Who bringing the ranch to the bbq?

Who bringing the ranch to the bbq?

Can we put this Anne Coulter wannabe on a boat and push her out to sea? Let Neptune have her.


Yeah, she's mad headass for that. You don't have to agree and support someone's form of protest or way of raising awareness, but at least understand it; That's the first step. Nate Boyer (A Green Beret veteran who talked to Colin Kaepernick) did that perfectly. Here's a that shows that.

Lmao what makes you think he would even want her? I'm sure he gets cable

I thought tammy lost her show.

Why her irrelevant ass still around?

She's the newest blond at Fox News

The Green Beret says that the kneeling was originally his suggestion. Could a fact of that weight finally be enough to push right-wing cognitive dissonance to its absolute limit?

Neptune has a soft spot for ugly, slimy, pale, bloated monsters.

Neptune has a soft spot for .

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The twisted notion that it's fine to disrespect your country and those who protect, fight and defend it but HOW DARE ANYONE criticize Beyoncé!!! Give me a break.

This has always always always been my issue with this. If you generally feel disrespected the someone is trying to help promote equality by kneeling during the national anthem, which is less than 5 minutes then you're probably the person that throws around the terms,"cuck" and "snowflake" all the time. God forbid people just want to use their platform to be heard.

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I gave up trying to make any response to people 'upset' by the kneeling - there's no point, because they're mostly just being disingenuous.

"NFL players hate the police!"

"Actually, if you read what they said, it's about the specific instances of police brut-"

"No one even knows what they why they're doing this! They just want attention!"

"They said it. They literally said what they're trying to acc-"

"They're so selfish! Just millionaires complaining when they've never been told no in their lives!"

"They said that too. They're trying to give a voice to people who don't have the platfo-"

"I guess we'll just never know what this is all about."

I don't think logic is her strongest point.

Seriously though, I'd hate fuck the shit out of Tomi

Arguments like this made me quit Facebook.

One went something like:

"If you hate our country so much, then GIT OUT. #USA!"

"Yknow I don't think he hates the country. In fact, he's not getting out because he wants to stay here and make it a better place to live."

"Well he's disrespecting the flag and the veterans and freedom and America."

"Actually by utilizing his right to freedom of speech, and he's literally enacting and embodying the concepts of freedom veterans died for."

"Then he should find a better way to do it. One that ISN'T disrespectful!"

And they could never see it that way. It's like kneeling/"disrespecting" is the worst crime ever. They care more about the word "freedom" as an entirely abstract concept than they do about actual human beings exercising the freedoms.

Another guy said "He's protesting police brutality? Really? Then why aren't more NFL players shot and killed? Where are all these bullets allegedly whizzing by?" Another turned it into an argument about how "Police brutality happens to everyone. It could happen to my autistic son." I told her, once police violence against autistic kids reaches the absurd levels it has with black people/men, I'll join her protest too.

If you wanna live in a place where you're forced to stand for the national anthem, move to North Korea.

Pls don't bully the blobfish

Fuck you man, the blobfish only looks like that cause when you bring it up to the surface, it decompresses, since it lives in very high pressure environments.

MRW I read your comment.

There are plenty of criticisms we can make about her dumbass, but her looks definitely aren’t one lol. Unless I completely misunderstand the cauliflower face.

Twitter impressions

That’s called polluting.

She’s a social injustice warrior.

Yeah I mean physically she's unarguably attractive. Her personality though, that makes me want to vomit

I still haven't forgiven him for what he did to my nigga Odysseus.

Excuse u

It's either a Blobfish, or Tomi Lahren. I honestly can't tell the difference.

Now hold on a minute, why we gotta do Neptune like that?

Lol when did mad "headass" become a thing ?

The only freedom they care about is the freedom to use their religion to discriminate and judge others.

She isn’t ugly, but she has an ugly heart and personality. For some, that completely throws out her appearance and, I assume, makes her a cauliflower face. Pretty doesn’t make you good company.

She’s also always sour about everything so maybe it’s also like CBF. (cat butt face or chronic bitch face : that disapproving, puckered lip look resembling the asshole of a cat).

Oh fair enough, my mistake!

Well, I'm not attracted to racists. Crazy how nature do that.

I brought this up once to someone ranting about the kneeling and all they said was “Well that Green Beret is an idiot.” So their “Respect the Militarty” angle is out the window.

How dare you go against OUR god. America's god, the Christian gay hating, super triggered, why don't you give the church all your money because they won't give it back and they will buy stuff because it's fully tax exempt while keeping the community poor Super God.

I'm pretty sure he meant what he said: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/unarguably

Cos people keep fueling her fire, ignore her and quit sharing her hateful views. She's just 2017s Bill O Reilly

I dunno man, I guess I just don’t see it.


Racism can't be ignored, only confronted and defeated.

Damn tommy you ain’t got no job! This ol unemployed ass shaved bird looking ass needs to sit down.

That's it's "at home" face. After it's gotten home from work, had a bubble bath and really had a chance to...decompress

i swear that’s Fellaini the football player, he plays for Manchester United. didn’t know he hated America and the police...

Like Trump, it's all exaggerated. I'm sure she's racist af but she plays it up even more because it gives the racist Alex Jones listening, Fox News watching folks a giant hard on to hear a white woman bash black folks.

lol that anyone on the right would for a second engage in a good faith debate and even pretend to try to understand anyone they disagree with.

You wanted me to compare the opposing side's "best" argument because I only took the "worst".

So, show me what the best argument is. Because I haven't seen a single one. Ever. Anywhere.

I have not once seen someone disparage players kneeling - on the news, sports talk radio, twitter, facebook, Reddit, anywhere - for any reason other than:

They hate freedom/America/soldiers

They're just being thugs without any message

They're entitled whiny millionaires

They need to 'put their money where their mouth is' and start helping their communities and shut up

This isn’t comp 101 dude it’s Reddit what the fuck kind of answer is that. “The author” lol

To get paid. I would pretend to be the biggest Trump supporter in the world if I made bank.

Not saying she doesn’t actually believe what she says, just replying to your question of why she talks politics.

My parents won’t acknowledge that the Cowboys exist, they got their credit cards switched (they had the Cowboys logo on them) and everything. My parents are generally very respectful people and not at all racist but for some reason feel personally attacked by the kneeling during the anthem thing. I don’t get it.

Then feel free to show me any 'polite' argument about why they shouldn't be kneeling.

They're exercising their constitutional right to free speech, to use the advantages they have to support and give a voice to those who don't have the same advantages, in the most peaceful way possible while simultaneously "backing it up" with working with authorities in their communities (multiple players have done things like hold town halls with the Philly police commissioner, met with members of Congress, etc).

Seriously. Give me one rational, logical, 'polite' argument about why this is wrong.

Not to be ‘that guy’ but on Kaep’s literal first interview he said he was protesting the flag because it didn’t represent freedom for all. I know that now it’s been changed to just protesting police brutality, but at the start it was protesting the country because everybody wasn’t treated the same. I’m not even saying that it’s wrong but I don’t see how you can just change the narrative like that

he said he was protesting the flag because it didn’t represent freedom for all

There's a world of difference between protesting the fact that a symbol (the flag) no longer stands for what it should, and protesting the flag because you hate the country.

When people say they're "protesting the flag", they're usually trying to say that they're protesting what it stands for (freedom, America, etc.), when it's the complete opposite.

I'd argue that him saying they were "protesting the flag" was a bad way to represent what the true meaning behind the protest is, and anyone who is against it has just latched onto that instead of the actual purpose behind it.

Yeah what the fuck does that mean. She has a pretty normal face.

I can't stand looking at her

I just mentioned this in a different comment.

Kaepernick kneeled to protest police brutality and issues facing minorities. Other teams did it to say,"Hey Trump this is my team and stay out of football." He totally had everyone misread the real reason and made it about him. He took a man's peaceful protest and turned it into a fad. Guys still kneel in support of Colin but the Cowboys and other teams did it to stick it to the man.

I cringed when Kaepernick protested by kneeling. I don't know about anyone else, but every time the national anthem was played at X sporting event that I went to, the announcer always said "Please rise and remove your hats as we remember all those who have loved and died for this country" or something like that. It was always troop related before it played. That might be a regional thing because my area is so heavily involved in the military. I know that it was to protest police brutality. But, the platform seemed tasteless and off.

However, Kaepernick was given a chance to make a statement on a national level. He made that statement without hate speech or violent actions, and he has continued to stand by his statement, even though it has cost him a fortune. I respect that.

Maybe cause cauliflower is so white...?