Who cares?

Who cares?

It's because angels can't save you from getting your stomach slit open and your intestines wound around a windlass. It's a rule.

They sure went through with some hardcore as fuck torture methods in ye Olde times

Erasmus of Formia , he was a Christian saint during the persecution against Christians under the emperor Diocletian.

Basically they tried to kill him using many different ways but each time an angel would come and help him, so they had to improvise a new method to kill him (from which the angel didn't save him for some reason), his stomach was slit open and his intestines were wound around a windlass.

This reminds me of St. Lawrence. Not that his torture was that rare or interesting. But it fits this post. (Supposedly) Rome told the Catholic Church to hand over its assets and money, as it was now property of Rome.

Lawrence was like "F that" and gave away as much as he could to the poor and others in the area. Roman Politicians were like "oh, this guy thinks he fooled us, time to cook em!".

They put St. Lawrence on a gridiron over a flame. After he was over the fire for a little bit, he says to his torturer's/ executioners, " Assum est, versa et manduca.". Latin for: "Flip me over, I'm roasted/done on this side." One last "whatever, fuck you" before he burned to death

The only weakness.

Pretty harsh burn coming from a dude who's literally roasting.

It caused a ton of damage per second and also reduced healing by 50% which the healer couldn't keep up with.

What's the real context here? Although, I'm not sure I want to know.

St. Lawrence, the patron saint of /sub/roastme

Angels Hate Him!

Humans are fucked up man

I'm a little confused by that MC Escher crank.

they favored a mix of inverse perspective projection and orthographic projection in art back then, rather than the standard perspective projection used today, so everything tends to look a little wonky.

so instead of things tapering off into the distance, everything generally becomes progressively larger.

mix that with their specific scene requirements (this artist wanted all three of the torturers framed behind the main focus of the painting) and yeah


IIRC one of the main saints (like second generation after the apostles) was crucified upside down, had his intestines wound on a windlass like this, but they were also burned as they were pulled out.

Looks like they're spooling his intestines up like yarn. Can't say I've ever heard of that as a torture method.

He is venerated as the patron saint of sailors and abdominal pain.

Complaining about The Kardashians.

don't cut yourself on that edge there

they did this in the cell

That seems like entirely too much work to scoop up a bite of spaghetti. Was the fork and spoon method not invented yet? And who just puts a hot plate of spaghetti on their bare stomach? Man, the dark ages were a weird time.

But can I knit a scarf with it?

Hmm that's cool. I always just assumed old timey painters just sucked a little

Deleted. What he say?


No way?

With the right attitude you can do anything you put your mind to. I mean someone thought up that fucked up torture method so I have full faith that you can make a meat scarf.

I shit you not, that scene haunts me. It comes to me at the most random times and just fucks up my day. I think it has something to do with me having bad stomach problems that's going to eventually lead to surgery.

Yeah way

But why tho?

Pastor told me intestines are the Achilles organ.


....and here it is

Because Vincent D'Onofrio was on fucking point in that movie and Eiko's costume designs are a goddamn gift to humanity and neither should ever be forgotten.

At least that's what I tell myself when I whiteknuckle my way through this fucking thing every year or two.

Believe me folks.


I live on a road named after him, I will give hard-core answers to my landlord


It's not really even possible. It's a common misconception that your intestines are just hanging out in your abdomen like a string of loose sausage. They are secured to the abdominal wall by the mesentery. To an extent they can be moved around inside the abdomen, but they would never fall out if the abdomen was cut open and unfortunately that scene from Hannibal is not possible.

They're also all in juxtaposition to the Emperor, who is doing the "shooty fingers gotcha" gesture.

Oh that's interesting. Thanks for the info!

I posted this lower but I actually know the origin of this tradition. Late night Wikipedia is good for something finally.

Early Christians believes that faced with certain death you needed to show serenity even when in immense pain. It showed you were Christ like if you could be as calm as Jesus was on his cross. The Act is called Ars Moriendi or "Dying well"

Source: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ars_moriendi

He really is the patron saint of both cooks and comedians.

Something something most iconic pair ever. He'll wait


Not because it's a secret weakness, just because he's an asshole


He doesn't look like he's in pain to me.

There are a ton of blood vessels that go through the mesentery to the intestines. You could cut them away but at that point I'm pretty sure it's less torture and more... death by bleeding out, especially back then.

Basically me during this whole year. Fuck you, 2016