Whoa... what is this award for???

Whoa... what is this award for???

Graeme Clark Oration award for Science Innovation. From what I've read the image are of two hands peeling away the layers of the earth.

My god this was a bitch to find.

My lips are sealed

"An award that looks like two hands opening a vagina" is officially on my google search history.

Jokes aside, seriously wtf is that award for?

Your search history must be something to behold.

It's the Georgia O'Keefe award for contributions to the arts.


Georgia O'Queef

And now behold the sponsored ads you'll get....

No, some of us use ublock origin.

And we look down on you adblock users while we do it!

this gif was made by J. J. Abrams

For pulling back the beef curtains of success.

What? Doesn't everyone on Reddit use adblock?

It's the Pubelitzer Prize, obviously.

Ads for ad blockers....

My god. We've gone full circle!

These ads are getting sophisticated.

No this gif actually delivered.

cough Star Trek Into Darkness cough

Is that a woman in a men's suit?

It's the most handsome woman award.

Used TinEye first but found no results. Then I searched Georgia O'Keefe from the comments and even googling "An award that looks like two hands opening a vagina."

Went back to using TinEye and found an imgur link with someone mentioning a Graeme Clark Award.

I've no idea, but this must be the competing award -


That's the annual Exceptionalism in Lesbianatry Award.

You'll get em next time, sport.

Do you really think the people who created this award have actually seen a vageen to compare?

Your mom's too unless she had a c-section.

also why is she wearing a men's suit?

CSI has an opening for you.

Holy shit thank you! I spent an hour this morning trying to track it down.

Which is why you didn't win this award.

an opening

I see what you did there.

No kidding. Glad to have answered a mutual question.

Why did they make it look like a vageen?

Main usage purposes of artificial intelligence nowadays:

play chess play Go search for awards that look like two hands opening a vagina

I still love how the word Queef can still get this many upvotes.

It's the: "you offer the most access to Arby's" award

For serious. Why is she wearing what is obviously a suit for a man? The whole thing is just ripe for jokes.

i bet she can help open those for you

I thought his wife banned him from using lens flair anymore?

You know what happens when you search "award that looks like two hands opening a vagina"?

Google brings you right back to this thread.

The circle of life

self discovery....

I like that