Why is NA being interviewed after the EU vs KR game?

Why is NA being interviewed after the EU vs KR game?

NA was interviewed after the BR vs NA game and now again after the EU vs KR game. Why is that? Why is no EU or KR player being interviewed instead?

EU was interviewed after the NA vs BR game, seem only fair that they would give NA an interview after the EU vs KR game.

Can you not try to create drama over nothing?

Because who cares about EU? LUL

opens reddit ahh time for some league news! sees another eu crybaby thread :/

"You're hired" - Riot after reading your comment.

NA= Money KR= Skill EU= Sjokz

lol, the fuck is this shit

as head of "Riot EU"

Wow look, we got some rational people in this subreddit

Maybe they didn't have a translator ready for KR, and didn't wanna interview the losers?

They do complain a lot lol

Does EU complain about everything?

Honestly though it's hard to care about EU when on Reddit the EU fans seem to have a burning hatred for NA. When they shit on our region with every given opportunity even when the rivalry isn't at all relevant you can only laugh when they constantly bring up things they're annoyed about (which seems to be unlimited).

who literally cares lmao

You're making way too much sense dude, we're trying to circlejerk over here.

Rekkles is being interviewed right now... And this is after an LMS/TR game. Edit they also interviewed Jankos/POE before NA's second game.

When you put it like that, EU has the best of it.

Exactly every NA post you see, is a salty af EULCS fan whining. Like enough with the pity party, stop with the constant Salt. This post for example was obviously taken out of context just to create more drama. We get it Riot did you guys wrong, but don’t pollute the thriving Region in NA. We are excited for the upcoming year with all the new teams and don’t ruin that excitement with constant hate.

NA = Memes.

Why is OP complaning about Phreak verbally sparring with Sneaky? THAT is the true battle we all want to see.

There is no EU Riot stream.

It does seem like EU is getting more and more whiny lately lol

Because nobody cares about EU so they go to NA

NA made it exactly as far as EU did at worlds.

I see both NA and EU doing it. To be fair, both sides are equally bad when the opportunity to hate arise. Not gonna lie, i'm a huge EU fanboy, and i've seen plenty of people hating on the opposite region, including myself.

NA production team.

No. NA was already interviewed after the first game.

I don't think most people from EU hate NA but they probably hate that EU sometimes seems to live in the shadows of NA at times.

Also, its a legit question to ask why KR wasn't interviewed after their winning game when NA (and now China) was. Instead we got some random cringey backstage interview.

Shhh let EU bitch about NA some more, get it out of their systems

But remember Riot EU makes their "own" decisions.