White People

White People

The only excuse here is mormonism.

What in the actual fuck?


Gee golly gosh that was swell!

Likely a Christian/Mormon summer camp.

Source: shitty childhood


This is how me and my white and Asian colleagues start work every day, gets us pumped up.


Oh. Cross country kids then. Still makes sense

Yeah maybe 60% white people

The excuse is being on the cross country team


I'm still feeling the NOPE here. I need at least 4 beers for this.

Nope. Allen HS is a school outside Dallas, this is a cross-country meet.

I think it's like an exercise in like, feeling comfortable in the group or something. I was forced to do something like this before

same thing

What do you do for fun?


Oh What hobbies do you have?


Oh... Do you do any sports?

Yea i run.



these are students from Allen High School, most likely those on the cross country team. If you aren't familiar with Allen High School you should look them up. It's the high school with the $60 million dollar football stadium and my alma mater. Allen High School also has a contract with Nike so all sports programs are outfitted with Nike. Here is their Nike football commercial that was made a couple of years ago.

The only excuse here is moronism.


I, too, work in the valley.

It's hard watching that video and trying to remember that i'm watching a highschool football team..The funding they must get has to be crazy.

I'm not sure you actually wanted to engage in a conversation abotu race dynamics, but here goes:

Have you heard of the punch theory? Its not new but, it popped up during the Charlie Hebdo controversies. In brief, jokes that make fun of large groups of people are always going to be misrepresentations by definition. However, making fun of a dominant/empowered group (punching up) is more acceptable than making fun of a disenfranchised group (punching down). The reason is that making of fun of white people doesn't change the power dynamics but making fun of black people--who are already marginalized--just perpetuates oppression.


dat shit sound real as fuk god


And band.

I like your attitude! Would you like to come over to visit some time? I have board games and my mom can make us chocolate milk! She melts real chocolate bars!

Texas HS football is no joke, Friday Night Lights movie and TV show depict it pretty well.

See I learned fast that trying to dance in any way, shape, or form was a bad idea.So I got slightly overweight, joined a bowling team, and picked up League of Legends and CS GO. Now I don't have to embarrass myself publicly, except when I bowl cause I'm shit at that too.

I don't wanna hear it, Michael. Go to your room.

Can I start posting gifs of black people with the caption "black people" and people be cool with it?

Edit: I'm not offended by the joke. I'm offended by how certain groups are sacred and can't be joked about.

Sweet! what does mine say?

A fatally white combination

There's entire subreddit dedicated to it. Stop looking for something to be offended about

The white people started it

WHAT THE DAMN HELL? WHAT ARE THEY EVEN DOING?! Who's idea was it to stand in a circle, clap and take turns doing the nae nae dance move...

Punching up may be more acceptable than punching down, but that doesn't mean that it should be 100% acceptable. There are people who punch up because they want to punch anybody and up just happens to be the direction they can punch while keeping their sense of moral superiority.

Yes especially the asian looking white people...

Oh, the usual. I bowl. Drive around. The occasional acid flashback.

Half of those kids were Asian and Latino but okay "White people".

American's of the suburban subtype. You won't catch any Brits, Aussie's, Kiwi's or any other Europeans

It's funny how you keep changing your mind on whether there should be an apostrophe or not.

Texas takes their football very seriously. My home town has an INDOOR practice arena. Just for practice. Wtf.

Sooooo much wasted funding.

I would feel decidedly uncomfortable in this group.

What the hell am I watching?

Asians make the best white people

Stop this shit now!

Fuck that shit I'll make fun of whomever I feel like

Yeah. Nobody ever makes fun of black people on these sites.

(Black Twitter)

Well they're outside, and looks like they're about to do an activity.

I mean I'd do it... but why?

I wish I could get my shit together like you did.

The dance of my people

no in the video they seemed to do it willingly.

They can not be more american

I went to an English high school in Quebec; there was probably 100 times less money spent on each student. Our textbooks were 30 years old.

Edit: I also just noticed that you posted this from your porn account haha.

"I ran twelve miles today"

"I don't even want to fucking driving twelve miles today"

I did not know Cults had unenthusiastic members.

As someone who ran cross country as a freshman in high school... this is that

WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?! This is just as cringy as the video posted.

It's as if they're all individuals.

So making fun of Islam would be considered perfectly fine in Turkey or the Middle-East, but in those countries making fun of Christianity would be considered wrong?

That's an interesting theory. Now who decides who has the power in society, and do we measure it just in terms of class/money or also in other areas, social/sports/education etc?

Really? You don't like to raise the roof?

Offended white guy.

Got it.

but making fun of black people--who are already marginalized--just perpetuates oppression.

How could telling a joke perpetuate oppression? It doesn't change anything about how institutions and systems work at all.