White Cliffs of Dover, England

White Cliffs of Dover, England

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Beachy Head, East Sussex. Source: I'm walking there right now.

Caused by hundreds of years of writing rude messages for the French in chalk.

Oh my God you don't just ask cliffs why they're white

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Live concert version.

Chalk cliffs

So in the case of England and the English Channel, the level of the seabed is about 50m lower than the height of the land. Normally it would be a shallow slope up to that point, like you can see the land behind slopes gently, but thanks to the abrasive effect of the water and the softness of the rock here, once the water scoops away the lowest point of the gentle hill, any rock above the water falls in too as it is too soft to support an overhang. In other places this would just leave a big pile of rocks at the bottom of a small cliff, but here the current is fast enough to remove the pile after it is abraded away and leave what looks like a clean "cut".

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Yup, actually quite a bit away from Dover: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seven_Sisters,_Sussex

Well it's not called an international park. It can mean whatever the nation in question wants it to mean.

That's insane! I'd love to see it one day.. anyone knows why it's white though? I'd love to know..

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Scientists have discovered that the chalk which gives the cliffs their distinctive white appearance is nothing more than the fossilised remains of mountains of shrimp droppings.


I have a question. Why is it that the coast here is a drop off and other places the land slopes into the water? What is the cause or reason for this?

This is Eastbourne, my home town. That's where I walk my dog

Dude - that's Beachy Head. The nearest cliff is 531 feet high.

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Beachy head. People often jump from that cliff. Popular suicide spot...

You can tell it's not the White Cliffs of Dover, because there's no Spitfire in the picture.