When your textures haven’t fully loaded yet

When your textures haven’t fully loaded yet

For all who don't believe their own eyes, I suspect this is sprayed concrete to prevent the slope from eroding.

Pubg in real life

For those who don't know what "eroding" means, it's when the rocks crawl onto the asphalt to sun themselves on colder mornings.

At least the tessellation is working fine.

Thanks. Was about to look it up but now I know.


I knew it reminded me of one of my screenshots :D

Play dough town


Saw it with me own eyes

Spread the word, far and wide. Facebook I hear is a great place for this kind of info.

5400 RPM HDD problems

When you get that sweet 8x/15x but all the buildings you can see just look like blobs

real life apparently runs on id Tech 5

It’s pretty common, it’s just shotcrete (basically spray on concrete) to stop erosion

This doesn't sound right

That's because it isn't.

Don't google "eroding."

"Ding" is German for "thing" and I guess you know what ero- means.


Construction management major here. From what ive learned in class, this is what you'd call shotcrete. Basically you spray a layer of concrete at a wall of dirt to prevent it from collapsing. It's a decent way to make any unstable soil safe to work around. This can be used during excavation of a foundation of a big building as well as applications shown here. Here's a video showcasing one of the main uses for it.

What’s this from? Photoshop or google earth?

No. PUBG has 2x, 4x, 8x, and 15x.

Came here to see this. Just making sure we're all functioning as standard, comrade.

Confirmed, is shotcrete.

Source: waited for the textures to load.

This doesn't sound right, but I don't know enough about erosion to dispute it.

Left: console version

Right: PC version

As a civil engineer, that's exactly what it is; slope stabilisation with shotcrete (term used for spray-concrete).

Cause the HDD fits everything I have and then some.

And for those who don't know what rocks crawling onto the asphalt means, it's when rocks emit tiny little legs and decide to go tanning and cause avalanches accidentally in the process.

whatever the Germans consider a "humorous thing"


PM Your Address to me, I'll 2-day you an SSD. Nobody should have to deal with a 5400 RPM Hard Drive.

For those that don’t know what the “sun” is it’s the flashlight that God shines on you when you’re leaving the bar at 7am

Poorly optimised.

Damn that’s insane. Where is this?

7200rpm hard drive. Much cheaper and more capacity. For the same price I got my SSD at, I got a 3TB 7200 rpm HDD.

the build I'm currently running was a hand me down for $100 USD and it had only a 500gb 5400 rpm hdd and I don't have enough right now for an ssd or anything so this is basically every open world game for me

Esports ready

it is sad when something like this happens, the devs really have to work on it or I will quit the game.

Never look things up, it's a waste of time, just believe the first answer you hear and then never question it again!

Saw it when I was on my way to a place called Fujairah

Woah, they made PUBG into a real thing?

You could have spent that time playing Battlefront 2 feeling proud and accomplished

But it's effective, and it's harder and more expensive to do something else on this type of slope.

What's slowly gaining popularity though is using wire mesh cages and filling them with rocks like this. But if you don't do any blasting/excavation at site, you have to buy the rock from elsewhere and it's more expensive to do. Shotcrete is a cheap quick solution, and for this slope here you would not be able to put those cages without doing some excavation first, which also is expensive.

I heard that when rocks erode it's a sign they are about to begin their migration to warmer climates..... somewhere in South America I think.

Is it "humorous" because I can't imagine I'd want to see whatever the Germans consider a "humorous thing"

Amazing. So many people don't understand that an SSD is a P E R F O R M A N C E upgrade and not meant for mass storage.


Facebook Gold!

Engineer: If we do it this way, it'll work

Architect: If we do it this way, it'll make people cry

Interior Decorator: Let's put up new drapes and call it a day.

Not only that, but it only goes to 12x.


PUBG starting island IRL??


Could be Gamebryo, pic looks like a NV screenshot.

Literally unplayable.

Something Alt-j

But why..?

WHAT? Unacceptable. I demand a refund and monetary compensation for my lost 361 hours.



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Should tell it a good joke.

I live in Oman, and this is very common here. They put it on the mountains around the main roads.

I looked up in the german Dictionary what humor means.

There is no such word.

Nah man. Certain aspects of PUBG just look like ass no matter what.

Stockholm's subway has a lot of it, but gets around the ugly look of it in other ways. http://twistedsifter.com/2012/05/stockholm-metro-worlds-longest-art-gallery/

Battlefield 4 when running off an HDD.

SSD is amazing for anything that loads stuff from disc. The quality of life is immesurable starting from editing word, excel documents, to work with CAD programs.

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Shotcrete isn't all that ugly. What you see in the picture a is a rough finish wall. That will be covered by something else for the aesthetic finish. like those big concrete formed blocks
If they're finishing the wall with just shotcrete they'll do a rubbed finish

Shotcrete isn't all that ugly. What you see in the picture a is a rough finish wall. That will be covered by something else for the aesthetic finish. like those If they're finishing the wall with just shotcrete they'll do a rubbed finish


Tessellation (in computer graphics) is subdividing polygons of a mesh into more polygons. Then you can use a special texture called a "displacement map" to displace these polygons, creating a very nicely detailed mesh, from a low poly base mesh. The more polygons there are, the slower your game will run, so games will usually fade away the tesselation the farther the player gets from the object.

I am serious and don't call me Shirley.

Gotta keep backups

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found the architect

Now I'm lusting for a game with such great graphics but going outside with guns doesn't seem good.

Pfffft. You always say that. You'll be back.

Wait, you are Jesus, right? Because these servers are a bitch to get back into if you're not.