Why CT in CS:GO logo is holding a SCAR-H? This weapon is not even in the game.

Why CT in CS:GO logo is holding a SCAR-H? This weapon is not even in the game.

Scar-H with silencer, scavenger pro, stopping power and ninja. Harrier, choppergunner and nuke. Spas-12 w/ grip as secondary, 2x stun and claymore. Legendary times.

we want to be more like call of duty

/s who wants to be like cod

In the alpha stage of development there was a SCAR-17 planned for the game. You can see the buy menu icon here.

Not sure why it was cut, most likely for the same reason as the MP5 (RiP My Love) - redundancy.

In the alpha stage of development there was a SCAR-17 planned for the game. You can see the buy menu icon .

Not sure why it was cut, most likely for the same reason as the MP5 (RiP My Love) - redundancy.

OP should delete his post because of that mistake

the mag is curved its not an h its a scar-l if anything

ACR was better

MP5 will always be in my heart nomatter what



says the Cloud9 fan

Isn't the CT SCAR-20 a modified SCAR-H? (keep in mind I'm a total gun noob)

Real-life soldier here. The SCAR-H (Mk17) can be fitted with either 20 round (straight) or 30 round (curved) magazines, as with the SCAR-L (Mk16). The SCAR-H is typically used with the 20-round mag as it is manufacured with, however if rechambered for 5.56x45mm NATO cartridges, it can take the curved magazines like the SCAR-L, however it's uncommon, especially in military usage. The SCAR-L typically takes the 30-round STANAG (M-16) magazines, which are curved.

All the guns were. It's call of duty

Literally unplayable.

This feeling I'm having right now must be what it's like when I try and explain PC specs to someone who doesn't know the difference between Windows and Dell.

Says the nova :D

more like placeholder- remember that CSGO used a LOT of l4d2 assets

l4d2 also has the SCAR in the game. perhaps it was just asset re-usage

It is, a SCAR-H TPR to be exact. Basically a long-barreled SCAR-H wit rail extension and more comfortable stock.

DAE le cod sucks

and small shooties use curvy shootiebox, and big shooties use a straight shootiebox.

in the picture, it's a curvy shootiebox, so it's probably the small shooties type, the L type.

I would say it was down to preference.

and the ACR was like a laser


Because it's a secret gun that any player has discovered in the game yet. I've been told by a Valve worker that if you get all the skins of the game you get a Scar-H.

Here you dropped this \

TAR 21 masterrace, I loved the iron sight on that thing

True, they were both amazing, but the scar had a 20 bullet mag, which is why I liked the acr

Except the F2000. Fuck that gun.

Sooo...big shooties can be changed to small shooties?


nah the mp5 definitely sounded better.

Tar-21 w/ Silencer. The dream.

You want the real truth?

It's simple, the people in charge of making the logo had little experience about the game itself.

Also a better trigger and precision barrel, not exactly a "normal" SCAR-H

otherwise, you can unlock it if you kill the dust2 boss with sawn-off shotgun headshots only

You can put deez nuts into a scar-v I believe.

cod is fun as a casual game!

Says the Supreme...oh wait :/

You've turned this into a CoD circlejerk. Oh dear.

The Scar-H was a laser too

60rd mags would be soooo OP.

and TMP.... the sound, eargasm

Shit game compared to MW

Gimme five bro!!

¯_(ツ)/*\ _(ツ)/¯

It's pretty fun as a competitive game too, especially in Black Ops 2, just a lot different than CS

the first black ops was the last good cod. cod 4 was still best tho

people who take rank flairs seriously give me cancer

Damn, seems like some guys here will find any and all reason to say something bad about call of duty

What he's saying is that the weapon mentioned normally fires bigger ammo but when you swap certain parts you can use smaller ammo as well and use the magazines for that ammo on the gun.

Im guessing famas/aug replacement?

you can only have one mod on a gun

Bubba would like a word.

you can only have one mod on a gun

One of my favorite guns to use.

People always got upset when killed by it since it was such an inferior gun in that game.

who wants to be like cod lel


I think I should post here the link of the video you might have get this idea from.

This is the greatest description I've ever heard

Bo2 Was a good cod too. The PC Port was great as well.

Cod4 promod was awesome as well and extremely competitive.

not using the ump w/ silencer

Tar-21 with silencer. My first nuke. Oh yea.

And yet, Silvers would still spray the whole mag and miss every shot.

From this day on, now and forever more

Clicked on the post and instantly searched for that commend

gott em

MP7 also feels... slower, weaker and with a less tight spread. I don't know if that's fact or just feels like that! Rose tinted glasses perhaps.

You can put curved mags into a scar-h I believe.

more like ump-45 with silencer FMJ, Bling, stopping power and ninja. harrier pavelow ac130. spas-12 grip of course stun and semtex. all walls will be spammed

Not really.

The real weapon the G3SG1 is depicting is the H&K G3SG/1, an Accurized G3, not just a regular one, call the PSG-1 the sniper version, this would be the DMR.

The SCAR-20 is depicting the FN SSR, which is a modified version of the SCAR-H, also not just the regular one.

I doubt that. The AK mag is that way because the 7.62x39 round is wider at the bottom, while the .308 is pretty flat. A 30 round mag for .308 would be barely curved if not straight.

Nova is the new Silver.

Source: former Silver.

The MP5 is literally the MP7 though, sound effects and all