Bloggers native advertising market is growing actively right now. That means that a lot of tools and mechanisms that are supposed to help developing the market are emerging.

The classic one is bloggers exchange. It’s a database of bloggers which plays a role of mediator between bloggers and advertisers.

Firstly, let’s look at how they work.

An advertiser leaves an offer and then waits until a blogger replies. The blogger makes advertisement, the advertiser gives money. The money goes first to the exchange which takes a commission for the service and the rest gets the blogger. However, there is no direct communication between them. They don’t have each other’s contact details. Everything goes through the stock exchange.

However, even though such model might seem efficient from the first sight it actually is not. The main reason for that is that lack of communication between the bloggers and advertisers.

Bloggers are not professional advertisement makers. Yes, they have a lot of followers who make them influencers. But bloggers are great in what they know — making specific content. And their competencies sometimes are not enough to promote products or services well.

Besides, there are no standards for advertisement or any specific criteria. That’s why advertisers don’t know what outcome they will get.

Therefore, quality native advertising is impossible without deep communication between bloggers and advertisers.

If there is someone or something between them the quality suffers. But that’s exactly what classic bloggers exchanges do. They separate sides in order to be mediator in the financial transaction and gain their profit in the shape of commission.

But doing things this way leads to the absence of repeated clients. Advertisers get disappointing experience and don’t want to work with bloggers again. Hence the sexchange loses clients and profit.

The only model that has a chance to work is when there is an advertising agency inside the exchange. The agency does the important “communicational” part which allows making advertisement better. But then it’s not a classic model.

What usually happens to bloggers exchanges? They either slowly die or get bought by advertising agencies which are interested in exploiting their database.

Now you may wonder what would be an efficient model?

It would be a free international marketplace that would connect players of bloggers native advertising market.

What features should such a platform have?

First of all, all the bloggers’ contact details should be freely and openly presented. Secondly, the platform should not be mediator in any way between bloggers and advertisers in order to provide them with unlimited and deep communication. Moreover, it shouldn’t affiliate with advertising or a production agencies in order to avoid the conflict of interests.

Ideally, it should solve other market problems such as low quality of bloggers advertising, inability to measure emotional effect of PR, difficulties of international financial transaction, lack of deep market analytics.

Now you may say that such a platform doesn’t exist. But I have good news for you: it does! It is Efir.io — an international marketplace that connects players of bloggers native advertising market with IT startups.

It has a huge public database of bloggers from all over the world (more than 170k with at least 20k subscribers each) and also services for advertising agencies, PR specialist and, of course, bloggers themselves. How is it different from all the stock exchanges and advertising agencies?

First of all, its main functionality is absolutely free! You don’t need to pay to see bloggers contact details or statistics. Speaking of statistics, unlike other similar services, Efir has more detailed statistics such as gender, age and location of the bloggers’ audience. That happens because bloggers provided access to their channels. This data allows advertiser to calculate potential target audience coverage and decide if the blogger is suitable or not. Amazing, isn’t it?

Efir.io is at the funding stage right now but has already done outstanding research.The platform is already successful as multiple international advertisers use it to find bloggers for their campaigns. So if you are interested in working with bloggers in any way you know where to go!

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