when you wreck so hard they become friends with nixon

when you wreck so hard they become friends with nixon

For those wondering, the point of the meme is that Zhou was rich and said "fuck you to the rich I'll help the poor." Kruschev was poor and said "fuck you to the poor, I'll help the rich."

The meme is supposed to be leftist.

Problem is, Zhou was a dirty capitalist pig. Both he and Kruschev can go fuck themselves.

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This sub is gaining class consciousness - I like it, it really suits the sub well ☭

I thought China became friends with Nixon and Kruschev hated him?

America is a shit example of democracy and frankly the Chinese system is far worse than any flaws of democracy.

is true I fucked up

I would have kept industry publicly owner for starters. Am I wrong?

Counter argument: India VS China

If you grew up in a successful democracy, then you think any democracy must be competent and serve their people.

If you step outside of North America and Europe, you'd be amazed by the number of failed democracies in the world, with rampant human rights violations and corruptions are the norm.

Example: the extra-judicial killings and tortures by the Filipino president.


Nikita was poor and screwed over the poor, Zhou was rich and screwed over the rich. Basically since they're both communists and are both traitors to their class, it's implying that Nikita is a terrible communist since he screwed over the very people he came from.

When /sub/blackpeopletwitter gets it better than /sub/socialism...

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The country became richer, but not the people. They were subjects of the corn empire.

Most of the private owners of big Chinese industries also have heavy ties to the Communist party. China's private sector is an arm of its government

I believe this is from /sub/fullcommunism

By which I mean it definitely is I saw it yesterday. Still zesty as fuck today though

Yeah. It's not like authoritarian autocracy has ever seen human rights abuses or corruption.

In a conversation about democracy vs. non-democracy, you're using violations of human rights and corruption as a criticism of the former. That is only valid in the context of this discussion if the latter did not also suffer the same issues (at, I might note, a much larger rate).

Their moderators just implemented it wrong

I'm not sure Zhou is standard in U.S. curriculum, which is where many are having issues with this (and Soviet domestic policy too but that can be inferred more easily)

Exactly, it's left

""""""True socialism"""""" you dropped these my friend

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they both fucked the poor over though

Our form of republic is a representative democracy....



Seriously, the number of people that keep repeating this sad line makes me wonder what the hell you guys did during middle school social studies.

I mean it's funny conceptually but in practice how much content would actually get posted?

Making subreddits just because of momentary relevance is how we get that subreddits as hashtags thing, which can get a little obnoxious. Still, if we have the content for it I'd be down.

Why isn't this a thing

I don't understand.

No shit - the "private" businesses have to be in bed with Chinese govt. Govt wouldn't let them survive without their approval

Which is an inherent flaw in democracy, that's kind of the point.

Which is just state capitalism, not communism.

Cool is a strong word. He was aight at best.

I, too, took middle school civics class

Fucking Kornchev


Damn, black people can't know history?

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Which is a flaw with democracy because democracy actually has to consider the opinions of 'the people.'


Bless your heart dear.

The cold war was. At the very least they should know Khrushchev was a Soviet leader and that the Chinese were Communists as well as the basic principles of communism that make the joke funny.

I had to look up who Zhou was (I figured he worked for Mao in some capacity) but that was pretty much it

It wasn't Zhou who said the cat thing it was Deng Xiaoping


Apparently he's a cool dude

It's a start.

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Care to refute with arguments and evidence instead of this shit dawg?

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This is just a string of loosely associated words my guy.

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Edit: You need to work on your reading comprehension. Kruschsev tried to diss Zhou for being born rich. And Zhou hits back at Kruschev because Zhou serves the poor, unlike Kruschev. It's just that simple.

Most Western democracies were similar in their infancy as well and had a heavy imbalance in who actually had a voice. To have a well functioning democracy you need an educated and politically knowledgable and involved middle class. A lot of African nations and India gained independence with an incredible lack of education and infrastructure.

This takes a long time to develop, especially given some of the conditions these nations were in at independence (if you look at Nigeria, for example, at independence they had a total of ~1000 high school graduates). It also requires constant upkeep to stop the country sliding back towards an uneducated state (look at the united states, for example).

Western democracies weren't really all that great for their first 100 years either, and suffered from the same corruption issues as many third world countries do now. Its a matter of time and infrastructure development, and having enough time to create actually functioning public institutions that the public trusts. These have frequently been hard to develop for many reasons (could be corruption, could be western meddling leading to regime change and political instability, etc, etc).

Just because you're mad trump won doesn't mean that America is a bad example of democracy. The issue isn't the system, it's the people not informing themselves and allowing corrupt politicians to take power.

I think you are giving credit to how much of a paradise living outside of one of those democracies is. Think america is bad? Try being black in a country south of the border, they treat you far worse, open racism is quite common in brazil.

Act like a fash, get bashed like a fash.

Seriously though quoting the black book of communism (the origin of these hyper inflated numbers to my knowledge) is getting so annoying. Nobody is making excuses for Stalin but the numbers I hear people quoting are straight up cold war red scare echo chamber bullshit

No, it's a subreddit. How could a subreddit even be "true socialism"?

Everyone uses this excuse, but it's bullshit.

Norway has a high degree of cultural trust. Nothing to do with racial or cultural homogeneity. Norway is a country with one of the highest degrees of trust between people, but there are varying degrees of trust at varying degrees of homogeneity globally--one isn't necessarily correlated or caused by the other. Here's a leftist critique of the idea.

I don't see any reason to believe ethnic/racial homogeneity (or really pretty much any kind of homogeneity) has more than a very minor impact on quality of the government apart from the fact that people have been saying it does for so long that it "sounds" right when someone else says it.

Norway's oil wealth is one thing, but the US used to be famous for being very resource-rich as well--including in oil. The difference is where Norway nationalized their oil and set up a permanent sovereign fund to keep the wealth for public benefit, the US handed all its resources out to whoever had the capital to take them and we've ended up with a system that subsequently has vast concentration of wealth. The difference isn't some inherent trait to Norway, it's the actions the Norwegians took that sets them apart.

Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, serving his class.

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Marxist humor is always so snappy

They are also hilariously authoritarian and ban people who ask questions or offer ideas different from their own

Because that's not a sub to learn or debate socialism. People are usually asked to go to /sub/communism101 . Although not all members of the sub like this rule and it is a highly debated topic over there.

By any measure, the USA is not a shit example of democracy. I think people out here really not grasping what it means to go from not a country to most powerful nation in world history in 150 years. It's, like, kinda a big deal


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Republics are just representative democracies, they are the same thing. No one said we were a direct democracy. But I hate when people pretend a republic isn't a democracy. It falls under democracy. Technically is a representative democracy and the two are interchangeable.


Human rights and corruption can be a criticism on both types of systems, I didn't bring it up about authoritarian states because I thought it was obvious?

'at a larger rate' is your personal opinion, tell me how the Filipino president is carrying out extra-judicial killings and torture right now?

The person I was replying to seems to think that it must be automatically better to live in any democracy than an authoritarian country. My point is that both systems can abuse human rights violations, democracies can treat its citizens well, or it can completely fail, same goes for authoritarian states.

There are many authoritarian countries with far higher standards of living than many democracies out there, and vice versa.

Singapore ranks very poor in terms of political freedoms, but it has one of the highest standards of living in the world.

Brazil ranks a lot higher in terms of political freedoms, but the people are starving, see the difference?

Saud Arabia is not a republic.

Call of Booty?

Saudi Arabia is not a republic, it's a straight up monarchy. And Iran might call itself a republic, but having ultimate power vested in the ayatollah sounds more like an non-hereditary theocratic monarchy like the papacy.

A democratic republic is a form of democracy, its right there in the name!


is this sub a communism?

/sub/socialism isn't really true socialism

Yeah. It's just something you gotta take with a spoon of salt. Like someone linked this video of this woman talking about that poor black kid who was sexually assaulted by a fellow white student. Awful thing. But then she starts calling white people "white Devils", and says that sexual deviance is genetically ingrained evil inside white people, and offers the sexual abuse of slaves as proof for that.

Like 1, how are you supposed to have a productive conversation with anyone when calling them a devil. 2, how do you not see that line of thinking as super racist? If you think white people are genetic rapists, than what's to stop whites from think blacks are genetic criminals? Or genetically unintelligent?

The whole thing was insanely disturbing. Like I get what happened was terrible. But you can talk about racism without getting racist. As soon as you start having preconceived notions about a group of people because of their genetics or skin color, you're crossing into very dangerous ground that has almost no basis.

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God damn we getting more woke here everyday

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Sounds like it's time to educate the people and show them the only thing they have to lose is their chains.


Depends on how you define corruption. Some would argue maintaining a single party state and making it hard for others to enter politics is a kind of corruption.

which is something that couldn't exist under a communist system

Eh, Kruschev was far worse. It's because of Zhou and his buddy Deng that China managed to crawl back out of the Cultural Revolution's purges, abandoned oppressive soviet statism and modernized its economy. The 700m chinese that are no longer under the poverty line can thank them for that.

Were they true communists in the egalitarian sense? Fuck no. They were political elites, but as far as political elites go, they were less shitty than many others.

A large issue with some Arab countries and Arab democracy is that no institution is sacred or has become a constant and expected part of everyday life. This helps to build trust in government.

Arab countries are some of the most meddled with in the past 50 years. This includes Egypt, which has been vascillating between Islamist and secular values and has a strong urban/rural divide.

Think about a united states except without all the government institutions that people respect and take as given, and how that would change an already incredibly divided population, and throw in an occasional regime change and government failure. Its pretty easy to see how it leads to what we're seeing in some middle Eastern and North African nations.

Mandarin translates means speech of officials (as well as originally reffering to the officials themselves). Basically it was the language used by the ruling class. Over time it became more widespread. Most Chinese have a local language that people from other parts of the country can't understand and also speak Mandarin as a sort of universal language.

Edit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mandarin_Chinese

While I'm not going to go to bat for the American system in every case as it's done some terrible things, I am going to say that what you're stating is ridiculously inflammatory and not particularly accurate

i sure hope it is

Not totally sure that memes about cold war era history are the most valuable tenet of modern class consciousness

Back when all the cool black people became socialists.

Having vast swathes of arable land and insane amounts of natural resources helped.

Recently Karl Rove defended the 2 party system by pointing at the Italian government as an example of chaos (supposedly) caused by multi party systems. What about New Zealand, Sweden, Germany?

The US is in my opinion not even a functioning democracy due to the current 2 party system. It is a bad example to base your opinion of democracy on.

The Soviet Union underwent major positive changes under Khrushchev, though.

Don't worry, the elephant is on death's door.


19 countries do democracy better than you, it seems.

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