White people love snitchin' so much they created yelp

White people love snitchin' so much they created yelp

"Look at 'em, Jenny. Just niggering it up."

Edit: Y'all niggas owe me a flair for this heat.

A group of young black kids were outside my apartment window from midnight til 3am partying a few days ago and I wanted to call the cops to shut them up. They were like hanging out of a car parked sideways and all smoking weed. I overheard them talking about how they just graduated.

I wanted to call the cops but couldn't. If it was a group of white kids a cop would have just sent them on their way, but since it was black kids calling a cop would have meant ruining their lives. I couldn't do that so I just let them carry on.

Edit: Im apparently a racist now. And I dont know any black people even though of course I do, who the hell doesnt know atleast some black people? What? White people cant do anything right I guess.

The real title was in the comments all along

That is very respectable and responsible. Thank you for having awareness to grasp something most people refuse to understand.

"We could save so many careers if white people learned to put the swear word after the race." -Bill Burr

Asian Mothafucka - OK

Mothafucka Asain - Bad

I would love for my neighbors to give me a heads-up before they party. I usually get to learn from the screaming and running in my apartment's hallway at 4am.

That face white people make when they are about to call the police. 

"I'm sorry demarcus but I've already called them"

That face white people make when they are about to call the police.

"I'm sorry demarcus but I've already called them"

Good on you, man. Most people would've called the cops, thinking "Fuck 'em. Not my problem".

Inb4 lock

"would you like to meet with an officer and make a formal complaint?"

"And become a target?!?" click

Reddit 2017:

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Telling strangers who are hyped up and partying to shut up is fighting words. I wasnt trying to get into a fight or a shouting match tbh. Plus one of them was my neighbor who Id rather not make an enemy out of.

They werent doing any harm just being annoying kids.

Bill Burr is such an unapologetic man.

Happy fathers day to Billy Bitch Tits

Aw thank you! And for the record since this is getting some attention I'm a woman.

Edit: ok but before you reply

Aw thank you! And for the record since this is getting some attention I'm a woman.


"Good on you, man"


That requires socializing and communication. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

That's why you just scream out the window (preferably one not facing directly at them) to shut the hell up. Usually works.

It's sad that you have to treat them differently. Just a shame America is still so racist.

No fuck that, if it's a party for me and the squad, why you gotta invite the neighbors?

I called the cops on my white neighbors someone drove on my law and pissed on my car. Got it all on video too lol

My black neighbors always invite me around when they are having a formal party or something.

Just show up, drink some loud, smoke some beer, say you have work in the morning and bounce.

It's the neighborly thing to do.

That's a lie.

Probably because it's not a starter pack.

Because it shows that the person throwing the party is at least aware there may be some disturbance caused by their party and is usually followed by a request to let the party thrower know if it gets too loud as opposed to immediately calling the police and getting people in trouble.

Plus if I warn you in advanced, maybe you can make plans to not be there or do something of your own if it bothers you that much.

Bitch ass jenny quick to dial 911, somebody better snatch her groceries once she pull up on the drive way

lol this sub is obsessed with white people

Many people lose their volume control when drunk or high.

Many also lose their impulse control, which is why bars have bouncers.

they been lockin everything down lately

Because it's the neighborly thing to do? Plus now if i go out of town i know my neighbors got my back.

And there's the added bonus of expanding your cultural experiences? My neighbors are a white methed out biker who does biker shit, older black family who loves barbecue and horseshoes and a Mexican family that speaks about 20 English words. We all talk to each other and keep tabs on the block when shit doesn't seem right.

That being said, Russell Simmons was the investor that brought Yelp to the nation. He's just as complicit.

It is a shame but what I feel like we are failing to see is that racism is ingrained in American culture. We should be treating slavery and the confederate flag the same way Germany treats the Nazis, their history and the flag but somehow we've allowed this open symbol of hate to stand and continue to do nothing.


If i can't party no one can. Call the cops Jenny

If you got trust issues from some random people on reddit, you probably got bigger problems tbh.

Anyway, I thought the new thing was to not be so sensitive. Maybe you're not on that train but this is really just poking fun, not taking shots at anybody.

I'd be fishin for an invite that never comes

I actually prefer that over reading 500 racist comments from the edgy kids.

"white people love snitchin"

Attaching a negative characteristic to an entire race of people. Literally the definition of racism. However tame you think that quote might be, it still does nothing but further separates black from white. Stop doing it for fucks sake, its childish.

Nah because then the noun is "asian" rather than "motherfucker." don't think about it too hard, it's just a joke.

Not really, most people aren't complete lunatics especially when the alternative is having the cops come and at the very least ruining your fun. Many people lose their volume control when drunk or high.

Well we got to get threads to nominate for best locked thread 2017 somehow.

Jenny was a friend of mine

the real mvp

Is that an actual quote? If so, from what?


Post to /sub/starterpacks and watch the post get removed

The people in Germany seem to be getting along alright.

most people on this sub white and they get offended whenever something like this comes up

This is the truth.

Only thing you could do is be like hey I'm trying to sleep. Pass the weed and hit the road lol

Just invite the white neighbors. Its a petty thing only.

You just gonna say you got video and not post it.

It's part "white people are the devil", part "most people are good and we need to all stick together", part ripping on dumb shit people wear or KD's hair, and a lot of critiquing the title of posts.

Yea Dyson Spheres go against gods will

I've never got why telling someone you're having a party makes a difference. If you're making a racket a 3am I'll be fucked off whether I knew about it in advance or not.

Glad its not a problem girlfriend.

If you are going to yell out a window and tell people what to do like you are their boss you need to be prepared to enforce that somehow. I wasnt.

It was 3 am do you really think they were unaware that the neighbors in the building 20 feet from them couldnt hear their music?

Man fuck that, dont be so fucking loud your neighbors hear you. You a grown ass adult and just gunna say "FUCK MY NEIGHBORS LETS BE LOUD" with peoplem working and shit?

Fam that's classified for court but yeah dude full on GTA on my grass

I feel like snitching on shitty restaurants is okay

Thats such a weird thing to say man

Awww black people blaming white people for their problems again?


As a former longtime service industry employee (mostly bartending/management), you get the problems fixed by talking a manager, not on Yelp. Yelp = he said/she said, and if you're gone, I can't verify the issue. You complain in person, and I'm gonna address it with the server and make sure you leave happy.

Why is that important

ehh i dont get the annoying kid excuse. i grew up in a high rise building, if neighbours complained we were loud we'd just chill out

my upstairs neighbours had a habit turning up the base super high at all hours of the day and one night he went too far and like 5 different people called the police it was hilarious

It could ruin their lives. And given incarceration demographics for possession, why is that racist?

I don't understand this sub

Exactly. Why does it have to get confrontational like that? That's how you get your shit vandalized.

All you have to do is lean out the window, find out who graduated, give some congratulations and let them know you have to sleep now but you're down to celebrate another time. Slide them a congratulations card next time you see them and you won't have any more issues if you need to speak up again.

Nobody wants to be talked down to when they're experiencing one of the happiest moments of their lives. You could either create an enemy or an ally, but most people want to dial 9-1 and pray for some trouble. Treat people like they have value and good things happen.

Obviously not you specifically, OP. You did ok.

So you think its fine to be racist, as long as it's true... There is no hope, racism will live forever if its up to people like you.

Her point is that a cop might be far more aggressive and forceful towards a group of teenage black boys. There's been plenty of instances to show that her fears are justified.

You couldn't just go down and ask them to quiet down or relocate?

Probably why you're not close with your neighbors

What in the actual fuck.

I dont care if someone calls me man, I was taking the opportunity to mention I am not one since its relevant to how I reacted in my anecdote.

I have literally no idea why this is so heated.

Why is it a problem for you?

I mean youre wasting my time right now.

Lets not pretend reddit isnt a huge time sink.

Also its an anecdote about me, why am I not allowed to gender myself in a story about me?

I'll write you out a simple little formula that might clear this up for you buddy.

If the sentence coming out of your mouth sounds like this:

"This whole race of people does something that is bad."

Then its fucking racist.

I fuck with Yelp though. I get shitty service a lot, and venting to the world helps me feel a little better

I didnt ascribe malice to it, common mistake and a simple correction I dont really see the big deal.

Its not racism. The police force of America is conditioned to be more agressive and biased towards minorities due to the outdated war on drugs. They were taught to treat black people and minorities in general differently since they wanted to put them in jail due to the fact they were enemies to the goverment of that time. The sollution to this isnt giving black people special privileges like BLM wants, the sollution is to end the war on drugs and shake up the police establishment.


So like... nobody's gonna point out the racist title?

It might not start out as a community party but if you wake me up set 3am with loud music and that one couple who always breaks up at every social gathering by screaming "i love you but" comments for everyone to hear...that's now my party to.

It's kind of sad. This sub is just perpetuating racism and they wonder why white people have trust issues.

What would be the problem with me wanting to move to a complex with less noise? If I moved it would be because of bad neighbors, not black neighbors.

Why tf would u invite your neighbour to your party lmao

Fair enough

Wouldn't "Mothafukin' Asian/Asians" work too?

Russell ascended to the rarefied air quite some time ago.


For more context here is the whole joke and set up (4:20)

Why is that important?

Yeah, cause some kids who just graduated from highschool sitting outside smoking weed are definitely about to straight up murder their neighbor for asking them to quiet down. Right?

I know this will get downvoted since I'm extremely white

No one here really cares if you're white, black, Asian, Mexican, or sexually identifies as a Dyson Sphere.

Yeah if you think this is offensive you are in the wrong place tbh.

I could have and if it becomes a problem I probably will. I wasnt in the mood to be in a shouting match.

It was mentioned higher up in the thread that OP is a woman. Please realize that middle-of-the-night confrontations carry a different level of risk for her than for you, and the fear-conditioning that comes with being in a female body means that what she "should have" done is different than what you would have done.

Yep...this is it.

I'm pretty sure OP is saying it's impossible to be racist against white people. An idea which is ignorant as fuck. It happens to every group.

I honestly corrected it just because I didnt want a bunch of "You just gotta yell at them to shut up" comments (which I got anyway). I have literally no intimidation prowess so I would have either pissed them off or made them laugh at me hysterically.

I wish I could have. But theres a real possibility that I could have ruined their lives and I didnt want that burden.

OR you can have a sense of humor because they're funny posts and we don't suffer from actual racism like getting shot by white cops without repercussions

One of my favs off that album

we locked in this bitch together

white kids disproportionately get away with crime and that's just an outright lie.

the only outright lie here is you lying to yourself. it's weird because i know that based on your factually incorrect opinions, you have done no research whatsoever on this topic, yet you are somehow so certain in your beliefs.

Stereotype Shattered as New Study Finds White Youth Are More Likely Than Blacks to Abuse Hard Drugs

White Americans are more likely than black Americans to have used most kinds of illegal drugs, in...

African-American defendants get more time behind bars — sometimes twice the prison terms of white...

These are just a small handful of the studies that are out there. I know you're going to nitpick at them and find flaws in all of them so that you can continue holding on to your beliefs, but blacks receiving harsher sentences and being more likely to be imprisoned for the same crime than whites is something that is already heavily and well-established in the field of sociology.

What do you mean by believing in reverse racism?

I've never got why telling someone you're having a party makes a difference. If you're making a racket a 3am I'll be fucked off whether I knew about it in advance or not.

For me, it's because if they tell me in advance, I'm going to feel comfortable telling them before calling the cops.

If they don't tell me, then I might not feel comfortable telling them, and might have to default to calling the cops if I want to get any sleep. Which sucks, but its that or roll the dice on a chance altercation.

And frankly far too many people have gotten themselves in to altercations because they were asking their neighbors to please keep it down, it's 3 AM. And by far too many I mean more than 1.

If people can't figure out how to live in this shared society we all live in, then they can deal with the cops. Sorry their momma failed them.

With you until the last sentence. If that was the attitude cops would probably be called after you didn't quiet down when you were made aware that you were being way too loud past normal party end times of 1 am-ish