Who are you?

Who are you?

Who are you?

Curious about the demographic of Nintendo Switch subreddit. The variety of users on here is important for inclusivity purposes (i.e. their contextual knowledge and understanding of Nintendo events and products).

I'll give it a week, then i'll repost the results.

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Switch owner and own (still) a wii u.

Switch owner and never owned any other Nintendo console :)

Dude use straw poll its better

Too many good Wii U and Wii games to sell it!

Then it should ban these too since it's a worse version of the same thing

This subreddit doesn't allow it, it counts as "low effort content". I tried

The Wii U library is god damn outstanding. It’s honestly a shame it sold so poorly. It’s easily in my top 5 software libraries of all time list, and I’ve been gaming since the NES was the most current system.

Also, Wii U is the best Wii, just like Wii is the best GameCube. I definitely can’t see myself ever selling my Wii U.

No fun allowed on /sub/nintendoswitch, silly.

Remember, Reddit is a serious place for serious, in-depth discussion of serious matters by responsible, serious adults.

Switch owner and skipped the Wii U, but now after playing Zelda and Mario I’m tempted to buy a Wii U to play the older games.

I recommend to wait a bit. The good Wii U games will get ported. The virtual console will kick in soon. You'd rather spend money on switch games and get portable versions of a game than invest in console which Nintendo has now abandoned.

Not a switch owner but I’ve started saving up for one.

I have a 3DS XL and a Wii but skipped the Wii U.

Whoops. That should have been option 4. However, i hope that people in this catergory will just select option 3. It's close enough.

Switch owner. Owned SNES before this...

In terms of handhelds I’ve had a good amount of Nintendo ones.

Im amazed at this response.

No worries, I did vote #3 anyway.

I know who I am. 😉