Rat Get Shocked?

2) Do Research

Shock other bois

3)Construct a Hypothesis

I don't think tasers shock things

4) Test with an Experiment

Shock a rat

5) Is the Experiment Working?

I think so, keep trying just to make sure

6) Analyze data and conclude

The rat was shocked just like the media. My ad revenue has concluded.

7) Was my hypothesis right?

I didn't know tasers shocked things

8) Communicate results

Upload for those sweet views

Done and Dusted!

He tased a dead rat... on YouTube and everything.

He sure likes dead bodies

Can we please stop making this douche famous? The only way he can be forgotten is to move the fuck on. Unless you little kids actually like his content? Fuck me i must be getting old

MFW we expect a children’s celebrity to torture rats and are impressed he shocked animal copses instead

I'm out of the loop, what did Logan Paul do now? I've got that there's something with a rat and a taser but that's about it

Was it already dead? Cause I feel way better about this if it was

It was

I mean, at least it’s better than electrocuting a live one...

Little kids do like his content. His primary audience is millions of preteens. People are worried about what that means for the future; like when I'm a very old woman will people be shoving me down in the street to entertain themselves because that's the new cultural norm? Probably not, but it could happen if we let people like this man go unchecked.

It's either that or he'll run for president

he isnt some celebrity's kid, he is the cultural phenomenon that young children are eating up these days, sadly.

We're already well a-fucking-ware.

I wouldn’t go that far. Playing with dead shit on YouTube is bound to be controversial

No other context, he was just like "hey what up logang, boutta tase this rat." Bzzzt "buy my Maverick merch, link in bio" ?

Pay to tase

He's going to be one of the celebrities that kills his girlfriend or end up jacking in San Diego or something, and then we're all going to have to sit through some high-minded documentary about how the signs were always there.

There's nothing sheltered about having respect for the dead. Disposing of pests or skinning animals for food is fine and necessary. Playing with a dead body is antisocial and disturbing. Especially when you want to be paid for it, and you're already on thin ice for disrespecting a dead human. I think people are right to be concerned.

now let's think of a future experiment

I get that. But sitting there making him into a meme isnt helping the younger generations realize hes an ass. Its gonna reinforce the thought of him being an icon for dumb shit. "Ohh look he can do this dumb stuff and be famous and make money for it!!!" is what his audience sees. So. Stop making this person famous by turning him into an icon.

No not related to a celebrity... He IS the celebrity and most of his fans are young kids

Then we find out he killed it with the taser before filming.

No. Its spreading his face all around the internet expecting it to kill his career. This dude still makes millions and all people care to do is turn him into a meme. But good luck

Basically, his "friends" were like "STAHP ITS ALREADY DEAD" but he kept going

edit: spelling

He’s the kid of a celebrity? I had litteraly never heard of this dude before the suicide forest thing

EDIT: Read that comment too fast. Didnt know he was a kids youtuber. All the outrage is making way more sense now.


It was a joke, though knowing the shit he's pulled in the past, I wouldn't be surprised if I turned out to be right.

He would be ripped to fucking shreds by everyone before he could do anything

First, this is a bigger deal because he just got in trouble for filming the human body in the Japanese suicide forest, so he was literally just told to cool it on the inflammatory content.

Second, he's playing with corpses. City or not, animal carcasses are meant to be disposed of or used for some specific purpose. He's literally just playing with it for funsies. If finding playing with corpses is something you consider normal and fine enough to post to an audience that's primarily made up of children then we aren't sheltered, you're fuckin weird

Perfect example of the scientific method