Why did they ever delete this feature?

Still available


Because only Peru and Russia are playing Dota.

// Do some ugly hacks to stretch it out to fit the map...


It was only useful for Russians to see which region to select.

To bring it back as a stretch goal

Most people are at work/school at noon on a Monday.

NA East servers better ping than LoL

// Hacks for Brazil/Peru to coax it into better looking data var brazil = px > 258 && py > 336 && px < 310 && py < 357; var peru = px > 208 && py > 311 && px < 244 && py < 340;

If there are peruvians that are significantly better than you, you wouldnt know because you wouldnt be matched with them. As to why the peruvians you get matched with seem so bad, id say its either because they calibrated on SA server, or your perception is colored by chauvinism

This is what I made when they first introduced this page:


Stayed up 24 hours to do it. :)

This is what I made when they first introduced this page:

Stayed up 24 hours to do it. :)

man dota sure is unpopular in North America

12pm-4pm I get matched with people 500k-1k mmr higher than me. It's awesome. Either the 5k players don't say a word, or they give you advice/make you shut up and play. Highlight of my week was this 5k player telling someone that you'd be 500mmr higher if you removed the enter key.

Brazilian living in Japan here, sry.

Guess everyone plays LoL?

25M Prize Pool? Implement old features? DOABLE!

Because Peru es #1 EleGiggle

Not everyone. But some big chunks of spain are as unpopulated as mid US

I elaborate a bit more here

The rule of the Dota client is to remove cool features or at least neglect them so much that they have become pointless or unusable.

I heard the government rents a 27" iMac when they need to do complex calculations / simulations.


European Onion

Nope. This is from IPs connected to the Dota 2 Network while the concurrent online players is drawn from Steam users currently in Dota 2. Perfect World players have their own client separate from Steam.

Also obligatory nice try /u/nassij



My guess is that the locations brazil and peru are so focused in one point, that they don't appear that big on the map. So they spread the data points randomly in a circular area around that. That's probably also why there are a lot dots in the ocean, even though there not that many islands there.

27" iMac

in Peru you win dota, you win life. The question is why are they so bad?

yes, i would know what time peruvians are less likely to be online.

Economic crisis, harvesting potatoes atm.

Well a lot of people are at work and school right now.