When your friend's Hallowe'en party invites are so epic that Canada Post thinks they were damaged in the mailstream (but delivers them anyway).

When your friend's Hallowe'en party invites are so epic that Canada Post thinks they were damaged in the mailstream (but delivers them anyway).

I mean, I'm a bit baffled that they were convinced enough to seal the envelope in an apologetic polybag, and at the same time unconcerned enough about the bloody handprints to deliver the letter.

That's an awesome invite.

It really is! This couple throws an amazing Hallowe'en party every year, and the invitations are always next-level.

I love Canadian apologies.

Wow, the Canadian postal service notices and tries to make it right when a package is damaged. That must be nice.

My mailman would have looked at the bloody handprint, and probably have spit on the envelope for good measure before crumpling it up and jamming it into the back of the mailbox.

You're not far off. I think the apostrophe gets more use outside the USA.

I thought it was just a typo, but this clinches it. Hallowe'en?

I'm sorry you feel that way.

Canada living up to it's stereotype.

Post office apologizes for something???

Oh... Canada. Okay then.

I guess it's an abbreviation of Hallowed Evening or something.

No problem, also if you wanna know a fun fact about Canada check it out: We all have flappy heads and drive on square wheels. Anywho, I'd love to stay and chat but I'm off to pay the syrup tax. Sorry.

I'm thinking the apology bags were an intentional part of the invite

I can assure you that they were not, and the polybag was added at the mail sorting facility.

As for not removing a letter with visible "blood" on the envelope... I don't know, maybe the guy working the line at the plant realized what he was looking at and had a sense of humour about it.

Good to know if some poor mail person is bleeding out I'll still get my mail

Thanks for that solid answer.

Wow! Mine would just chuck it in the woods or stockpile it in a garage.

SOURCE: http://nypost.com/2014/09/26/postal-carrier-hoarded-40k-pieces-of-undelivered-mail/

The thinking is probably, my job:

[x] delivering the mail [ ] investigating bloody handprints


It's a perfectly cromulent spelling!

^ Found the guy who didn't get an invite. ^

I'm thinking the apology bags were an intentional part of the invite. In the US, visible blood on a package would be flagged as a potential biohazard and removed from the mail stream.

Canada Post's reply when I posted this on Twitter was also pretty solid.

Because of course the Canadian postal system has premade apology bags.

Are you sure he didn't approach a clerk, explain what he was mailing, and politely ask for them to be polybagged? I hear Canadians are really helpful like that.

Or he saw 15 or so go through at the same time and realized that there had to be something not blood.

Apropos? Damn, Reddit making me pull out the dictionary today. Y'all fuckers is well read.

The omission of the apostrophe has become so common, both are accepted. I like my language rich, and Hallowe'en is about old, creepy stuff, so it seems apropos.

blood on things like this dries brown. they probably thought (correctly) that is was paint, not blood.

It's not paint; the bloody marks are printed on the envelope. Our friend has a habit of going all-out for her parties. She once ordered custom-printed Big Lebowski napkins she designed for a backyard viewing party.

I've lived in two different provinces of Canada and never seen this spelling before myself. It's fascinating how differences like this spread.

USPS has the same thing, the "We Care" Bag.

Perhaps they didn't want the paint getting onto other mail and used one of the preprinted bags they had on hand to seal it up.

Edit: They could also be concerned with paint flaking off into the mail handling equipment.

This letter seems genuinely sincere, oh Canada.

I'm glad to see you embiggen our understanding.

That's an awesome invite.

That´s an awesome reaction by the Canadian Mail Service. It´s like being nice is in Canada´s "DNA".

I hope you have a bloody good time at the party! 😈

Why tho

In the United States they don't care what happens to your mail.

Found the killer

Dude, you know we're not supposed to talk about the syrup tax with outsiders.

It comes from All Hallows‘ Eve.

See I can't put my finger on it but when I read the Canadian one, it seems so much more genuine. I believe there is a real person somewhere that was actually distraught over the hand print on that envelope.

The USPS one is just like "we feel obligated to apologize on this one, so here's your note".

I bet they just added the bag for peace of mind down the line after figuring out it probably wasn't blood! Great invite, where's mine? :P

It's technically correct (contraction of All Hallows' Evening), but the only people that actually include it are obsessive pedants.

It's sure to be a scream.