When your yoyo breaks but you got a back up plan.

When your yoyo breaks but you got a back up plan.

It didn't break. These pro-style yo-yos have a string that isn't tied to the spinning part. It's supposed to come loose like that.

Source: bought a yo-yo from a man in middle school.

Why was there a man still in middle school? Once you bought the yo-yo, you should have said "Dude, you're over eighteen. You're a man. Give up already."

There was a man who came to our school (invited, I presume) to sell yo-yos to impressionable children. He may have still been playing with yo-yos, but he did so while on his way to the bank.

That's not magic. That's just how that kind of yoyo works.

I wonder if yo-yo salesmen are common, because one came to my elementary school about 16 years ago when I attended there. This is honestly the first time I've heard another person mention having a yo-yo guy visit their school. People thought I was lying when I'd mention it lmao.

When your back up plan breaks but you got a yoyo

i mean it takes a good amount of coordination and timing to then get the string back on

This is Ben Conde. A highly talented off string yo-yo master

Uh, you do realize that there is no such thing as actual magic, right?

Thanks for reminding me of this

I bet he is a wizard at flossing...