Whoa, is that the time?

Whoa, is that the time?

Joan of Arc?

edit: Joan of Arc.

Yes, Joan of Arc in Battle by August Gustav Lasinsky.

It's a nice piece, but the terrified crossbowmen in the corner always makes me chuckle.

"Oh shit, is that Becky?"

"No, that's Lady Orgathol III you dumb fuck, you better start fucking running"

What the fuck am I doing here this isn't even a full sized crossbow I can't fight with this shit I should have stayed in Genoa

I completely forgot...i have a thing.

I've seen the piece before, and always thought it'd be fun to try a trippinthroughtime with it, but I was reminded of it today when I saw your post in /sub/battlepaintings. Good submission.

I'd run too if I just realized I'd worn my bright red sweatpants out of the house.

I think this painting would've worked as well

I think painting would've worked as well

I posted this on a few subreddits earlier today, did you get this idea today?

Becky lemme smash

I mean, I'd be running too. Girl hears voices in her head.

Agreed, just downvoted you

He took a picture and painted it from that.


No Ron

Dear diary: Today OP was a good guy.

Nah feed them downvotes

Joan: " I see you Gerald! Don't you walk away from me you cheatin lying son of a bitch!

Gerald: "Oh crap. I'm out of here. My stomach can't handle this kind of stress. Guys? Can you help me out here?"

Joan: "Gerald! Get back here! Don't make me chase you down!"

Brad: "Now wait here a second...OW! You broke my nose you bitch!"

Joan in a deep devil like voice: "What did you say!!!!?"

Steve: "Code red!!! We have a code red. Armor up boys!"

How did they get everyone to hold that pose for so long?

Don't feed the troll.

And with a 5yr old account. Odd.

Your profile is weird. Up until 1 hour ago you were the most normal dude, then suddenly you start spamming this trash everywhere?

Never bring a crossbow to horse fight

U wan sum fuk?

I've gotta pee

That crossbowman looks like a kid, was that a possible thing back then?

If you just insult her she'll get burned. Problem solved.

Dude in red pants running away is meant to be you