Who Were The Richest People In History?

Who Were The Richest People In History?

Some say Vladimir Putin has wealth reaching up to almost 200 billion dollars, who knows..

This video has missed out the Rothschild banking family and somehow dumped an African country with a tiny population, no real infrastructure and some gold mines on the top.

That's the most retarded thing I've ever heard. Spanish conquistadors learned that lesson a few centuries later.

What about Rockefeller? Or the EITC's owner?

In short, what a load of shit. Fuck this video, it didn't even scratch the surface nor even attempt to. Queen Victoria was the Empress of India and has hundreds of billions in personal property, verified by other sources.

That's like saying "KIM JONG UN IS THE RICHEST MAN ALIVE" if we go by self reported accounts.

I think people like him are beyond measures of "wealth". He is so powerful, he practically owns Russia. If he wants something, he'll have it. He's allegedly bought the US presidency for Trump.

You should see Russia as being Putin. About 1,2 trillion USD, and that's not including foreign arms deals and properties and influences. I'm sure he has investments running in the middle east, running into the tens of billions if not more.

The "richest" guy loses meaning at some point where richness is expressed in power. If you have 30 million you're rich. I you juggle trillions then your value is on a scale of power.

Putin is probably the most powerful man on the planet right now. Unless there's someone even above him.

I'm pretty sure that Solomon was the richest

It's hilarious how in the 21st century the richest people get a large part of their money from oil and technology while mansa musa got his fortune from plain old table salt

Gaddafi didnt spend the money on himself, he spent it on his country. Taking that into account Gaddafi wasnt selfish and wasnt extremely rich

At that point in time, the East had the larger civilisations.

What? He stole the money from the country, hid tens of billions of it abroad and you want to credit him with spending a few quid of the money he stole on the people he stole it from?

They forgot anyone who own more then 1 Bitcoin

The known richest people.

United states is nothing but united states of robbers

Our Leader M.Gaddafi spent the money on his country and his continent... he was simple and modest... so take your western opinion and f**k off..