Where my monthly paycheck goes - Japan (countryside) [OC]

Where my monthly paycheck goes - Japan (countryside) [OC]

I wish my wife's grad school cost as much as my alcohol. Instead I now have an alcohol addiction and no wife.

Every time I see these now I just sit in amazement at how little of these people's income is going to rent.

check out /sub/stopdrinking

They are an awesome group and in the past they have been a huge fucking help to me. I have found a level of drinking that I can live with and don't feel is destructive. If you think your drinking is destructive then please pm me, check out the sub, or just talk to friend about it. The first step is admitting there is a problem.

I live in the country side. Kyoto or Tokyo or Osaka would be WAY different.

That was meant to be a joke on how expensive grad schools in the US. Grad school in the US can cost up to $1000 a lot F**king more USD per month. But thank you for being a humanbro to offer me help.

Edit: $1000 in my case (bulk payment of 12k with some change per year)

This is the best fad ever. Please do not stop this guys. Do not stop until every bloody country in the world is covered, up to Solomon Islands.

Numbers are in yen.

These seem popular recently. I have been meaning to pencil out my spending for quiet some time. Why not now for shameless karma and feedback into my private life.

(Tool) I used http://sankeymatic.com/

(Source)The pre-tax and taxable income figures come straight from my paycheck stub. All other expenses are averaged out for the year 2017. Expenses are taken from bank book (direct bank transfer records) and my credit card statements.

I live with my wife. I pay 100% rent and she covers our other bills (electricity, food, etc, internet). I do pay her health insurance.

I was surprised to see how much I spend on music after I added it all up and averaged it out. I got into vinyl recently, that is the main reason I spent so much. I would also like to point out that I have a severe chronic medical condition known as IBD. The costs you see above include my $57,000 a year Remicade infusions and about 6 other daily meds. Two ER visits and two stays in the hospital totaling nearly 3 weeks and about 15 doctors visits. Thanks to my condition being rare in Japan, all expenses related to this condition were capped at 20,000 yen a month, starting last month, are now 10,000 yen. So what you see is still 2017 costs averaged out. Medical care and costs for someone like me in Japan is beyond amazing.

I go every month (for 10 years now) to get tattooed. It averages out to about 20,000 a month. I will be done next April, so that will be nice to get that 20,000 a month back. Not done, done. Just to a point where I want to stop for now. 10 years of tattoos is enough for now.

I plan to increase my investments up to 120,000 a month. My wife's last grad school payment is next month, so that can be put towards investments as well. I can cut down on videogames, my backlog is insane and I got sucked into Star Citizen, that might be my only real regret out of all this spending. My PC rig is finally decked out, so I will probably be able to bring PC parts and electronics down as well. But my kindle broke this year. My 27,000 yen headphones needed replacing. I needed a hardware wallet to hide my satoshi.

I ditched my iphone, sold it and got a Huawei. So that cost me 0$. I moved to an LCC, which yes, it is awesome and only costs about 20$ a month. I ride a used motorcycle, so I took the price of that and divided by 12. That is why my gas is so low each month. Insurance is about 45$ a year so not even worth including. Yearly tax on the bike, the same, so low not worth including.

Travel is two international vacations/trips plus a couple small trips averaged out.

edit: some spelling errors

edit 2: I think, but not 100% sure that my income tax is as low as it is is because my wife is listed as a dependent. She works, but not enough to be an independent (is that the right term?).

Oh in that case.

I split grad school with my wife, she split mine.

In Japan we pay about $5000 a year. So yeah it's a fucking steal.

Personally in France I pay 183 € each year for university, this is a fucking steal. And I’m not studying littérature, i’m in a Sound Engineering program with tons of expensive workstations , 10000 $ piece Monitoring Speakers. Mac pro in every room, 20 different recording studios. 30 post production studios.

Socialism has some perks.

Last time I posted them I was fat shamed so.... sorry not going through that shit again.

i recently read somewhere that Japan was moving forward with legislation to make tattooing illegal for everyone except licensed doctors? i noticed you were budgeting for a tattoo, how will that affect you?

Yeah, a lot of misinformation regarding that.

That ruling as far as I understand only holds true for Osaka. I asked my artist about it (not in Osaka) and he is less than pleased about it, but said he isn't worried. It won't affect him. Even in Osaka from what I understand only two people have been fined. I don't think the police are going around to every tattoo parlor fining them or trying to shut them down. So it seems that even in Osaka they are not really enforcing the new ruling.

St Louis here. Easy to find a decent apartment for under $400. I have a 1000 sqft house with full basement for under $500/month. The US can be very cheap if you aren't on a coast.

Worried how? Japan is terribly authoritarian already. They are just really good at hiding it. People have an amazing sense of freedom here, but if you actually look up the stats they are like 50th in the world in terms of democratic freedoms like speech and press. The government straight up tells the news and newspapers what they can and not print. They even passed a new law basically saying they can declare anything they deem damaging to state security to be illegal, pretty much giving them even more power over freedom of speech and press.

I hide my tattoos from everyone. Even my mother and father in law. This law won't affect me. But I find it annoying that archaic Japan makes another archaic decision. But with the way things are in the USA right now, I am perfectly happy where I am.

I'm in the U.S., and yes living in the country would result in less rent, but really not by that much. It still is a LARGE chunk.

Holy fuck I pay $1150 For a one bedroom apartment in Western WA. Fuck me.

If you don't bankrupt your youth before they even hit the work force, how can we create the next generation of debt and wage slaves living paycheck to paycheck?

Poor people don't make posts like this.

I'm always amazed that apparently everyone on reddit is rich af except me.

Teach English at a Japanese Uni.

That's in yen. I barely make 50K USD a year. Not complaining. I live very comfortably, on my way to retire at 65. I have some investments that I am hoping do really well and I may be able to retire even earlier.

No, and Japan is far more socialized than the USA.

I belive a lot of taxes are made up in other places. Car taxes are pretty high. You have to pay them yearly. And then there is a car inspection that have to get every 2 years. These things really add up. That is why I downgraded to a motorcycle and my wife has a kei car.

Most trains are run by the government and are very expensive. Tobacco in Japan is owned 1/3 by the government and tax on Alcohol is super high. And japanese people love trains, smoking and drinking.

It's the internet. I learned the hard way. Don't put yourself out there, or if you do you better have thick skin.

$3200 for a cupboard under the stairs.

Sorry that happened to you, people can be so awful sometimes

$2200 for a closet here

I paid about 50 Euro for 5 years of my Master degree at the University of Economics in Kraków, Poland. It blows my mind how expensive education in USA or e.g. UK can be.

I'm sorry that your aunt and uncle make you pay so much for such a small room. Hopefully a friendly half-giant will come to your rescue soon.

Any chance of seeing a picture of your tattoos? Getting new ones each month for 10 years sounds interesting!

I’m going to wager that he is talking about the US growing ever more authoritarian since 9/11, patriot act, Wikileaks etc...yet in Japan he also gets a nice social safety net with a comfortable living as an English teacher...

yeah its pretty mind boggling. I have been trying to come back to the USA. I would make about the same. But then I started looking into taxes and medical care. And was like, fuck that, I would be taking like a 20% hit in pay just to be able to smoke weed and not have to hide my tattoos. We come back to the USA about every other year and just get stoned for 3 weeks straight. That's gonna have to do I guess.

Omg what are you doing for a living. I can barely save any money after rent, living expenses, angry wife and kids.

As an American, it took me too long to find your income tax expenditure. For some reason, it’s not ~30% of the bar. Weird.

Can confirm am poor

Been trading memes hoping my luck turns around

Yep. Pretty much every system is slowing circling the drain. Health system. Social security. All are running at a deficit. I just hope they can keep it on life support another 30 or 40 years. I think it will all stabilize. The population is dropping, but it will stabilize, and eventually the economy will too, but it will probably be 50 years down the line if not even longer. There is nothing wrong with a smaller population in Japan, they just were not ready for it and are not equipped for it. Something like 30% of the population is over 60.

1180 for a studio here.

Fads by definition will stop.

Fuck yeah there. My mother and father and law have no idea. I would get fired from job if they found out. I haven't worn shorts or taken my shirt off in public inside Japan in like 8 years.

Shouldn’t Humble Bundle be included under video games?

I pay 0SEK per year for University in Sweden. Meanwhile I get 200EUR 280EUR per month for actually attending and completing my courses. (if you fail x amount of courses, then no money is paid out until you've passed the failed courses).

Social Democracy ❤️

Japan also has massive deficit spending.

Yeah. Japan might be authoritarian, but that social safety net does make a difference.

The US is just really, really weird with its goals. At least Japan is predictable.

You don't pay any taxes worth mentioning!

I am guessing it's the mass shootings, opiate abuse epidemic, homelessness, widespread mental illness, obesity, never-ending wars, police brutality, national debt, corrupt government and no hope in sight. Did I miss anything?

Oh yeah. I haven't tried to buy any in like 6 or 7 years but before that I bought a nug here and there 50$ a fucking gram is about right. Medicore stuff too.

It's around. If you put a gun to my head right now I could get weed by morning. But it's just not worth the risk or being associated with "them". I know I'm just an English teacher her. But I work at a good school and and I have networked like a mother fucker. Getting and fidnjng and keeping decent English teaching jobs in Japan is fucking brutal work. So I'm all about appearing to be the perfect little soilder. Then out of sight. On vacation I can be tattooed dope smoker all I want .

This is great, but I wish these were done in percentages like the original Austrian guy. It's kind of difficult to work out how it compares otherwise.

EDIT: The original post

nah, you're wrong. Rent in SF is easily $2000 for a room, rent in a suburb in Metro-Detroit is like $300/room

It's tradiotnsl Japanese style. It's set in the spring time, so.i have cheery blossoms. The bottom.half of my.body is waves and the the top.half is wind. I have two koi, a gold fish, demekin, koiryu, two dragons, a snake, and a bunch of Noh masks. A few other little things here and there. It's all one peice that slwoly been added to

Then I’d be really interested if you could redo this with both of your incomes and expenses combined <3

Poor people graph: 30% rent. 30% debt collection. 30% taxes. 30% food and entertainment and everythibg else...

Wait... that doesnt add up...

Oh right, I spent 20% from my future earnings.

Fuck retirement, savings, netflix, traveling or everythibg else.

Which, no offense to the OP's effort, makes this post pretty worthless. It's a breakdown of spending that has large portions of expenses basically arbitrarily eliminated.

Well having the average net wage at around 700 Euro compensates for that surely, and make most of us actually live paycheck to paycheck. (even many ppl in their 30s still live with parents cause of that)

That's why many people get the education here and just go abroad to get the decent living, or just get enough money to live here later.

I'm a PhD student.

Even the lowest ranked programs have lots of applicants, so that won't run out. What will happen (at least in my field) is that lower income Americans will no longer be able to afford a PhD and they'll be replaced by richer Chinese students.

And it's going to get more expensive with new new tax bill counting tuition waivers as taxable income. No student loan interest rate deduction either. Totally normal, well-functioning society right here

Well let's not forget it's for charity ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

$1000/mo? What a deal. No. Seriously. That’s a deal for grad school.

Gonna be hard for robots to wipe butts. That's what they need people to do. But I agree with car automation it will help a ton.

Am I missing the grocery expense? I see eating out but that’s only 10,000 yen a month, which can’t be right.

He said in the comments his wife covers a lot of the other bills such as food.

Then I will go back and treasure it. We really need to make an album of these and label by available public information (please do not go and spy on OPs in other subs :-) )

Just 20% of my portfolio. But yeah, fingers crossed

That's ridiculously cheap.

US ex Pat. Probably in Japan or the USA. I would like to smoke weed and relex on farm. Too hard to do that. It just depends if the USA will still be a place one can even afford to retire to anymore. My medical condition makes it very worriesome. Here treatment is a given and coverned. In the USA the wind might blow a direction and my meds are no longer covered and I have to have my colon taken out.

Yes and no. Mainly just made me feel.like dog shit. I am releastic about my body. I'm not fat. A go to the gym. Decently storm. I simply have disproportionate love handles. Oversocurse people have to point that out. Like any and all fat I have goes to my love handles. I have gotten really skinny-ish and vascular and pretty low body fat and they were still there. So whatever. I am working on strength in the gym now and not trying to fit everyone else's standards. Instill hate then, but I can't change then easily.

I learned this the hard way too. It's a shame. The non-assholes of the internet would love to see them... aren't tattoos relatively rare in japan?

That is terrible and I'm sorry people are rude… but I too am interested in what sounds like an impressive work of art-- if it's not too personal, could you describe your tattoos at all? My first thought was a tiny tattoo each month as some sort of homage to life, but then you said that you'd be done soon so I figured that wasn't it.

and yes living in the country would result in less rent, but really not by that much.

In downtown Madison WI, the typical 1 bedroom rent is $1,200-$1,500. I live about 30 minutes away, in a city where the typical 1 bedroom rent is $600-$700. If I travel another 15-20 minutes to be outside Dane County, those rents go down to $400-$600.

Yes, the difference between city and countryside makes a huge difference.

I've heard there's a taboo against tattoos in Japan (a tattoo taboo, if you will) because they're associated with Yakuza. Does this ever give you any trouble, or do you get a pass for being American?

You aren't worried about the precedent the new law sets?

Grad school in the US can cost up to $1000 $4000 USD per month

Some hit $50k/year depending the field and program.

If it helps you feel any better, my wife and I rent a 930 sf one-bedroom in southern Arlington County (northern VA) for $1950/mo. And we're two miles from a metro station.

If we went a mile and a half to northern Arlington that'd become $2250.

Also the safety factor....even as a foreigner there I felt perfectly safe walking around at night.

No man i’m half danish and half french ! But I can’t count the number of Americans I met in Paris in order to get quality education and not having a 100 k ( or more ) loan 5 years later.

American in Germany for the same reason checking in. saving assloads of money and learning a new language? worth it

I have some investments that I am hoping do really well and I may be able to retire even earlier.

Good luck with the bitcoin

no wonder the fucking owl never got to him.

Found the New Yorker.

My boyfriend and I are about to drop $1300 a month for a one bedroom in downtown Seattle... not too bad?

Me too. 29% of my income goes to rent. I thought that was only slightly higher than average.

Yes sir! We get about 280 EUR (I think this is the minimal amount, you can get more if you live alone and need to cover expenses and so on), but you only get the money if you pass x amount of courses. For example, I am studying a Bachelors in Programming, and for my second year, I am only allowed to fail two courses - if I fail more then I get no money. But I am still allowed to study obviously.

It is one of the things part of the Nordic model - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nordic_model

However some are arguing to implement a cost per semester, but they've been shut down everytime by the people.

You get the point. Having cheap and quality education is the best way to form future rich/non stupid peoples who will produce for the economy.

It’s another subject but it’s one of the reasons why in the last elections Marine le Pen ( Basically trump in way worse, she’s a Crypto-nazi ) lost and the peoples ( even the poorest ) will not fall into populism bullshit.

I wish it was 30% on rent. Try closer to 65%

As the wife who went through grad school... I could not have faulted my husband for spending as much on alcohol as I did in grad school just to put up with my miserable demeanour during that time. Mind you, on my income break down my alcohol consumption=cost of grad school. It was cheaper than the medicine recommended.

I had to come to the bottom of the thread to see this?!

More likely he's taking glucocorticoids for his IBD - they can cause lipodystrophy (peripheral to central fat movement).

Maybe she also doesn't know ?

I haven't worn shorts or taken my shirt off in public inside Japan in like 8 years.

If it could even be found, what are bud prices like out in Japan? Here in Cali right now after harvest we're down to $10 Eighths, and $50 Ounces . Id guess its $50+ a gram there?

Your typical 3 fund "lazy portfolio" of bonds, domestic and international index funds.

Yeah 20% in cryptocurreny. Not BTC alone.

Dont be ridiculous that stuff is outweighed by all the freedom and winning going on.

Wife covers all the food. I chip in from time to time. But not to the point that it needs to be recorded

Will this mean that automation may benefit Japan? I know theres talk in some countries of automation being seen as a bad word but looking at the demographics, Japan would actually benefit from robots taking over jobs no?

I wish my cellphone bill cost as much as my Netflix subscription. Holy shit. That would save me ~$1000 A year.

My office rig is worth around 2,000$.

At home in was using Phidelio X1s but they just died on me so picked up the X2s. I might have exaggerated. I think the X1s were 27,000 when I go then and the x2 were a little cheaper. 210 or 24,000

Oh!!! I see the problem. Yeah too many zeros.


I have to say, one thing I was not expecting to see on here was a tattoo.

Not planning on going to the onsen?

I have gotten really skinny-ish and vascular and pretty low body fat and they were still there.

I believe that's a sign of insulin resistance.

that sounds beautiful!

when i'm a little older i want to cover my body in hyperrealistic space artwork. i'd love to have full sleeves and shoulders of just shit like this. having it all be one interconnected work is my goal

that sounds beautiful!

when i'm a little older i want to cover my body in hyperrealistic space artwork. i'd love to have full sleeves and shoulders of just shit like . having it all be one interconnected work is my goal

Yeah but then you have to live in Indiana lol. I grew up in NWI, places were pretty affordable there too.

Damn that's crazy. 10 years of tattooing? Do you have a full body suit?

There's no negative option in these graphs.