Why am I such an NPC sympathizer?

Why am I such an NPC sympathizer?

I played Fallout 3 once as a monster. I killed everyone I could. I felt so bad when that old woman asked me to find her husband's violin or whatever and my response was to combat shotgun her head.

That's me on Mass Effect.

Fallout 3 you could exploit the ridiculous perk which gave you a bunch of great stats as long as you stayed neutral...and since the game never gives you a neutral option in quests, only a good or evil choice, you end up bouncing back and forth between moods.

"Sure, I'll save this village of children! And then I'll eat this baby!"

Agatha! If you did her quest you could have gotten a named .44 handgun.

In Mass effect just punch the reporter in every game. Always worth those renegade points.

For me, in Fallout, the other reason other than guilt is that the evil factions are either uncompelling, and / or you're locked out of far too many quests and companions.

In Fallout 3, you couldn't really side with the Enclave anyway, and were railroaded (pun not intended) into becoming a member of the BOS. You could arguably be a scummy member of the BOS, and later betray them in Broken Steel, but why the LW would go through the effort to be 'good' for 90% of the story (from the BOS' perspective), only to betray them only once s/he got to the Enclave mobile base is a bit difficult to rationalise. You are also locked out of just about every decent quest reward and companion. The only significant rewards you get from being an ass is to watch Megaton go up in a ball of fire (which is not worth it once you get past the spectacle) and the associated swanky player home in Tenpenny Tower, and a bunch of standard heavy weapons and a single unique revolver for blowing up the Citadel.

In Fallout: New Vegas', Caesar's Legion was uncompelling because they weren't finished. I don't care that Obsidian intended to do more but ran out of time; it's their own fault that they agreed to an 18 month development cycle then elected to develop a story too grandiose for their budget. I can't give them credit for things they intended to do, but couldn't, because the end result still is the fact that I can't identify with the half-baked cartoon-grade edgelords wearing hockey pads, even with mental gymnastics. Again, you are locked out of most of the companions, and since the game ends with the story, you don't even get to observe the benefit of safety offered by the Legion even if you did choose to side with them. You're also boned if you were unaware of that and finish the story too early with lots of sidequests left uncompleted, although you could just go back to an older save to complete the rest of the game.

In Fallout 4, none of the factions are truly good or truly evil, which makes an evil playthrough a bit easier to digest, but that is because there is no truly evil faction to side with to begin with. This is sort of good in that IRL few factions that can be considered evil are without some merit (this, funnily enough is where FONV's Legion shines up until the execution). However, the problem with FO4 is twofold: (a) a lot of the weaknesses of the four factions boils down to lack of resources (Minutemen), sheer stubbornness (BOS), or sheer stupidity (Railroad, Institute), which for some reason the Sole Survivor is incapable of changing despite the game literally putting you in positions where you should be able to institute change; and (b) it does not feel like your choices made an impact on the world upon the conclusion of the main story, beyond a few faction checkpoints / patrols in areas where they did not used to be, and a giant hole where CIT used to be (assuming you didn't side with the Institute).

Edit: Now if the next entry in the game actually made evil playthroughs just as viable and compelling as the good playthrough, that would be great, but none of the FPS Fallouts have offered evil factions that are worth siding with. The games offer a spectrum of good, but only one flavour of evil, which is Hitler incarnate. Hitler incarnate should be an option, but it shouldn't be the only option.

On this note, Far Harbor was easily the best out of any of these because your choices not only made some impact, but because the options all had some merit and were therefore difficult. Probably the only time I've ever had to pause the game to really think about what I wanted to do, and even afterwards had me wondering if I did the right thing.

Edit 2: not sure why the formatting is broken on mobile...looks fine on my computer...

I was talking to a buddy about this a while ago. Try to go through just for the achievements, stop halfway through because I can't hurt 'em, man, they're my friends.

I did it on my first playthrough. I was a nice fella in that one.

Oh that's good. Also, if you find that sheet music as well, she plays it on the radio with the violin.

I find in most games that all the evil choices don't make any sense. Like in ME1 &2, a lot of the renegade options weren't "my character believes this is the best way forward" it was "Shepard is a dick and wants everyone to know it." Most of the evil karma options in games just blur together into "do you want to play as a good character or a bag of dicks?"

But that's the story you made for yourself. If you murder everyone, nobody asks you to do things. Nobody but you is left. The story was that you killed them all and are now alone in a desolate wasteland.

and the interrogation to hear the line "I'll tear your balls off and feed them to a Krogan"

I try to play chaotic evil style but little by little my personality pushes me towards lawful good - so I m forced to reroll

Nope. I got 5 minutes into letting vulpus walk away. Before I started chucking grenades at his asshole.

Yah like wtf do you expect if you kill everybody on the world

The first time I ever played Fallout was New Vegas at my buddies house and I didn't really get the purpose of the game, so I walked around and killed everyone I could find in Goodsprings. Realized that was a total fuck up, but I feel like everyone has done that at least once though lol.

Fun fact, Krogans have 4 testicles.

Not a fun fact when it starts tea-bagging when torturing you.


Killing everything you say.


Yeah, I feel you especially with Skyrim. Necromancy is super powerful, but I only conjure because I can't stomach hearing even the shittiest bandit plead for my character to release their soul.

I'd much rather have the Daedra do my bidding. Destruction is their nature and their calling, at least under the player-character's sway they're disciplined.

And if anyone has to take an axe to the face, why not the immortal warrior demon? Seems to be much more in their department than my soft-handed mage. I'm just trying to unravel the mysteries of magic, not my fault every meathead hunkered down in the woods wants to take my gold.

Man, I’m the absolute opposite. I’ll go in trying to play a nice guy, but eventually someone sasses me and I go on a rampage.

Weird, it's the other way around for me. I'm like that in Skyrim, too. My first character is always thieves guild/dark brotherhood for TES