When you're a truck driver but gaming is life

When you're a truck driver but gaming is life

Did you just put a rig in your rig?

This photo is missing one thing: you should be running one of the Truck Simulator games

Yes sir, I now consider every load a high value haul

You're right, I missed out on some good karma lol

I built this desk in my truck where the passenger seat goes. I posted it to /sub/truckers and someone recommended I post it here too so here you go

every load

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That’s actually REALLY cool. How do you keep your monitor secure while traveling?

2 ratchet straps at the base and a bungee around the neck of the stand

3000 watt inverter under the bed that hooks to the trucks 4 car batteries

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This could go over well in either /sub/battlestations or /sub/shittybattlestations too.

There's a new generation of truckers coming up, I'm only 22, I left for cdl school on my 21st birthday so I'm as young as they come. I consider myself like a millennial pioneer lol. The only reason I can do this is I just bought this truck, most truckers are company drivers and can't even think of doing this. The other issue is how much this truck shakes, it has to be more than sturdy to take a beating. And the last problem is im pretty sure this is all legal, but it's honestly a little grey in areas. Other then that I'd love a desk pc

As a truck sim fan, this is doubly awesome to me. Thanks for posting.

Sounds good, can you loan me the money for one?

I use a Verizon hotspot unless I'm downloading something and then I use truckstop WiFi. It's surprisingly usable

Set that up in a tesla truck and you would be set for life. Truck drives, you game, pure profit.

Buy some Reflectix foil bubble wrap off amazon and cut it to shape of your windows. We use this as curtains and insulation while camping in our truck. Would work great for you. And it’s cheap!!

Reflectix BP48010 48-Inch by 10-Feet Bubble Pack Insulation https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000BPAULS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_Mh1jAbC7BMJWF

How do you power the PC?

"Hey, can I borrow some internet? Yeah, I have this 100 meter cat5e here, where is your switch?"

Mine was 300$ but I did 0 research, just walled into a truckstop and bought the biggest one

Wow we've been making custom integrated desks with the rig a built right into the desks for guys and my father recommended I design a desk the truckers could use and I didn't think it would be something most truckers would want...i guess I'm starting to think it over Again!

You're right, let me go there now

That could also have something to do with the Nissan Titan

'Small loan of a million dollars'

That is quite possibly the coolest setup I have seen on here. Must be nice to be able to relax like that after such a long drive.


Reminded me of this

Reminded me of

I would literally quit driving if not for pc gaming. The days all seem to drag on without it

by 10-Feet Bubble Pack Insulation

For a second, I thought this was the company's name. Then I realized that I am an idiot.

I've played truckers mp in here before lol, but not at this new desk yet


I've never been on paper so maybe im the wrong guy to ask, but I can't imagine having to take out my log every day. Not to mention the satellite logs protect me from my dispatch. I love being able to refuse to be pushed around with the government backing me up, and I really wish people would stop wishing that away from me

I wish it was that easy lol

For the love of god, Montresor!

or /sub/shittybattlestations too.

I mean, his battlestation costs more than 99.99% of all battlestation setups.

3000 watts! Ahhhhhhhhhh gaahhhdd what brand do u recommend. I've seen some in the 80$ range, I'm assuming those are crap?

I use the mandatory breaks for showers so I have more time before bed

Careful with those things. I mean, you probably are, but I had a buddy catch his Nissan Titan on fire and lost the truck, and his wasn't nearly as powerful as yours

I've done DOT inspections, and I don't believe there's anything wrong with it...by the letter.

You may get some odd looks from some of the older mechanics, but as far as I'm aware it should pass muster.

The mobile hotspot on my phone is very playable even in competitive shooters, I use truckstop WiFi to download stuff and if I'm in the middle of nowhere with bad 4g I play turn based games like divinity

you whore! why cant you commit to us?? What does jenny from battlestations have that I dont have huh!? I gave you my heart and my soul with an upvote.And you will leave us for thaT!? I hate youuu. I never want to speak to you again!

Well gotta spend those mandatory breaks somehow

Yeah I was gonna say, you must be a owner op or lease op. Has DOT ever given you shit for this?

I'm required 30 minutes after driving 8 hours, and 10 hours after working 14 hours

Using a laptop right now, I'm actually positing this while driving home to pickup my new desktop on the way to my load. How do I make a permanent support?

I'm sorry, but as per your description of the incident this happened purely because of a wetware error.

Audio books are your friend.

Hell no, look up the price of a flatbed trailer alone.

Even small trailers for behind a regular car can be $1,000+ for the most basic flatbed, so imagine how much a flatbed for a semi must start at.

Best I can do is $3.50.

My dear Fortunato...

I hope you're only running on SSDs. I would cry if you had HDDs in there, thinking about all of the shaking, etc.

Everyone asks me if I play that whenever I mention that I'm a Truck driver and a gamer.

A friend bought the game as a joke for my birthday and I gave it a try and I'm terrible at it. At least on mouse and keyboard.

That's a tough one honestly, I'm really thinking about it, I think the cheapest load I've hauled was 1/4th a trailer of toilet paper for some reason and I can see that being cheaper than the setup and all the games

And where is the PC itself? I highly advise, if you have heavy GPU, make permanent support for it so you dont risk damage to PCIe slot during driving.

As he explained it to me: while he was driving he felt heat radiating from behind his center console (where the inverter was) and could tell that it was clearly running WAY hot. Unplugged it and went to pick it up, but it was so hot he dropped it off to the side behind the passenger seat. Apparently it landed landed on an old McDonalds bag, and a few minutes later?


It's time to turn the industry over to my generation, there's no reason to do that anymore

Need all the gear to rig up a full sim.

You should fly a Charon freighter in Eve while trucking in real life. Space trucker trucker.


Kidding, I do a lot of work around big rigs, shit is expensive as fuck.

I mean, as long as he's not reading/writing to it while in motion. Still not a best case scenario though lol.

Yo dawg.. We put a rig in yo rig so you can rig while you rig. Dig?

I have 8 batteries on my truck, with a 3000w inverter. My truck also run 12-16 hours a day, on a slow day I'll game for maybe 2 hours. I have yet to run into any voltage issues in over 4 years. Add a 900w microwave, and my printer, which are hooked up all the time. I also have a tripac which is basically a mini diesel generator that keeps the batteries charged and controls my bunk temperature. Alot of new model trucks have these, and even old model truck from the 90's regularly had fridges and microwaves, toaster ovens, and whatsydoozits plugged in all the time.

Remember that these trucks are designed to be lived in and truck batteries are deep cycle dual purpose.

Lol, have you ever had a trailer worth less than your computer? Is that even possible? What if we include the value of your game library?

How do you feel about the new mandatory satellite log tracking law? I'm assuming right now a lot of people pencil whip and shuffle hours around. Say your 20 min away from destination but your time is up and have to wait those 10hrs or whatever it is

I work in logistics for a major retail company.

I can tell you, unfortunately, that you're probably wrong at consumer prices.

The people trying to wish it away from you are the old boys who keep two logs. One for DoT and one for what they are actually doing...

You could make one out of metal or just buy one. I did the latter and got a nice looking one for about $20 shipped.


Awesome! Who says you can't take it with you, eh? How do you handle the internet connection though? or do you just play offline?

That's fucking awesome.

How long are your breaks, my uncle is a trucker and he has 30 minute to an hour breaks

As a fellow gaming trucker, this seems............................awkward, to say the least.

It kind of is. But the alternative was driving me crazy. I really craved a real desk

Sounds good, I'll find something, I do worry about that gpu and it would put my nerves at rest

They should add this truck to Euro Truck Simulator, that way you can play another game while you play ETS. Then, OP could play ETS while trucking while playing another game.

As a high school student I understood this reference

FYI my truck cost more than my house after being kitted out. A fully loaded highway truck can easily reach 175k or more

FYI cost more than my house after being kitted out. A fully loaded highway truck can easily reach 175k or more

They always say picking a niche makes you successful

I hope so, then I can finally post to /sub/quityourbullshit

Really it's just because I wanted to comment "Yo dawg I see you like PC gaming so I put a rig in yo rig so you can drive rigs in yo rig" in a callback to a great early meme

So I know next to nothing about trucking or truckers. Where do you park the truck when you wanna sleep? I assume a truckstop? Or what if there wasn't one for miles and you were like passing out at the wheel and absolutely needed to sleep, can you just park on the side of the highway with your hazard lights on lol

You could also do a case where the MOBO lays flat so the GPU wont wiggle up and down. A mini ITX case might work well since they're super compact.

I'm definitely assuming there is no power to the desktop while he is in motion. Otherwise so extremely risky.

Ahhh, done hauling freight for the day. Time to kick back and haul some freight!

Knew a guy who used to do this. Would log in from various truck stops across the USA, to haul freighters across new eden. He was a strange guy.

I'm honestly shocked, I thought I did a shitty job lol

That's the other thing I was going to bring up. Why would I play a game based on my daily job?

If there was a McDonald's sim you think the guy who was on fries all day is going to play a game cooking fast food? Seriously doubt it.

I get the enjoyment of it from people who do not do what I do though. I spend my gaming time on PUBG. I would never get into any Truck Simulator, no matter how immersive it can be.

Nothing is more immersive than my 2004 Peterbilt 379 with a C15 Cat and 18 speed manual transmission weighing up to 96,000 lbs in Seattle traffic.

Also, put your phones away and use your blinker for fuck sake, Seattle. The fuck is wrong with you guys?

Yes, I play an hour or 2 a night online. I use my Verizon hotspot unless I'm downloading or watching videos , then ill connect to truckstop WiFi to save data. Honestly it depends on where I am. Some nights I get 15mb/s 35ms ping and it works perfect for even shooters. Some nights I'm in the middle of nowhere and the ping is bad enough that I use a phone call instead and play stuff like divinity or civ5 , something turn based. Most nights it's fine though

Nothing is more immersive than my 2004 Peterbilt 379 with a C15 Cat and 18 speed manual transmission weighing up to 96,000 lbs in Seattle traffic.

From OP's earlier comment. l've browsed around Kiiji, and they're listed for around 40k CAD.

I dunno about that... most battlestation setups are in a residential building of some sort, after all.

maintenance, repairs, fuel, storage, fees & taxes, that's what gets ya

Campers typically use deep-cycle batteries which are designed to better withstand discharging, at the cost of maximum current output. Car batteries are capable of delivering massive current required to start a car but tend to take far more damage from discharging, but it's fine for cars because they're constantly being topped up by the alternator. The two different types exist for this exact reason

People have been using car batteries and inverters for years with their campers. I’m sure 4 will be fine for gaming haha.

Yo dawg

That is so awesome. If you reallly want to do something, you will eventually find a way.

Also I dont understand why this is not on /sub/all yet.

Actually not really, I'm really bad at it for some reason. I play alot more shooters and mobas

For uuhh...stuff

Only for showers and coffee lol