Why aren't people more aware?

Why aren't people more aware?

Any child of African parents know the degree of homophobia that their mom or dad hold. It worse than African american parents in my opinion.

Ask her if you have to be black to be against racism.

She'd probably say "You white now too??!!"

Same with Hispanics, my mom is extremely homophobic and I stand up to her when it comes to that

Edit: There's Hispanics that support and don't support homosexuality, but I've had the run in with more that do not support it and do not stand by it. Sorry for any confusion which may have led to the wrong message and just wanted to share the experience I've had with my mom and family.

For fucking real.

I hate homophobia and transphobia. It disgusts me coming from our community. Of all people, we should know what it's like to be marginalized and discriminated against because of who we are. If anyone should be pushing this boulder, it should be us!

When someone thinks I'm gay because I give a fuck about the rights of groups I don't belong to, I ask them if caring about animals makes me a fucking Panda or if protecting the environment makes me a god dammed tree. It's called fucking empathy and you would figure after hundreds of years of slavery, oppression, and outright discrimination we would have a fucking scrap of that.

Lol you must be gay /s

Seriously though, how do those confrontations go? I imagine it's a touchy subject

It's very tough because she insists homosexuals have something wrong in their head or that it's a phase and I hate that she thinks that way, I will stand up for my friends because I don't think that the stuff she says is right. They end with her insisting that it's in their brain but the arguments don't happen often

Eminem: diss trump

Trump supporters: "are you black?"

Black community as a majority are VERY homophobic lol My female cousin came out as gay and the ENTIRE neighborhood dogged her

Next thing you know he’ll put gay raisins in potato salads

My parents still think you can catch being gay like it's a bad flu or something.

Kanye: “like me that trump dude”

Trump supporters: “hold up. You white?”

I used to think this way too but you have to keep having these conversations when they come up. They won’t be persuaded when you are having the conversation, but they think about it when they are by themselves

Personally speaking, my parents are hella stubborn and these conversations seem pointless so I don't bother

🙌🏼 amen

I am sorry that happened to her, tell her that a random internet stranger supports her.

Homophobia is what keeps a lot of people in the closet and sad for so many years. I was depressed so often because the black community in The South is extra homophobic. Whenever I talked to a guy I would have to sneak around so no one knew. I got tired of doing that. I still don't just come out and say I'm gay to people unless they ask because deep down I still feel bad about it. Shit we just want to be happy like everybody else. The sad thing is I've see people post homophobic things on social media not knowing that their brothers, cousins and even cheating boyfriends are on the DL.

So glad to have trans and gay allies like you!!

Are you gay?

What's wrong with people thinking you're gay?

Him: https://i.imgur.com/RH2t3hR.jpg

What's wrong with people thinking you're gay?


Asian parents are just as bad..try coming out to your Asian mom that you're gay. "You're gay?" "WHY YOU NOT GAY DOCTOR?" "WHY YOU NOT OPEN CUTTING EDGE MEDICALLY ADVANCED CENTER TO CURE AIDS?"

But for real..Asian parents exist on their own plane of expectations 😂

I mean, you could just say "someone on /sub/blackpeopletwitter" and get the point across easier

There I go again, catching the gay.

Thank you, as a gay Latino I struggle with my homophobic religious dad.

He should've told all of them "yeah, I don't mind cock or two" and then gauged their reaction.

When they take it poorly and get all uncomfortable you could pull it back like "tsk nah fr I'm not into that, but do you see my point? You were sweating bullets just then"

The flip side of that is white people who refuse to believe black people can be racist.

You'd be surprised then. Unfriended and blocked a white, female extremely liberal friend for that bullshit. Also for claiming it was impossible to be racist and sexist against white men. I'm no red piller by a long shot, but that's some complete bullshit. So yeah, they're out there. A lot of them.

Yeah I don't think that was Trump supporters that asked that.

The logic there is hilarious.

“Racism is immoral.”


Weird white people put raisins in potato salad. I definitely don't.

You don’t have to be homophobic to not want to be mis-labeled.

Same team - just people wanting to live their lives

Wish i could give this more than one upvote.

Nah fam miss me with that straight shit

most minorities had religion drilled into them during colonial times. Not saying thats the primary reason for homophobia though

Make that two! A straight, white, middle aged male, if that makes any difference.

My uncle disowned my cousin who just came out as transgender. I told my cousin she will still always be the same person to me and I support her change to male. Her mom is getting used to it.

I think attacking anyone who puts raisins in potato salad is completely justified.

Minorities in general struggle with accepting the LGB community and I don't understand it

Edit: I can't type

Fucking right. Years ago when Prop 8 was overturned in CA, I posted on facebook about it. My cousin's aunt, a GOP nutcase, asked me "Why are you so excited unless you're gay too?" I said "Why would I have something against people in love getting married? You're the one with the problem." and deleted her.

I don't need that negativity in my life. Her daughter came out as pansexual and her mom insists it's a phase.

Another part, my brother jokingly asked my dad years ago "What would you do if dewhashish was gay?" My dad said very sternly "I'd kill him." Thanks asshole, you wonder why I stopped talking to you years ago.

Unfortunately, Jamaica is literally the most homophobic place at least in the Western Hemisphere. You literally run the risk of getting murdered at any time just for being gay.

Source: am half Jamaican

I mean it is in their brain. Not like they just woke up one day and said "I'm gonna be gay now". That's just how they're wired, and that's totally fine.

The issue is, even if hypothetically that IS how it worked, that should also be fine.

I’m gay. My brother is straight. We both have as much right to either a same-sex or mixed-sex relationship as each other.

I’m not gay because I’m a helpless victim of my brain chemistry. It would still be totally fine for me to be gay IF IT WAS an active choice I was making everyday.

Because what happens between consenting adults really is nobody else’s business.

The idea that LGBT+ have no control over their sexual preferences has been really helpful at fighting homophobia etc. since the early 90s. But I really think it’s time we update the thinking to reflect the fact it really doesn’t matter.

I don’t want people to be accepting of LGBT people because they can’t be helped. I want people to realise it really doesn’t fucking matter anyway.

If your cousin is going from female to male, you should refer to him as he and him - using the proper pronouns is going to be extremely important to him, so best to start now.

The gay agenda is having equal rights and being treated like any other human.

The bisexual agenda is having equal rights and being treated like any other human.

The pansexual agenda is having equal rights and being treated like any other human.

The trans agenda is having equal rights and being treated like any other human.

The non-binary agenda is having equal rights and being treated like any other human.

Oh is that so fucking hard for people to understand? I mean really can't you understand that there are people who just wanna live in peace and not be bullied because of who they are? I mean nobody wants to turn your child gay or trans, if your child is gay or trans or what have you it's because they always have been.

Edit: I wrote "bring" instead of "being" and because I copied and pasted parts of each sentence I wrote it wrong five times. Thank you u/Blue9390 for pointing that out.

I mean it is in their brain. Not like they just woke up one day and said "I'm gonna be gay now". That's just how they're wired, and that's totally fine.

The issue is thinking that it's a problem, or a mental health issue, or that there's something "wrong" with it.

Kiss me with that gay shit

There's a difference between clowning and intentionally making someone feel bad about herself, though.

Which, ironically, is the alleged goal of some conservatives.

"Just don't want anyone interfering with my life" when what they actually mean is "anyone who doesn't think like me makes me uncomfortable"

Muslim parents will literally disown you if you even suggest that homosexuals are people

Edit: I am muslim and this was an exaggeration. Not so much if you have immigrant parents though.

The point is that it’s gender neutral

What is the primary reason in your opinion, if not religion? I kinda think it’s religion

Yeah this is true. Super religious ppl are even worse.

Caribbean parents too.

I'm hispanic, but we live in and work in Palm Springs (probably the second gayest city in California after San Francisco) and it really doesn't phase our family. My mom especially has worked with and for a lot of gay men. My family isn't racist either.

But it turned out to be just my family in particular. A lot of my uncles and cousins that live in Desert Hot Springs (the next city north of Palm Springs, with a reputation of being ghetto) are all very homophobic and racist. It was real strange when I realized that.

Also, I have an aunt that's a self hating Mexican and a super white and right wing racist homophobic husband. I'm still trying to figure that one out.

Ha, I got this reference

El está más preocupado por lo que dirán sus “herman@s” de su iglesia.

Yeah, T_d is like “Welcome to the family, Kanye!”


I mean I’m a white guy in the south and my parents are VERY homophobic, I don’t think I’ll ever come out to them lol. Bigotry can come from any race, person, whatever

It's an easy thing to forget, when you've thought of someone as a certain way for so long. I referred to a high school friend as "she" or "her" a few times in his presence and it was mortifying. I was so embarrassed

Absolutely is. My family is deeply religious and by consequence, deeply homophobic. I have no doubt that drastic measures would have been taken if I would have come out as gay

Crazy is on every end of the spectrum no matter what


I doubt those people actually exist outside of strawman arguments by confused people

Edit: The aforementioned racists are referred to as "Hotep's".

Is the @ symbol used as like a/o in Spanish?

I left the Mormon church for many reasons but my family thinks it’s because I’m gay. You don’t have to be gay to want marriage equality

Yea, then everyone goes around saying you're gay and your family tries to hook you up with guys. Then your friends try to hook you up with guys. And everytime you talk to a girl they don't turn you away or turn you down because now they assume you're gay. It doesn't help that all your clothes are now inexplicably bright and filled with rainbows. I think your loved ones may have gotten into your closet in some half baked metaphorical "Please come out," clothes sabotaging plan.

NOW, you and Gary are getting married and what the fuck are you supposed to do? Tell him you're not gay? You've tried that. He doesn't listen. No one ever listens... but hey, this guy is pretty popular on the net and is making a ton of cash. He also isn't even interested in sex. It could be worse, I guess.

Maybe you should have just quit your job and moved to a new country when you thought of it...just make the best of it

Damn lolol well at least that's not homophobia, just an extension of Asian tiger parent syndrome

White people put raisins in potato salad

C’mon now, quit down voting. This was funny!

the ENTIRE neighborhood dogged her

I think I (American) have been watching too much British TV because I interpreted this very differently the first time I read it.

Everyone is a helpless victim of their brain chemistry to one degree or another, that's just called being human...Like I didn't wake up deciding I wanted to be straight, or that oranges were my favourite fruit, or whatever. That's the exact point I'm trying to make, it's not like people chose that and even if they did who cares? It's not hurting anyone, and that's their choice to make.

Some people are so self-centered they can’t fathom why anybody would fight injustice without personally being a victim

Eh, it's an all around issue - the biggest opposition in terms of religious groups are actually white evangelics and mormons (who are also predominantly white). But they are more often rural and conservative, so it's sort of 'expected', while a lot of minorities are urban and generally more liberal, so it stands in a much bigger contrast to their surroundings.

But the good news is the biggest contrast - across pretty much any group - is young versus old.

If they try to say it’s a choice, just ask them how many same-sex partners they slept with before they finally decided they were heterosexual.

Trump supporters: “wtf i love kanye now!!!"

There are a couple groups of people out there who've decided that it's only racism if it's systematic. By that definition, it'd be pretty difficult to be racist to white people- but entirely possible. That person you were talking about- can I guess that they were maybe like a sophomore in college?

Help me understand please


Latin@ = Latino/Latina

when you're attracted to someone based on personality, regardless of gender, genitals, or sexual orientation

so is he gay or not

The tourist places are fine. Perfectly safe for anyone there. Just if you some happen to explore the actual country it’s not gay friendly.

I like it, seems way better than Latinx.

Huh, I think I might be pansexual. I’ve just been calling myself bisexual.

Oh, they exist. I'm currently banned from /sub/thesims for calling a girl out on it. She claimed "this is why white people shouldn't be allowed to make content for black people" regarding pre-alpha test designs for an afro in The Sims 4, and then later claimed- directly- you cannot be racist against white people.

They exist. And they think that if your race isn't a victim of some sort of system- like slavery in america- it is impossible to be racist against you.

Edit: It's also extremely common on this subreddit, here's a comment chain from a while back.


Let me know if the comments are removed and I'll screenshot them. Or u/2crudedudes can come and explain it to you.

I know it probably wasn't intentional and I'm so glad you're being supportive but it might be a good idea to be more aware of the pronouns you're using for them :) it will certainly help their transition I promise ❤❤❤

It's pretty sad. I was in the barbershop one day and heard a guy say he'd whether his son do something to get locked up in prison for the rest of his life than be gay. An ex-friend, one who didn't know I was gay, said he'd whether his son be in a gang than be gay. I swear sometimes it seems like being gay in The South is frowned upon more than almost anything else.

I was just explaining a meme, not attacking anyone.

To be fair niggas clown people for less

Yeah cool I think we’re obviously on the same page here.

I’m just always reminded of a quote I read from Cynthia Nixon in 2012 that really changed the way I thought about this:

“I gave a speech recently, an empowerment speech to a gay audience, and it included the line ‘I’ve been straight and I’ve been gay, and gay is better.’

“And they tried to get me to change it, because they said it implies that homosexuality can be a choice. And for me, it is a choice. I understand that for many people it’s not, but for me it’s a choice, and you don’t get to define my gayness for me. A certain section of our community is very concerned that it not be seen as a choice, because if it’s a choice, then we could opt out.”

“I say it doesn’t matter if we flew here or we swam here, it matters that we are here and we are one group and let us stop trying to make a litmus test for who is considered gay and who is”

I imagine your aunt is the type that insists it’s pronounced JIM-enez instead of HEE-menez

Damn it, guess I like dicks now

My future roommate, a good friend of mine from undergrad, is gay and flaunts it as a default setting. I told my mom that we're going to be rooming together and she's genuinely afraid that I'm going to catch the gay. She's hispanic so I'm guessing it's not sinful but it's a disease like herpes that you can catch.

Hispanic community here. Homophobia isn't going away anytime soon.

Reminds me of the bit in Chris Rock's newest Netflix special. He talks about how the ride from the airport to the resorts in Jamaica is the scariest 30mins of white people's life and then they get to the resort and forget about it.

Trust me, East coast Chinese parents are BRUTAL with this.

This is key right here. It’s planting a seed.

Also, if they know a gay person they are far less inclined to think they are evil or whatever. That’s why it’s good so many are out of the closet now. They can be seen for what they are. Just regular people, like us.

If you think that someone needs to be part of a certain demographic in order to simply have a bit of compassion for that demographic, you are effectively saying that your default stance for other human beings is bigotry and that they need to give you a reason to treat them with respect. That's fucked up.

And you’ve shared with them another point of view?

Sorry this is what I meant that she thought they had a mental problem and that something was wrong with them

It's very tough because she insists homosexuals have something wrong in their head

I have always found it so odd when homophobes display this logic. It essentially means that they hate someone for being mentally ill (in their view).

Next time she makes the argument that homosexuals have something wrong with their brains, ask her if she also hates people with bipolar disorder or anxiety disorder or schizophrenia, etc.

Just like how when I call out someone for being racist I turn into a black man

It's the thought that counts