Why does my cat do this?

Why does my cat do this?

Because he wasn't raised in a barn. He's classy and knows proper table manners.

From google, it says your cat may not like the shape of your bowl. And some other stuff about "whisker stress".


My cat also does this but he just likes playing with water. He invades the bath sometimes too. But he does drink the water as well as splash it about and have little sips from his paws. Maybe it just feels nice?

My cat will move the bowl to slosh it on the floor... then he licks it off the floor.

Oooh that's quite interesting. He sometimes does it and sometimes doesn't.

This is the right answer 😸

The only way to drink imo

Drinking from the bowl will probably make his mouth fur more wet than licking from the paw

Cuz hims a weirdo

Maybe water need some special delicious.