While hiking along the Pacific coast in Washington I came across this. [5312x2988]

While hiking along the Pacific coast in Washington I came across this. [5312x2988]

Damnit. Posted this 2 months ago. Doesn't look like the logs have moved much.


So this tree can survive but my tomato plants die after a weekend of not watering them....

It's the Van Damme of trees!

Post it again in a month and a half. Nobody will notice.

The tree is much bigger than a tomato plant, it has much more life stored up in reserve to use up.

Source: geologist, have no idea how plants actually work.

Gallowbob will post it before then

My wife said something very similar.

Nailed it.

That tree must have seen a big ass spider or something.

That fueled spaceships

Sounds like Randy Marsh.

In 10 different subs too

Did you look at the two photos? They're not the same photo.

Same place, different pictures. That's all.

That is a crazy and very cool picture. Makes me want to explore beneath the tree.

🌳 Children of the Forest 🌳


Yep, there was an obese guy that stopped eating entirely for a year http://pmj.bmj.com/content/49/569/203.short

Mr Miyagi's ghost

Because there's no way different people could visit the same spot and take similar pictures?

There were a lot of pretty cool rocks, but with how windy it was I didn't want to stay under there long.

You should probably water her.

Does that mean that a fat person can go a longer time without food?

This is right next to the Kalaloch parking lot.

This is however dangerous. He was constantly monitored by doctors. He didn't need calories but he did need to watch his vitamins ect.

This is actually a pretty famous/popular area. Lived in WA my entire life if some sort of cred is required.


See #15 please

Because photos annihilate whatever you're taking a picture of right?

She's wet enough

Try taking a horizontal photo next time.

Its the heart of the island!

Ahh thank you! After enough time hoofing around this area things can start to blend together into a blissful mass of wet green awesomeness.

Edit: For me, this is the walk where my dog was super excited the whole time and took five shit over the course of about an hour. Felt compelled to share that. You're welcome.

/u/gallowboob add this one to your fan club

Ey, WA state ftw!

South of Ruby Beach, I'm told it's kalaoch

Is that out near Kalaloch/the northern border of the Quinault Res?

I can kinda see the porn aspect of this for once...